11 December 2012

A Debit Card as a Credit Card?

For those who are surfing into the internet most of their time you surely would be familiar with e-bay, mudah.com and so on so on. For those who love fashion will certainly be on pages selling clothing and wish that all of that could be yours. Its could be seen that nowadays people tend to make business online cause its more easy and affordable. But how are we gonna purchase if the only option is by having your own credit card?

For adults that are working there certainly will be no problem cause they surely will have their own credit card.  But for student? Young Adults? Those who are barely making their way, would they be able to have their own credit card? The most they could own is having a debit card.

What is the different of a Credit Card and a Debit Card? In simple words, credit card is money where you don't own yet and you need to pay back. While Debit Card is money that will be deducted from your personal savings.

I believe that everyone of you must have own a debit card since what I know Maybank no more offers bank books to their new sign ups.

So those who own a debit card like this, with the word VISA stated, your able to use your debit card to purchase items online, but first you will have to activate online banking first and the most simplest online banking there is now is Maybank2u.

What are the steps to activate online banking?
1. Register online banking at an ATM machine.
2. Register your account online. (make sure you take note of your username and password)
3. Register your phone no at any Maybank branch. (Its a must to enable you to receive TAC)

After that your done and ready to go

Having Maybank2u you will be able to make payments of bill online, buy top-ups, and even make payments to those who are selling stuffs online by transferring money to another account anytime you want.

But for enabling to buy things with ebay and so on, you will have to purchase a paypal account.
What is paypal? Well its actually a medium for you to use you debit card as a credit card since most of sites like this don't allow payment through debit card.

When you have signed up to paypal, here are the steps for you to do online shopping

1. Fill in your details, make sure you Address is correct, if not your item will not be delivered to you

2.  Do you see 'Profile'? Hover over it and click edit Credit Card and you will see this

Since I have updated mine and linked my Card with paypal, so it shows VISA, but for those who haven't you will need to update this and it requires your card number and Card verification number.

Your card number will be the 16 digit number at the front of your card
You Card Verification Number will be the 3 digit number at the back of your card just next to you signature.

3. When you have don all of that you will get verification emails and SMS

Take note that during all of the process above, make sure your phone with your registered number with the bank is beside you because you will be receiving TAC no for you to proceed every step.

Once you have done this, there will be no problem for you guys to shop online but be careful of your spending since your deducting money straight from your bank account.

Another thing I could add on is for maxis users, there is also maxis paypal which offers you more. Its more easy for you to pay your bills and there is also an app for that. The best part is that maxis has an maxis movie app where you will be able to purchase tickets from your own phone. Right now maxis is doing a promotion Buy 1 free 1 movie ticket and it was great. No need to hassle and line up for movie tickets.

I hope this blogpost has helped you for you online shopping solutions. Looking forward for your comments and opinions.


08 December 2012

My Biggest Fear

Try putting me in a dark room with no one in it, I'll go crazy just seeing pitch black and maybe I'll faint of fear. But what is my biggest fear so far? Loosing him maybe, LOL.

But eventually my biggest fear right now, and what I really can't stand are creepy crawlies. And not just any creepy crawlies, 

picture source from google

The most I can't stand is above the pyramid. SPIDERS. Really, I was once okay with it, and then 1 night in a dark room where I was sleeping, I felt something itchy at my head. So I turned on the bed lights and went to the mirror and how shocked was I when a big fat spider came crawling within my head. When I mean big, it is BIG. Try screaming as hard as you can in the middle of the night. Uhh.. Thanks Spiders. Now I am also afraid of the dark as well. Luck it wasn't a tarantula.

Since that day, I hate total darkness, never ever take me to a pitch black room. Including insects of whatever that crawls and you can imagine if its crawling at your body. Urghhhh...

Talking about Fears, those who watch TV will certainly now about FEAR FACTOR. I was a great fan of FEAR FACTOR before and I loved it when they had to eat disgusting things and of course face SPIDERS. HAHA... Now I'm laughing, what if that was me? I'll be crying hard I say. HARD.. HAHA..

So people, FEAR FACTOR is now in Malaysia. Wohooooo... 

Catch the handsome Aaron Aziz and the cute Elfira Loy and best of all Fear Factor is having a roadshow soon at Sunway Pyramid and you'll be able to win great prizes on the 15th and 16th Disember. Why? Cause “Fear Factor House – Is your chance to experience Fear Factor live!"

So don't miss out, more info you can visit Fear Factor Malaysia and also don't miss out this 29th Disember at Astro Ria 9pm as the first episode will be shown at TV.

So are you guys ready to overcome your fears? I certainly AM not sure. HAHA.. I'll bet I'll freak out.


02 December 2012

We're Buddyz, We're Never Apart.

We started of as strangers
Then we met each other everyday
One opened our mouths to start
All of a sudden we clicked
Soon enough we got closer
Then came the drama
The oldest was the guardian
The 2nd was fun trouble
The 3rd was annoyingly charming
The 4th was the sweet talker
And the smallest was babbler of the bunch
We had our laughs
We had our fights
We had our cries 
And now we're all far apart
But can that stop us?
We're Buddyz, We're Never Apart

It has been 3 years now
And IMMAN has been a major part of my life
We play, we joke, we go out and do stupid things
I always get tensed by them, but on the end their the ones who are there for me.
We are all far apart now, but how do we still stay connected?

