01 July 2011

The Greatest MERIAM is at Melaka Yawwwww

Meriammmm.. Meriammmm.. Meriammmm
Pemain Meriam Profesional is at Melaka Yaawwww
Do you guys still remember this post Meriam Semi Musical Theatre
For you guys who don't have a clue
Meriam is a theater created and performed by the students of
Faculty of Creative Technology and Artistic
This theater was first performed at Puncak Alam 
Then it won the best theater award at Malam KaryaOne
Now it is restaged at Melaka
and Now was a few days back.
Sorry guys, you missed out a great show

This is my second time watching it :)

Well the show was at night and we arrived early
It might be a waste if we just came to Melaka and did nothing
So this is what happened

Pergi jauh2 makan McD

It will be a waste if we didn't walk around Melaka
and yes
Hang Tuah Mall is a road okay

Okay Folks
Time To Go
The theater was great!
And congrats to all involved

P/s: It was really worth it. RM8 for a theater and a free ride to Melaka! 


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