09 January 2012

Weekend Pleasure

Hey Readers, How you guys doing? Did you guys had a great weekend? Well.. I kinda did. Why obviously from the pictures you kinda guested right?
Well Ice Skating was on Sunday, I'm gonna write about what happened on Saturday. Saturday was kinda of  a big day for me, well, I think it was a big day for Syafiq. Why? He met my dad on Saturday. Actually I just wanted to go home and send my dad's birthday present. Besides that, I also wanted grab some stuff at home. Usually when I go home Syafiq will come along but just hang at my grandmother's house, but this Saturday mum told me to just come back straight home. Okay.. It was weird and I was getting anxious, same as him. Well, of course we should since I don't own the most sporting dad in the world.

What happened next? I'm not giving the details

So on Sunday, we were treated by someone. Who?

by Syafiq's brother in law and her sister
We went to the skating rank at Sunway
for those who had never tried skating before
You should try it

The price at Sunway as I remember for adults is

Weekdays : RM15
Weekends: RM20
School Holidays: RM 23
Public Holidays: RM25

If I'm not mistaken, those were the prices
Not including socks and gloves

Me and Syafiq were planning  to go to the skating rank for months but still we didn't go. Then his brother-in-law Abang Eddie offered to treat us so thank you so much Abang Eddie. Jimat sikit duit kami.. HAHA...

Tips for those who had never played before.

1. Try balancing yourself at the corners first. The ice from far might seem clear but actually the ice has a lot of lumps so be careful.

2. Straighten your legs, its kind of hard because of the skates but try cause you will be more balanced. For those who know how to use roller blades, apply the same things to the skates 

3. Don't stick to the corners for a long time. Its no use you skating if you don't skate. Have confidence in you and try skating at the center.

4. Be careful of little children, they are everywhere and they don't look around, you might cause injury to little kids if your not cautious. 

5. If your having difficulties at playing, there is a skate police, if I'm not mistaken. He/she functions as a lifeguard. So ask them if you need any help.

6. At Sunway, you can only skate toward the right and turn, you can't start from the left then turn, if you go the wrong way, the skate police will sound you.

7. Make sure you bring extra pants, for those who had never knew how to balance before will sure fall. Its okay if you fall. Try to get up slowly, don't rush.

8. Try skating for yourself, don't hold on to another to much, after a while they might start playing jokes causing you to fall.  (I'm talking about myself actually)

9. Have fun

So that's most of the tips I can give you, tip no 8 is just ignore it. I actually can skate for myself but the bignose fella wanted to skate together and in the end he played a cold trick on me. He skated fast pulling me and I was feeling a bit scared, then he let go of me at a sudden and I couldn't balance myself and then I fell hard cold wet on the butt. And he chose the puddle of ice to let me fall. Thank You sayang.. I appreciate it very much.

We didn't spend much time there, we played about 3 hours only and I was getting grumpy cause I was cold and wet because of him. He and the rest were laughing so hardly and I was getting even more grumpier. Since I was so ego, confirming that I was not going to fall I didn't bring extra pants. Luckily its the sale season now so I bought quality emergency pants. Who buys emergency pants at VOIR right? It was less 70% when I got there and it perfectly fitted me.

We kind did a lot of things, including playing pool. That was my first time and I was not that comfortable there, It was dark and it smelled smoke everywhere.

Abang Eddie dengan si Syafiq la nak main sangat. Then since me and Kak Maya started to make faces they let us play. Kak Maya had experience so she won. They were all laughing at me, and again I was the joke. Err..

That Sunday was a lot of fun, Kak Maya and Abang Eddie were like the actors in a drama the whole time, me and Syafiq couldn't stop laughing watching at their drama. Anyways, thanks Kak Maya and Abang Eddie for your treat. Lain kali boleh belanja lagi kan? *wink wink.. hehe

P/s: Happy 51st Birthday Dad


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