25 September 2011

End of Semester 3

Yahoooooo... Semester 3 is over baby! Just hope my results come out the way I hope them to be.
Well let me tell ya about this semester. This semester was an interesting one. Yeah it really was. I'm finally feeling like a university student cause at last I'm mingling around.
Well for first as you all know this semester I kinda, ummmm... paham- paham sendirilah korang.

Thanks to him I'm kinda starting to mix around and socializing a bit and I'm happy cause he is always around when I need him. If last semester I was lonely and depressed, this semester could be said as a great semester. Hope next semester is great too.
Besides all that, what's a bit sad about this semester is that its really hard to gather with IMMAN now since everyone's busy. No matter what I still love you guys.
Semester 3 was exhausting not because of projects but assignments, we've been given piles of assignments and I was struggling all way to get it all done. I'll show you some of my assignments in next posts if I have the feeling to post it.
I wanna talk about my housemates for this semester but I think I should make a post just for them. To show them how much I appreciate them around.
Well time flies so quickly and semester 3 just ended, I met new people, learned new stuff, had rough days, and a lot more. Semester 3 was awesome for me. That's all.

Jauh aku merenung masa depan. Just hope that what I'm studying today could help me find my career. I wanna be successful and make my parents proud. I don't know what I'm gonna be in the future but I just know that I'm going to give it all my heart.

16 September 2011

Littering is For Looser's

Let me tell ya something Malaysians, and to those who are not Malaysians but staying in Malaysia


Its been a long time since I wanted to say that cause to those who follow me you'll know that I hardly update anything else except from talking about my life. Well here's a post that is partly included in my life. I really hate dirty places. Who does right? But why still people love making a clean place into a dirty place.

Yesterday I went out and the whole journey I see people throwing trash in the streets, bushes, outside their vehicles, and anywhere they see it as a strategic place to throw away things. What really annoys me the most is that there's a freaking dustbin right near them but they still can't carry their big fat butts to throw their rubbish in the dustbin. What is happening to you people?! Don't you know the first reason why dustbins was invented? I really pity you people.

Back to yesterdays story, as I was waiting for the bus I was sitting in front of a bunch of primary school kids, I think around standard 5 or 6 and there was one boy smoking a cigarette like he was the master of all smokers in the world. Come on LAAA, your a kid and your parents still by underwear for you and you go out buying cigarettes. Your parents must be very proud to have a son like you. Same goes to those who are still at school but please for primary school students its really overboard.

Well back to the topic, what I'm trying to say that, after that kid had enough killing himself with smoke he just threw his leftover cigarettes to the floor, not only him, including the adults too. At that time I was thinking, what is wrong with you people damet! There was a dustbin with a place to throw cigarettes on top and still they can't carry their huge asses there. And when the bus came, not only did I see cigarettes, rubbish was everywhere.

Why can't you people be more considerate? We can't just expect on other people to come and clean our trash. When people say our country is dirty you guys will get angry but where is our effort to keep our country  clean? I really get annoyed with littering looser's, you know why? The first thing is because of you guys I had to learn sivik at school and the second thing is that its ugly and my eyes hurt seeing dirty places. Its disgusting.

Why can't you people throw your rubbish in the proper places. If your holding trash and you don't seem to see a dustbin why can't you put it in your bag first and throw the rubbish when you see a dustbin. What's the use of buying expensive bags if you can't use it. And to the boys who don't carry bags, your girlfriends do right? and if you don't have a bag whats the harm just holding on to it for a while. And to those who love throwing rubbish threw the window of their vehicle, can't you just put the rubbish in your vehicles first? There are so many ways to avoid from littering but still there are people doing it.

Well, that's all I have to say. I'm starting to get a headache thinking how to get it all out properly without offending anyone. Sorry if I did.

13 September 2011

Missing You Bloggy


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... I missed you bloggy, it has been a long time since I've wrote you here. Well, I've been extremely busy with assignments and projects and this and that till I forgot about you dear little bloggy.

Well its almost the end of the semester, next week is my finals. Wish me luck! I'm still hoping this semester's result is the same as last semester. I've worked hard for it and I know it.. TENSIONYAAAA hanya Allah yang tahu.

So enough bout that, I wanna talk bout what happened since I've been gone for so long. I need a doctor, doctor, doctor to bring me back to life.. opppsss  TERnyanyi la pulakk.. Sorry for the lack in writing, I've become a bit rusty.

So, since I've been busy with my assignments I had fun, just didn't have the time only to update here. Insyallah I'll be updating after this...

Well I'm not so eager to tell you guys everything but I'm eager to tell you this

Ha.... Nampak tak? Walaupun muka aku hodoh dalam gambar ni tapi ini membuktikab bahawa aku dah berjaya satu peringkat dalam pengambilan lesen. Betapa susahnya aku memohon application untuk mendapatkan lesen dari parents aku akhirnya dapat jugakkkkkkk..

So to my dear friends, not soon enough I'll be able to drive.. Finally..