23 July 2011

To The Greatest Mum Ever : Happy Birthday

This post is specially dedicated to my beloved mother
Zairina Amirwan
Happy 40th Birthday mum 

It has been years since my mum celebrated her birthday
Cause my family don't celebrate birthdays
Since this year mum's already turning 40 so why not celebrate for once

This is at my Grandfather's house
Actually we celebrated my mum's birthday one day early cause I won't be home this weekend

So what is he doing here?
Haha... Well actually he bought the cake
This is actually the first time mum was sporting enough to meet my ehem2

Introducing my mum, my third sister and my last sister
My second sister just got back from school so she couldn't join us since she was at home


Happy Birthday Emak
Wishing you a long lasting happy life
Thank you also for all the sacrifices you made for me
I can hardly repay you, but what I can do is be successful
You taught me well,
You gave me love, shelter, education, and also religion
Thank you mum for always being there for me
Even though I'm rebellious and sometimes I hurt you
but deep down inside I love you so much mum
I'm not use to saying it out loud
but the only reason why I still take care of myself from spoiled things is because I think of you
I think of dad and I think of the rest of the family
You are a great inspiration to me mum
I don't even know if I could be as great as you one day
Love you mum
I promise you that I will try hard to achieve my goals and become successful
When that time comes I want to give everything in the world that I can for you and also I won't forget to pray for you also
My prayers always include for the best for you mum
I just want to know how much I appreciate and love you
Without you I don't know what I would have become
Thank You for everything


  1. 40??muda gila...heheh
    nway happy birthday auntie:))))

  2. haha.. orang kata mak aku cam kakak aku


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