14 July 2011

Battle of The Bands & SimplySiti

Hey readers... Its been a while since my last post right? Well, I've been really busy these last two weeks. Why? Because of this thingy.

Yuppp! Because of this thingy I had didn't have time to even do my laundry the whole two weeks. I joined the lighting crew but my name ain't in the program book. Ouhhh.. Thank you so much whoever did not list down my name, I really appreciated that. Whatever.. All I care is about my marks. Actually the first reason why I joined this thingy is because its under my subject.
Joining the lighting crew is a new experience for me. It was a total difference and I really learned a lot. Well, I'm not gonna tell you guys what I learnt here. It might seem like I'm writing a report already. Let me just show you pictures.


Battle of the Bands
This is what we did. 

This is one of the bands performing
I was working backstage, taking care of the smoke machine

The picture above was during the final competition.
It was great, but that time I didn't have to take care of the smoke machine so I watched a free show


Just see the crowd.
Its full of people, I almost felt hard to breath
Above there, Yeaahhh
That's Dato Siti Nurhaliza 

Yes, and there is Aizat, Ana Raffali, Faizal Ismail and Amy Search
Amy Search performance was the best!

For other videos just search for it a youtube
This video is also from someones youtube account
Overall that night was okay
It has become a fuss for about months for UiTM
At now it has completely ended
Thank God


This is me and Opah
We are the only girls in the lighting crew

Uniform crew of course black
And I ran out of black clothing after a week

This is a bit what the carnival looked like
That's all
Bye peeps


  1. gempak dan penat sangat ouhhhh

  2. semakin hebat budak2 TEKA ni..
    hahak. (mane bakol, yes dah angkat!)

  3. weyh mira...bapak beshh2...ko tak perform ker malam tuh..huahua

  4. kak yaya: rugi kak yaya tak datang malm tu
    ferdaus: pandai kan kau perli aku

  5. Yes, probably so it is

  6. sapek tak tlong????? lalala....

  7. sapek tak tlong????? lalala....

  8. battle of the choir takde?
    macam dolu dolu. :p


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