Easy, by Digi Easy Prepaid Plan, it keeps us connected no matter how far apart we are
24 hour free calls+SMS+Facebook

For more info you can visit Digi

So since this blogpost is about buddyz, I wanna share with you guys a video made by Jeycobs Leroy for our Pre Graduation dinner. Since we just graduated, it feels sad that everyone is apart now.


Exceeded Upload Quota for Blogger

I know, I know I've been missing for a while right? I miss this blog so much, feels like ages since I last written anything here. Well, I've been working for 2 weeks now and currently everything seems fine, but somehow it is still hard for me.

Well, since today's a Sunday and I;m off work I've been longing to update my blog, then when it came to upload a picture I was unable cause blogger displayed that I have exceeded my 1GB quota and I had to buy more quota to proceed. WTF! $22.00 above US DOLLARS! And the best part is that I don't even own a credit card. So how am I able to upload pictures in the future?

So, it confused me how did bloggers who blogged for years now put up to this, did they pay? And I had never known that there was an upload quota before and I never heard of other bloggers that I knew had this problem. So for the solution I surely did use Mr. Google, the best solution fixer.

Then I found out that recently many bloggers have occurred this problem and it all started on April 2012. It seem that blogger is a free site, but picasa ain't since pictures upload in blogger are basely uploaded in Picasa. So what I read from the other bloggers solution is that first by upgrading that will cost you $. Then second by deleting photo's in your picasa album. But be careful cause if you wrongly delete, the old phot's in your blog will be deleted too.

So I tried deleting some of the error photo's I uploaded before and see it it works.

Ohsemmm.. Managed to upload, but I don't know when it will last. So I still need to find another solution of I still wanna upload photo's in my blog.

Anyone else having the same problem? Try sharing some solutions if you have. Will really do appreciate it.

So as you can see in the picture, these are my colleagues at work and for now I am the youngest of them all. Sometimes I do have a hard time cause I usually hang out with people my age, but now I'm the only kid here. But so far everything is okay, just I'm a little slow catching up since all I do is daydream.

P/s: Now I know working is completely different that studying, I can't risk a mistake.


18 November 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note II Smart School

Sejak kebelakangan ni aku asyik dapat pegang je Note II ni dari mula-mula dia launching sampai dah ke pasaran dapatlah nikmat pegang tapi nak milikinya tak berkesempatan lagi. Kalaulah Note II ni boleh jatuh dari langit terus ke tapak tangan aku kan bagus. Setakat ni kemampuan aku hanya Blackberry Curve yang lama tu, tapi still bersyukur lagilah dapatlah merasa smartphone juga.

Anyways, thanks to Samsung and Nuffnang aku diberi peluang untuk turut serta dalam Samsung Galaxy Note II Smart School di Mid Valley semalam. Aku seperti biasalah excited kemain, manalah tahu dapat bawak balik satu Note, memang aku idamkan sejak Note pertama launch.

Sejak didehkan dengan features Note ni aku bertambah-tambah lagi keinginan nak jadi tuan kepada salah satu phone ni. Mana taknya, everything is complete with all my needs. Drawing features, double screens, great camera and best of all it accepts my scribbles. The main reason why I blogged cause I love scribbleling.

So what more can a Note II do?

Well, I'm not gonna tell ya like I'm answering a question paper, apa kelebihan pada Note II ni yang ku suka adalah Multiwindow dia yang membolehkan kita buka dua application dalam masa yang sama. Aku rasa applikasi ini sangat berguna lebih-lebih lagi untuk pelajar yang nak buat rujukan daripada internet dan catit, jadi tak payah nak buat banyak kerja dengan tukar-tukar window banyak kali.

Lagi satu kelebihan adalah screencapt dia memang cool. Just one touch from the smartpen and wallaaa, your screen is captured. The is another way doing it by sliding your hand at the screen from right to left. I know this is ssoooo great for teens or young adults that usually loves to screen capt and post it on tweitter. That's not just it, you can edit it instantly by cropping it anyway you like and even add notes and so on, it feels like your doing it on papper.

Another feature that I love is the air view where you can just hover the S Pen dekat gambar or video and they will enlargen and the videos will show a preview. Seriously damn cool!

Dan dan dan, kepada mereka yang suka bergmbar, dekat belakang setiap gambar yang korang ada tu, korang boleh tulis kat belakang tu macam zaman dulu masa kita cuci gambar lepas tu kita tulis kat belakang gambar tu sebagai tanda ingatan hari tu.

The camera, x payah cakaplah, main camera dia 8MP termasuk focus camera dengan LED Flash, memang sedaplahlah tangkap gambar je, memang rasa macam bawak digital camera yang sebenar. Tambah pulak camera depan dia pun 1.9MP so gambar tak adalah pecah teruk sangat. So kepada camwhore memang ideal la. Tapi untuk aku, aku rasa phone ni sangat sesuai kepada bloggers since gambar sangat perlu untuk menghidupkan blog dan sebab itu kita perlu bawa camera kemana-mana.

Aku rasa kalau aku tengah cakap sekarang ni, aku cakap semua menda ni dalam satu nafas.. Fuhhhhhhh... Jap, rehat jap...

Okay, keseluruhannya Note ni bagus sebab dia banyak sangat features ni, gila banyak, satu hari explore pun tak cukup rasanya. 

