05 February 2012

Baby Practice

Dear blog readers.. You might be wondering what are my interest and so on since all I take about is my feelings when I'm down and what I want to become and so on. Well today I feel like sharing some of my work in editing and photographing. Well, I'm not a professional but I'm taking baby steps to become one with my dear Syafiq Ismail.

The pictures below are some of the pictures we took during Ijan and Jue's Wedding at Semenyih.
All the photo's were edited by me but captured by Syafiq and Iqram Mianji.

The next project was Mya's and Eddie's Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at Port Dickson
The photos were all captured and edited by me while Syafiq did the video shots.

So those are pretty much the pictures. I just showed off some not all but I'm hoping to do more in the future.
Those who wants their picture taken too for special events can contact me via email.



  1. Good pictures! Maybe with a little references to make it look "happier", it would be perfect.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks, I'm still learning btw. I hope I ca do much more better next time.

  3. Gambar teacher can arr? Goodluck darling...

  4. love the color splash part :D

  5. teacher: teacher can.. can.. tapi teacher mana ni? hehe

    syaza: i love it too :P


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