30 March 2012

Genting Highlands Part 1

Hye Peeps!
I'm back
From where?
Here.. So of course you know where right just looking from the pictures
It has been ages since I came up here
Last time was standard 5 and was really looking forward to coming up here and play all day
Since we already started our semester break
We wanted something refreshing and somehow we managed to get a small deal for an apartment at View Resort nearby Genting Highlands
So me and a couple of friends shared 
This is the view of the resort from our room
Nice right
But since we payed less our room wasn't really nice but who cares, I only cared about playing all the games at Genting

See the man behind us?
He really is the main character in this picture right now
Well, up there was refreshing but I don't think its very cold that requires us to wear a lot of clothing
The sun feels hotter than the breeze up there
But still I was happy that I finally got to go here since I was like mad saying to MR S that I wanna go

The statue of liberty at genting
Haha.. I find it kinda funny, maybe because of the eyes

There she is again riding the motorcycle
This is actually some of the interior at the indoor theme park
When I got there, I felt like I just wanted to play everything

Thanks to this Mr down here that made an effort to get me here
Thank you so much since there were so many problems but you were still putting your best effort

But sadly I didn't get to play that day
Can't you see I'm crying
No la, actually something came up and we had to go home early 
But Syafiq promised me that next time we'll go there again and make one big trip there
It will be more fun if more people are included
Plus we still have another voucher to use up so were definitely going

Us discussing about next time
Hope that a lot of people could join on that next time
I'm gonna play all day on that next time
Indoor and outdoor parks

Since I didn't get to play, at least i got to ride on the cable car
This is my first time actually so of course I was really excited
This couple of minutes made my day

He is always there fulfilling my wishes
I owe him big
Next time, I'm just waiting for the next time

And yeah. my dress up looks like an old lady
I was so excited coming that I didn't care how I looked liked

Even though I didn't get what I wanted but at least I got to go up there. There is still a next time right?



  1. cantek-cantek pic yg cikcit tangkap ! (:

  2. Believe it or not, I haven't been to GH, or any other highland resort in Malaysia for that matter.

  3. kak yaya: cikcit tak tangkap pun.. cikcit just edit je.. hehe

    Uncle rosli: At least you've been travelling the world

  4. Betul dowh. Kau nampak macam orang tua. Hahahaha!

  5. kan... aku tawu tu.. tapi lantak lah

  6. bestnye. nanti nak gi honeymoon kat sini lah. dekat, jimat, and menyokong industri pelancongan malaysia. haha..^_^

  7. haha.. hamboi akak.. dah fikir nak g honeymoon dah kan..


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