Terasa macam promoter phone ni pulak, entah bila nak merasa sendiri milik phone ni. Mungkin kalau ada rezeki lebih, sebelum sambung belajar nak beli jugak sebiji.

Anyways, for more info sila google Samsung. LOL
K bye

16 November 2012

Rezeki, Allhamdulillah

Setelah genap sebulan aku berkebun tanam anggur di rumah, Allhamdulillah akhirnya aku ditawarkan aktiviti yang boleh mendatangkan duit. KERJA

Nampak tak muka kemain excited tu sampai siap cari rumah sewa dekat Seksyen 7 konon-kononnya untuk kerja lepas tu direct sambung ke degree. Kononnya la, aku tak tahu jadi ke tidak rancangan tu. Jadi sekarang menetaplah aku di Krystal Heights Shah Alam.

Al begini la kisahnya macam mana aku nak dapatkan kerja. Disebabkan aku ni begitu demanding dalam pemilhan kerja kali ini, menganggur la aku sekian lama. Hanya disebabkan ego yang kononnya aku dah tamat Diploma jadi nak cari pekerjaan yang kiranya worth it la dengan Diploma aku yang aku bagai nak pecah kepala melayan selama dua tahun ni.

Sejak diperkenalkan dengan Jobstreet sejak setahun lalu, aku akhirnya daftar dengan jobstreet untuk mencari kerja kosong. Hampir 17 application aku apply lalu Jobstreet dan banyak lagi lalu email. So nampaklah bertapa desperatenya aku nak kerja kan? 

Allhamdulillah, hari pertama aku apply kerja dekat Jobstreet esoknya aku dapat offer untuk interview. Haha.. Powerrr tak? Cehhh.. Sebab resume kot

Kenapa blurr? Gila ke aku nak kasi details aku free2 kat public.Tapi secara kasar macam inilah rupernyerr resume yang aku buat.

Resume ni pun sebenarnya adalah jugak serabutkan kepala otak aku, cause aku apply untuk dua field iatu creative dan admin. Memang beza gila dua-dua bidang ni sampai nak buat resume pun payah sama ada nak buat formal ataupun informal sebab nak tunjuk bakat kreativiti. Akhirnya aku pilih untuk tunjuk bakat dalam kreativiti dan terhasillah resume di atas, dan aku pun tibailah mohon kerja daripada dua-dua bidang.

Keseluruhan tawaran interview yang aku dapat adalah 5, ada 2 interview yang aku tak tunjuk muka. Dalam dua-dua bidang aku mohon dan dalam dua-dua bidang aku dipanggil interview.

Interview pertama aku gagal, entah kenapa aku tak rasa gementar langsung untuk interview tu. Lek lek je masa orang tu intervew aku.
Interview kedau aku tak tunjuk muka, entah kenapa hati aku rasa berat sangat nak pergi. Rasa lain macam sangat.
Interview ketiga aku berjaya sampai peringkat interview yang ketiga untuk company tu. Then bila interview dengan orang paling atas dia cerita pasal contract dan agreement yang perlukan bayar denda kalau tak lepas training, I freaked out! Bagus jugak aku fail interview last tu sebab aku takut aku kena buru dengan Dr Panglima kalau aku fail training company tu.

Kecewa, serious kecewa sebenarnya dan frustnya tak payah ceritalah bila baca twitter kawan-kawan menyumpah seranah betapa penatnya kerja diaorang and so on dan aku kat sini masih terkangkang-kangkang depan PC menaikkan bil elektrik.

Dalam kepala dah berangan nak beli macam-macam, tapi dalam poket, habuk je ada, kertasnya dah melayang.

Aku kuatkan diri jugak, apply lagi 2, 3 vacancy dekat jobstreet tu. Allhamdulillah aku dapat dua panggilan interview, pada hari yang sama cuma jarak masa beza setengah jam, sama dengan jarak tempat interview hampir setengah Shah Alam.

Entah kenapa hati aku berkobar-kobar nak pergi syarikat yang jauh sikit dari Shah Alam ni. Serious, macam instinct mengatakan 'pergilah demi kebaikan kau' cehhhh...

Yang interview lagi satu tu, hati aku kata, kalau sempat pergilah. Serious jangan contohi aku.

Anyways... Untuk interview itu entah kenapa bila aku dah sampai sana jantung aku berdebar gila, serious gila berdebar padahal aku tak pernah rasa takut sangat bila interview, sampai lidah aku kelu, otak aku beku.

Interview yang itu aku lepas semua stage, then dalam dua tiga jam lepas tu aku dapat panggilan daripada company tu kata aku diterima kerja.

Gila weh, pagi tadi aku ke Syarikat tu untuk ambil offer letter, tetiba ada pop quiz engish dengan math. Engilsh tu aku boleh terima lagi, ini math. Wehh.. Otak aku ni dengan nombor dah berkarat, 2 tahun tanpa nombor, bahagianya hidup tetiba muncul pulak soalan nombor, puas aku cuba letak minyak peluntur dekat otak.

Rezeki, Allhamdulillah aku diberi peluang untuk mendapatkan rezeki. Serious aku hargai sangat-sangat sebab aku dah rasa betapa susahnya nak dapatkan kerja bagi orang yang begitu demand. Aku harap cerahlah masa depan aku dengan adanya pengalaman kerja di sini dalam resume terbaru aku nanti.

Doakan untuk aku ea..


