23 March 2012

Old Time Lovers


Everyone has their own lover
For me,
Mine is forever this baby
I'm so sorry I've forgotten about you for a long time
I missed you so much you know
I missed the times when you were there with me day and night
Sleeping with you beside and dreaming bout you then
Ouh how I loved those times

Don't misunderstand
Its books I'm talking about
My all time lovers are storybooks
I love adventure, fantasy, mystery, comedy most of them
Romance not so much
But still the best books all have romance

My all time lover was of course the babies of J.K Rowling, 
Her creation of the Harry Potter series
Those five books were the greatest I have ever had
I read all the books without a single yawnn
I read it again and again and again

My all time favorite books were

Harry Potter Series
Twilight Saga
Nancy Drew Collection
Grid Blytton Collection

There are still some other books but I can't remember. It has been a long time since I've read books. Years I neglected reading and seriously I missed it. 

Some of the reason why I stopped reading was I was to busy with studies, then I got lazy and one more thing is that books here in Malaysia are too expensive, where can I find a book sale here that sells second hand books like I used to buy in London. Since books are so expensive my passion of reading got lost through time.

Even the Harry Potter books I just managed to collect two of the books and twilight only one book. I read all the books by borrowing from other people. I'm so frustrated because of that.

This year the government created the 1 Malaysia book voucher and my hopes were high. Thank you so much for the vouchers. I was thinking to complete my book collection but sadly I couldn't find anymore stores that were selling the Harry Potter books anymore. So I gave up and started to find other books.

Then I saw these three books below and fell in love with the description at the back. So I hope the story is great as I assume it will be since all of it are the bestsellers.

Now I all I have to do is wait until exams finish then only could I read these babies. Just can't wait! 

p/s: Those who have the books I want why not consider selling it to me :)



  1. Switched! Oh my God! Sumpah aku nak baca buku tuh. Best seller kot. Arghhhhh!! Jealous giler. Haha! Anyway, kat popular Bukit Tinggi kan ada Harry Potter series. Tak usha kat situ ke?

  2. Aku dah tak jumpa.. Tension betul dibuatnya.. Buku switched to je dah nak Rm40.. Bayangkanlah kalau nak beli semua buku dia

  3. Awwww. Ye ke? Nak kirim. Haha. Aku rasa aku pergi mana2 kedai buku mesti ada Harry Potter. Hehe. Switched ada 3 novel jek kan?

  4. Tak de.. Aku dah pergi masuk MPH, POPULAR semua xde dah.. Dah 3 kedai setiap satu aku masuk


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