21 December 2011

Us 3 Weekend Job

Last weekend was something new for me. I spent 3 days at Kuala Pilah. Why? To those that know me might say 'Kau balik kampung ke weh?' haha.. No way la weyyy.. Its all about work. Syafiq asked me if I wanted to join him doing a free lance job with boy a.k.a Iqram Mianji. So for me it was really a new experience so of course I say I wanted to. But what made me really nervous is that the event was held at Syafiq's cousins house and all his family members was there. I couldn't quite breath when we actually arrived at Senawang cause the grooms house was there and we were suppose to take pictures.

The first day there, we followed join the groom to the brides house where akad nikah was held. Syafiq and Boy was in charge of taking the video shots while I was in charge of the pictures. I'm not a professional at taking pictures but I don't think that I'm that stupid in my work. Actually I'm just suppose to edit the pictures but then I was given the opportunity to take pictures so why not try right?

But still I still respected Syafiq and Boy as the main photographers cause they git a lot more experience than me so if there not video captching their taking photos and I end up like ' aaaaa.. what am I gonna do? I feel so stupid' but thank god I got something called twitter. But I soon got busy on the actually wedding day on the last day we were there. Huuuuu.. It was exhausting  just taking pictures till Syafiq and Boy only were with the camera's.

I know.. I look really fat, short, uuuu.. ugleyyy.. But I don't give a damn what I look like that day cause it was hot and I was sweating. Then there's Syafiq beside me. Hehe

This is Iqram Mianji, He looks like a Panda right? Yeahh... He is the joyful type and I admire his work in photography and video. He has skills and talent.

So I'm not talking much bout what I did now. Got a lot of editing to do now. I'll show you the results in my coming post. Thanks for reading btw.



  1. Kak Long, I hereby approve your bf because he uses Canon 60D, just like I do :-)

  2. HAHAHA...okay.. but I'm not getting married before you do.. Kami masih menunggu kad jemputan

  3. Tgk2 Wiwid yg kawin dulu, hahaha!

  4. Hahaha.. Tulah.. Mak pun kata macam tu


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