13 November 2012

The Tribal Halloween Gathering With Nuffnang and Genting Part 3

If you guys missed Part 1, and Part 2

Alrighty then, entry lepas aku tak cerita mengenai aktiviti aktiviti yang kitaorg buat masa dekat Longhouse. So kali ni aku nak bagi tahu korang apa yang kitaorg buat dekat sana.

Actually aku tak banyak gambar kali ni sebab aku tak ada camera, so sedih jap bila entry tak ada gambar sebab korang kena baca satu persatu apa yang aku bebel ni.

Aktiviti pertama merupakan treasure Hunt. Kali ni aku terpisah daripada Hanis dengan Darren dan group aku yang baru banyak GIRL POWER, ohyeahhh... Hero ada dua je, yang lain semua perempuan.

Tugasan yang pertama adalah menamakan nama kumpulan, tema dia ada halloween, something like that laa. So we were're really out of names, at first our group name was just Vampre, but since we had to do a dance, I gave the idea to, why not just do The Chicken Dance, simple kan? Cause semua orang memang dah tahu step tu, so nak kenakan dance dengan nama in the end kitaorg namakan group kitaorg Chicky Vampire, but actually it was supposed to be Cheeky Vampire, you know, like cheeky but pronounced as Chicky, so it brings the meaning of a cheeky Chicky, get it? Get it? Ok I bet not. LOL!

Anyways, kesian dekat group kitaorg cause semangat berkobar-kobar ni tapi somehow dapat clue yang zaman tok adok bila entah yang membawa kepada kesesatan yang teramat sangat, nasib baiklah ada lagi satu kumpulan yag sesat barat macam kitaorg, so tak adalah rasa lonely ranger sangat. Nasib baiklah in the end dapat tahu jugak yang clue tu salah, so we had to start from scratch, but it wasn't such failure, cause our team got to the finish point at third place.

Sooo.. Lepas berpeluh, sampai kaki pun sakit-sakit sebab berlari dengan terkejutnya, rushing pulak nak mandi sebab malam tu makan beso dan of course sebab malam tu punya dinner siap ada hadiah untuk costume terbaik, well for me aku pakai je apa yang ada, tak mampu dah den nak beli baju, sebab banyak dah aku habis duit masa habis belajar hari tu.

So hasilnya, I ended up wearing my dress for Malam Pra Graduan, recycle jela balik

Okay gambar curi, credit to Nisa Fuzi
Aku rasa malam tu macam semua berkabung, entah kenapa semua pakai hitam, termasuklah aku. Nisa je paling meriah. Hehe..

With Daniel dan si jantung hati Kim Syaf dan blogger lain, sorry sangat tak banyak gambar. How I wish I had my own camera. Susah kalau nak bergantung pada camera orang lain je ni.

Makan malam was awesome, games dia pun awesome, orang dia pun semua awesome.

After that was the best part, Ernerst from Bro Don't be like that la Bro and Abang Nara gave us some tips for blogging. And the most most best part was...

Rasa menang beso sangat malam tu. Antara hadiah yang aku menang:

- 2 Freeze 2 Tickets
- 8 Snow World Tickets
- 6 Theme Park Tickets
- 2 Sky Venture Tickets
- 1D2N Stay at Superior Deluxe Room at First World Hotel

Ohseeemmmmm right? Actually aku dah tak ingat aku menang apa lagi, mungkin ada gabungan dengan Syafiq sekali. Tapi memang rasa best gila sebab rasa berbalio sangat sertai aktiviti dengan Genting.

Lepas semua dah bergembira menang hadiah malam tu, ada tayangan movie seram dekat rumah panjang. Tapi tak adalah seram mana pun, mata aku dah rabak dalam 20 minit tengok movie, apa lagi angkat kaki masuk tidur. Disebabkan takut nak bangun tengah malam untuk wee wee nanti, aku dengan Hanis dah prepare wee wee awal-awal. Weh seramlah! Dah la hantu bergayut-gayut dekat entrance rumah panjang tu.

Bangun pagi je nampak Lyn, orang Genting selamber je tidur dekat luar, wehhh.. Gila kebal tahan sejuk dengan Hantu. LOL

Anyways, esok pagi punya aktiviti meriah. Ada sukanneka dan happening gila. Salah satu aktiviti dia adalah balut mummy dan aku salah satu mangsanya.

Picture Credit to Eazy Izzuddin

Ketua group aku, nice guy. Nasib baiklah segala hasil balutan dan pose yang memang aku tak akan buat lepas ni berbalio sangat sebab kami menang untuk game yang ini. With the highest marks!

Habis je games ni, kitaorg diberi makan di Rajawali sekali lagi dan Bye-bye Awana.

Once again, I wanna thank Nuffnang and Genting for giving me this great oppurtunity to join this event. Hope to join more in the future.


10 November 2012

Which Hogwarts House are You In? Explore Pottermore

Siapa peminat Harry Potter di sini? I know I know, Harry Potter madness was ages ago. Aku pun masih bersekolah masa tu. But still kegilaan Harry Potter memang tak dapat nak diredakan, walaupun setiap kali aku ulang-ulang baca buku hasil karya J.K Rowling ini, memang ketagih gila sampai nak tidur pun menahan mata sebab khusyuk sangat dalam dunia Hogwarts. Itu yang kadang-kadang rasa macam nak attend je Hogwards School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

So, untuk peminat-peminat Harry Potter, maybe korang dah tahu dah kewujudan Pottermore ni, tapi aku pasti ramai lagi yang tak tahu. So aku nak kongsikan dengan you guys semua mengenai Pottermore hari ini.

