20 March 2012

Describing Me

Hey people,
Its been long since my last post
Well, its still exam week and my paper finishes on the 26th this month
So wish  me luck people

For today's post
I thought of showing you guys a little bit bout me
So have a look at this video

So, how was it?
If you guys are wondering why I actually made this video
Its because that I was applying for a job and they requested to know more about my personality
So since I can't really explain accurately by words
Why not make a video and show them how I actually am

So what do you guys think?
This is my first time using Adobe After Effects and I loved it so damn much
I combined the videos Windows Live Maker and I really got annoyed
I kinda had to do it three times since the videos got corrupted it If I edited it too long
I finished it in just one night so I don't really see it as the best results
I'm still learning and I hope to do more next time.

p/s: Sharina Azhar Comel Sangat!



  1. Hmm, I think the only problem is this sentence:

    "Crazy, can't you see how dull I am?"

    as if you want people to have that impression on you. If you're applying for a job, that is bad- it shows your inconfidence. Instead, maybe use this sentence (if you want to rephrase it)

    "Crazy isn't it? I'm not as dull as I look."

    ("So what do I have" is too fast)

    Of course, good video nevertheless.

  2. I was kinda having two thoughts about either putting that sentence in or not. But when I read the company's requirements, they insisted looking for people who are somehow have a fun attitude and some sort. So I just took the risk and still can't believe that I passed the interview

  3. memang student art betullah kau nyh..edit gambar stail, video stail.ok nyh seriously jujur bukan nak bodek...but seriously stail ah walaupun for sure kau akan cakap biasa2 je kan..haha

  4. hahaha... memahami je kau Ferdaus


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