25 September 2011

End of Semester 3

Yahoooooo... Semester 3 is over baby! Just hope my results come out the way I hope them to be.
Well let me tell ya about this semester. This semester was an interesting one. Yeah it really was. I'm finally feeling like a university student cause at last I'm mingling around.
Well for first as you all know this semester I kinda, ummmm... paham- paham sendirilah korang.

Thanks to him I'm kinda starting to mix around and socializing a bit and I'm happy cause he is always around when I need him. If last semester I was lonely and depressed, this semester could be said as a great semester. Hope next semester is great too.
Besides all that, what's a bit sad about this semester is that its really hard to gather with IMMAN now since everyone's busy. No matter what I still love you guys.
Semester 3 was exhausting not because of projects but assignments, we've been given piles of assignments and I was struggling all way to get it all done. I'll show you some of my assignments in next posts if I have the feeling to post it.
I wanna talk about my housemates for this semester but I think I should make a post just for them. To show them how much I appreciate them around.
Well time flies so quickly and semester 3 just ended, I met new people, learned new stuff, had rough days, and a lot more. Semester 3 was awesome for me. That's all.

Jauh aku merenung masa depan. Just hope that what I'm studying today could help me find my career. I wanna be successful and make my parents proud. I don't know what I'm gonna be in the future but I just know that I'm going to give it all my heart.


  1. seronok laa kan..meh lawat aku kat skudai nie :)

  2. mesti dapat keje best punya nanti.jangan termenung jauh² :D

  3. elz: insyallah aku dah dapat lesen aku gi lawat kau

    yesty: thanks babe, doakan ea


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