So as you see, for the login page were in Private Drive, cause that's were it all started. Nama tak nama tu dalam login tu? Itu nama account aku, so siapa yang ada account tu add la aku sebagai friends. Btw, nama account korang akan diberi beberapa pilihan mengikut nama-nama yang wujud dalam dunia magis J.K Rowling, so sorry guys, you can't put your own names for your Pottermore account.

Ok, kalau korang tak ada account sila sign up, then bila dah login korang akan terus ke main page

Dekat sini korang boleh explore chapter by chapter dari setiap buku Harry Potter, setakat ni baru buku pertama and kedua sahaja yang complete. Sila explore buku-buku dia dulu cause memang best, kalau aku login pun kerja aku menghadap buku-buku ni.

Tapi yang paling menarik, semasa you guys mula-mula daftar, you guys kena lalui proses ke sekolah macam Harry lalui dulu. You guys kena beli buka account dekat Gringots, kena beli barang ke sekolah, kena cari Haiwan peliharaan, kena beli tongkat sakti juga. Seperti yang anda tahu, tongkat sakti memilih tuannya so satu personaliti test akan diadakan untuk memilih tongkat sakti yang terbaik untuk korang. Untuk aku, aku dapat tongkat sakti daripada Kayu Aspen dan core Pheonix. 

Untuk pemilihan rumah, personaliti quiz akan diadakan sama seperti untuk pemilihan tongkat sakti, dan resultnya aku dimasukkan ke dalam rumah Ravenclaw. So kalau aku masuk Hogwards aku akan dimasukkan ke dalam Ravenclaw. Dan dalam screenshot di atas, itu merupakan common room pelajar Ravenclaw.

Tadaaaa.. The Great Hall pula, segan pulak Ravenclaw sekarang berada di tempat tercorot sekali, tapi Ravenclaw merupakan rumah yang palin sikit pelajarnya, so kira not bad sangatlah prestasi Ravenclaw. HAHA.. Nak menang jugak tu.

As you can see, anda semua diberi peluang juga untuk merasai macam mana nak buat potions. Seriously macam betul, kalau dalam instructions suruh tunggu satu jam, kena tunggu satu jamlah. Aku tak suka sangat buat potions sebab tahap kesabaran aku ni kurang, Hehe.. 

Selain itu ada juga Wizards Duel dimana korang boleh berlawan dengan orang lain dan dapatkan mata untuk rumah. Aku pernah jugak try duel ni sebab kalah je, sebab aku ni lembap sangat main keyboard. Pada gamers hardcore aku rasa tak ada masalah kot.

Jadi itulah sedikit sebanyak yang aku tahu mengenai Pottermore, tak banyak sangat pun yang aku tahu sebab aku jarang-jarang masuk  melainkan untuk membaca. Sebabnya, ada info-info mengenai Harry Potter yang tak ada dalam buku ada dalam ini, antaranya cerita percintaan antara Dursleys. Sumpah kelakar gila.

So, if you guys are eager to explore more, why not try Pottermore. Bye Peeps!


09 November 2012


Allhamdulillah, setelah dua tahum setengah menuntut di UiTM Puncak Perdana akhirnya aku tamat juga pengajian Diploma Pengurusan Seni di Fakulti Teknologi Kreatif dan Artistik (TEKA), opppsss, maksud aku Fakulti Filem, Teater dan Animasi (FiTA).

Sejujurnya aku masih todak boleh terima nama fakulti aku yang baru, gambar di atas merupakan gambar aku masa semester satu dahulu dan ketika itu nama fakulti masih kekal sebagai Fakulti Teknologi Kreatif dan Artistik, walaupun ia hanya nama tapi pada kami nama itu sangat melambangkan identiti kami sebagai pelajar seni.

08 November 2012

The Tribal Halloween Gathering With Nuffnang & Genting Part 2

Sampai-sampai Awana Genting Highlands kami menunggu untuk makan tengahari di Rajawali. Antara banyak-banyak makan buffet yang ditawarkan di Genting yang aku pernah makan, aku rasa makan di Rajawali ini paling sedap dan paling puas. Itu yang excited nak makan, sekali dah makan ngup ngap ngup ngap tak sedar dunia, perut dah hampir nak kenyang pun cuba nak sumbat jugak. 

Seperti biasa, kalau ada event aku lebih selesa kalau ada makcik-makcik ini, lagipun kitaorg jumpa pun masa sertai event Genting awal tahun ini, lama-lama dah jadi member main ketuk-ketuk kepala dah, lagi-lagi dengan #ragam2HanisNasuha.

Kali ini rasa best sikit sebab Cik Abang Bignose pun ikut jugak. Hehe..

Kali ini lagi ramai blogger yang turut serta dalam event Genting, memang boleh dikatakan besar jugaklah event Genting kali ini. Aku nak kata malu tu tak ada sangatlah sebab rasa macam dah biasa, tapi aku tak tahu macam mana nak kenalkan diri. Nasib baik blogger-blogger lain memang jenis peramah, dapatlah jugak aku kenal antara mereka. Lagi-lagi pada masa itu kepala aku tengah tak betul sikit, jiwa pun kacau.

Lepas makan dekat Rajawali, perut konyang sangat mulalah mata jadi berat. Kalau ikutkan hati nak naik satu bilik dekat Awana tu untuk tumpang tidur, tapi kelainannya event Genting kali ini adalah kami semua tidur di Rumah Panjang Awana. Kenapa?

Disebabkan event kali ini untuk menyambut Halloween, rumah panjang telah ditukarkan menjadi Hospital Hantu. Ohhh ea, kitaorang tido dengan Hantu malam tu.

Malangnya aku tak ada gambar sebab camera habis battery dan sebab terlalu berseronok lupa terus nak tangkap gambar, kalau aku jumpa nanti aku upload.

So, tak menyempat nak bergossip dengan makcik dua ekor ni, kitaorg dah dipanggil untuk aktiviti yang pertama pada petang itu iatu Treasure Hunt.

Walaupun aku pernah main Treasure Hunt ni dulu, ini ternyata bahawa Treasure Hunt di Awana tidak mudah dan sangat memenatkan tapi sangat menyeronokkan. Rasa pelik aku berpisah dengan mokcik Hanis dengn Darren sebab dulu aku satu kumpulan dengan diaorang.

Tak nak cerita lebih-lebih tentang aktiviti disana. Tunggu entry akan datang.



05 November 2012

The Tribal Halloween Gathering with Nuffnang and Genting PART 1

As the Finale for the Genting's Reward Incentive Program, Genting held a 2D1N stay at Awana Longhouse Genting Highlands with tons of fun for those Nuffnangers who participated. I was also one of the lucky ones to be selected to join this great event.

I tell ya it was great fun and we won tons of prizes, me myself won prizes about 1k total by Genting. Wohoooo.. Can't wait to have super duber fun after this.

Anyways, I'll tell you more about this event soon. Wait for part 2 yaaa..

Bye peeps!


01 November 2012

Happy 2 Years Old Bloggy!

Sedar tak sedar Scribbledydum is now 2 years old. My proud baby and the best thing that I had ever owned. Blogging for me started since I wanted to get rid of my dairies since it started to pile up and I had no space to stuff them. So since dad changed his mind about the Internet and I had access to the Internet since I started my Diploma, I created my blog on November 2010. Well I had a blog before that, but I didn't write anything, it was just an account.

At first I just wanted a blog to express my feelings and a place to write anything that I wanted, so if you scroll back to my older posts, you would say, 'apa jadah budak ni menulis', but soon people started to follow me and I got concerned about my writing and what I was writing so I changed my blog into something more worth reading.

You guys must be wondering, what is Scribbledydum? Memang wujud ke perkataan tu? I don't know, for sure this word just popped into my head when I had to fill in a blog name in blogger. Scribbledydum is actually means scribbles and dy dum is just something I added to make it sound more me, I guess. Whatever.. That's not important.

The blogging world started to change when I signed up with Nuffnang, but how did I discover Nuffnang? Thanks to Marya Hana

Wehhh, korang silap.. silap... I didn't know her through blogging, cause since I started blogging I didn't know much about the blogging world. Aku buat hal aku sendiri je, sebab masa tu blog itu untuk tatapan mata aku je. So how did I know about her then?

Alkisahnya aku pegang tombol pintu, biasanya pintu tak kan berkunci pada masa-masa macam ni, apa lagi, benganglah aku, dah penat-penat angkut barang sampai tingkat 5, lepas tu dengan semput-semputnya macam nak gugur jantung then pintu kunci. Apa lagi, lepas la geram ketuk pintu kuat-kuat bagi salam, mengharap pintu tu bukak. Baru je nak mengalah tiba-tiba pintu terbukak.
Eh, ada orang sebab biasanya aku orang first yang akan merasmikan rumah hostel di UiTM Puncak Perdana tu, rupanya dah ada orang merasmikan dulu.

Aku terkejut tanpa fikir terus tanya,
"Part berapa?"
"Part 2"
"Eh, tak kenal pun (bajet macam kenal je satu batch sebab masa tu pun aku part 2"
"Part 2 degree la"
"Ohhhh.... (Maluuu.. Terasa macam kurang ajar pulak)"

Hahaha.. Sumpah masa tu malu gila, rupanya akak, ingatkan sebaya sebab rupa muda je. Masuk2 tengok rumah bersih gila, terpukau jap.

Ok jap.. Aku dah melalut dah ni, tadi kat atas bukan kemain lagi mengarang dalam bahasa oomputeh. Sekarang dah jadi rojak dah.  OK2, rupanya Marya Hana ni ataupun Kak Yaya merupakan housemate aku for the whole semester for semester 2.

So berbalik kepada cerita berblog dan Nuffnang, I just knew since I was housemates with Kak Yaya that she is one of the actives blogger from Nuffnang and she was the one who introduced to me to Nuffnang. At first I didn't want to register cause my blog wasn't that great like her blog was and she already had about thousands of followers and I just had a few. So I thought at that time that I was not qualified to register for Nuffnang since I'm nothing in the blogging world. 

So when my blog reached over a year, I said, what the heck, it won't kill right? So I registered with Nuffnang.

At that time I was no longer housemates with Kak Yaya so I was a bit blunt on how Nuffnang worked. So I left it to be for a couple of months, I think half a year before I started learning bit by bit about Nuffnang.

Then I started to get serious when I got my first invitation from Nuffnang to join a 2D1N trip to Genting for Genting Evangelist. That was my first meeting with the Nuffies, and bloggers. I met Anne and Darren first and somehow I terkejustzzzz sangat on how fluent thier BM was. LOL .. Most of my Chinese friends don't speak Malay much.

Anyways, at that time I met these awesome people

Since then my blogging life changed totally, I got addicted to all the fun that Nuffnang provided, cause I went to places I never imagined and I meet new awesome people every time.
I've won trips, events, products, gadgets not yet but hope to someday, LOL.

Anyways Nuffnang had made my blogging experience greater than ever. I never knew much about blogging since I've entered Nuffnang, so you guys who are new why not try and register with them. Who knows you'll fall in love with it like I am. :p

So again, Happy Birthday Bloggy. I hope you'll be more super duber in the future. 
For those who are reading, what do you think about my blog? Are there changes that I have to make?

Your support is all I have to keep on blogging.
So please do support me know and in the future.

31 October 2012

Freeze 2 Genting Highlands

From 19th September 2012 onwards behold for Genting's Freeze 2. Since the sucsess of this spectacular magical icy show, Genting decided to held Freeze 2. Featuring world class line up artist, dancers, magicians, Freeze is one of Genting's must see performances.

Date: Everynight onwards from the 19th September 2012
Time: 9.00pm
Venue: Genting International Showroom

How much does it cost for a ticket?
Below are the details

Price ScaleNormal PriceGWC Members'
Special Discount 

There are also room packages available for those who are deciding to stay there for a night

Hotel / Seasonal ChartTheme Park Hotel
(Deluxe Room)
First World Hotel
(Deluxe Room)
First World Hotel
(Superior Deluxe Room)
Selling Rate
LowRM343 nettRM290 nettRM351 nett
ShoulderRM372 nettRM326 nettRM407 nett
PeakRM437 nettRM377 nettRM472 nett
For First World Hotel and Theme Park Hotel:
- One (1) night's stay
- Buffet breakfast for two (2) persons
- Two (2) PS1 FREEZE show tickets

So don't miss out this great performance hosted by Genting. Book ticket now!
For more info please visit Resort World Genting
(Take not that changes in data might occur according to Genting)


28 October 2012

The Power of Pink

Well, I came up with the idea to write about pink today since I spent a few hours blogwalking through various blogs, most of them were the owners of a female blog. And what I can see that Malaysian female bloggers tend to love pink since the whole blog is pink.
I barely see colours like blue, green and yellow as the main colour of the blog. As you see mine, I tend to use purple and white, my all time favourite colours. I just added in a few colours for the background so it don't look so dull.
Anyways, back to the topic, I did a bit of research about the colour pink and the personality of the pink lovers.
The Meaning of Pink
Pink is mostly known as a feminine a colour, it means love, romance and comfort.

Personality of Pink
1. Loving, kind, generous, sensitive and in need of others
2. Friendly, approachable with a warmth that desires people to approach
3. Has a maternal instinct with the need to take care others, sometimes neglect yourself to take care of others
4. Very in touch with feminine including for men
5. Very optimistic
6. Methodical and organized, sometimes immature
7. Calm, non-violence that may cause shyness
8. Naivety, sweet, girlish & immature
9. Youthful appearance even with age

What People Have to Say About Pink
While browsing through the interner, I came across About.Com in the Psychology section where they posted about their readers view about the colour pink

Here are some that interested me

(this section below is fully coied paste from About.Com)

Pink is Heaven

Although green used to be my favorite color, pink has the strongest and deepest emotional influence to me. The color pink to me has a deeply joyful vibe to it. Like being "home". A familiar friendly place deep within everyone's heart where there are no worries, you are never lonely, you have everything in life that you ever wanted. You are loved and accepted by everyone. You feel as if you'll never get old. Anyone you've missed or lost in life, you are able to meet once again and rejoice. You feel one with the Universe and you know this special place will always exist.
—Guest Marcy7268

Pink makes prisoners insane

A study was done in prison. They divided the prisoners into 5 groups. Each group had to live in rooms that were 100% one color. Even the serving trays and clothes, sheets, toilets, everything. The prisoners in the blue and green rooms become more relaxed and slept more. The yellow prisoners were hard to settle. Some were happier, some were more irritated. Purple made them calm and relaxed. It's a healing color. Well the poor prisoners in pink pulled out their fingernails with their teeth, committed suicide, killed other inmates, self-mutilated, argued and fought constantly, and threatened the guards with death. Pink, on the one hand is a girls favorite color. On the other it's demonic.
—Guest Mark

Childish Much.? (YES)

This goes to Guest Dilbar and Guest blue - Well first of all, pink is not the worst color. It's not that bad. I used to love pink maybe because I was young, but now I'm in to blue but that doesn't mean I hate people who wear it or won't even wear a "speck of pink." That's just ignorant and stupid. IT'S JUST a color like seriously, I think y'all are being a little childish. Like saying you despise people who wear it or love that color… uhmm well really it's not that serious. Your favorite color is your favorite color you can't go through life not liking people because of stupid stuff like that. It's not cool. That's like saying I hate everyone with black hair or I hate everyone who likes pop tarts. That's not right at all… rather childish. I definitely don't like or dislike people based on the color they like pink makes me feel young and pretty and it makes me think of love and I like the color, it's just not my favorite. My room is actually pink I would rather it be blue but I don't really care :)
—Guest BrEaNnA BaBy:)

Info source found here

So back to my writing, none of this below are copied or pasted, I assure you that.
Okay then, you've read about Pink, so what do you think about pink? Do you agree with anyone of those comments above?

For me, I don't fancy pink and I don't hate pink. I don't think pink is heaven or pink is insane or even childish. I just think its just a colour. For me I can handle a little bit of pink, but too much pink, is a major no no for me. I don't hate pink lovers as well, and I don't like the pink haters either. Its true, pink does express the feminine side of a person, so maybe that's why most of Malaysian bloggers prefer to use the colour pink.
Well, to think of it, it really suites our culture since Malaysian women, I specifically mean the Malay women because we are seen as soft, gentle and full of the feminine side. But that doesn't mean they all have to love pink, I'm just saying that cause it makes complete sence why most female bloggers in Malaysia prefer to use Pink as their background.

Pink do have power don't ya think?

I don't know why, but most of my clothes are pink. Hehe..


27 October 2012

Genting Is Now On ANDROID!

Hello lovely readers! Shocked? Oh yeahhh.. Genting now is on Android! So you'll be able to get up to date with everything about Genting.

So what are you waiting for, download Genting Android on Google play right now and you'll be able to have a taste of these features.

Key Highlights
Find out who will be performing at Resorts World Genting, upcoming signature activities at our Resort, and view all the attractive packages we offer to our members and guests.

My Account
Check your membership profile on Genting and WorldCard Points, card and points expiry dates, and other relevant information in one consolidated view.

My Planner
Our recommended itinerary planning tool provides useful tips for visitors to our Resort.

Other features
You will be able to obtain information about our Hotels, Dining, Theme Park, Shows & Event, Getting There and follow the latest promotions and discussions on Resort World Genting’s Social sites. Our short text-based ticker tool delivers the next fun event and ad-hoc news right to the palm of your hand.

So peeps, huury up and check it out!


22 October 2012

Celcom In-Store Roadshow featuring Samsung Galaxy Note II

Good Moooorning peeps! I'm here to inform you guys that Celcom is doing an In-Store Road Show and you'll be able to get a Samsung Galaxy Note II with special freebies.

I'm sure you guys already have heard about the Samsung's Galaxy Note II launching right? And the cool features of this Note.. And your like, waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh... I must have this phone. So guys, no fret just clear out some free time for you to come and grab one of these at Celcom's In-Store Road Show and get the best prices as low as RM1498.

So where actually will these In-Store Roadshows be?

19 – 21 October 2012 

· Getway Sdn Bhd, Carrefour Wangsa Maju
· Phonecraft Sdn. Bhd., Giant Hypermarket Kota Damansara 
· Full Line Communications Sdn Bhd, Tesco Ampang
· Blue Cube Plaza Metro Kajang

26 – 28 October 2012 

· Double Team Station (M) Sdn Bhd, E@Curve 
· Mobile Camp Enterprise, The Summit USJ 
· Blue Cube KLCC, Suria KLCC
· Blue Cube Giant Meru, Giant Hypermarket Klang Sentral
· Three C Technology, Sunway Carnival Mall
· Blue Cube Jusco Seberang Prai, Aeon Seberang Prai City Shopping Centre
· Blue Cube Queensbay Mall, Penang
· Blue Cube Greentown Mall, Perak

2 – 4 November 2012 

· Blue Cube Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur
· Blue Cube Setia City, Setia City Mall
· Speed Line Communication, Suria KLCC
· Blue Cube Giant Meru, Festival City Gombak
· Chop Hock Soon, Port Dickson Centre Point 
· Net Two Trading, Bunga Cempaka Biru, Parit Raja, Batu Pahat
· PCS Telecommunications Enterprise, Giant Hypermarket, Plentong, Johor
· UI Mobile Phone, City Square, Johor Bahru

For buyers, stand a chance to get more from celcom,

· FREE KFC Vouchers worth RM20
· FREE 6-month MUSICUBE subscription
· RM120 rebate (RM10 x 12 months)

· Lucky draw to win:

- Samsung GALAXY S III (1 winner)
- Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 (1 winner)
- JLo Concert Tickets (1 pair)
- Siti Norhaliza Concert Tickets (1 pair)

So?? Excited? You should be, so here's your chance to own a Samsung Galaxy Note II that's worth it with celcom.

Why Celcom?

I've told you in my previous post, but I'll tell you again then for those who missed. Celcom has the widest network coverage anywhere in Malaysia, indoors, outdoors and on-the-move. Celcom also offers the best network quality, be it messaging, voice calls, video calling, surfing, email, and Celcom gives you the richest web and video streaming experience with its stable connection.

So here are the prices offered with Celcom First Plan, take note that the retail price for a Samsung Galaxy Note II is about RM2299 but with Celcom you can get it as low as RM1498 only.

Monthly Commitment
Voice Plan
Celcom First Prime 40
Celcom First  Premier 80
Celcom First  Elite 150
Mobile Internet
Data FUP
1 GB
3 GB
1 GB
3 GB
1 GB
3 GB
50 MB
100 MB
200 MB
Advance Payment
Amount rebated from 1st Bill onwards pending on usage
Device Price (12-month contract)
Device Price (18-month contract)

For more information you could always refer to my last post here
And for even more information just drop by at Celcom