20 June 2011

Prof Madya Dr Shaiful Bahri Md. Radzi

Well yesterday was Fathers Day and I didn't really know how to wish fathers day to my dad cause I don't talk much with him.

My father is known as a strict and scary person among my friends and family. My dad is really strict but now not that strict as he used to be when I was little. I can't remember how many times I got canned when I was little. I got canned when I could read well, I got canned when I could not count fast, I got canned when I make to much noise, I got canned when I didn't look after my sister, I got canned when I raise my voice, I got canned when I don't finish my food, I got canned when I watch telly without permission, I got canned when I am disrespectful and I got canned for many reason. There were a lot of canes in my house and most of them have been split into pieces. I tried hiding the canes but one cane I hide my dad buys two other canes, if the canes are all gathered up there might be enough to even make a chair out of it.

Even though my dad canned me a lot when I was little I really thank him for that now. He structured me well till I avoid as hard as possible not to damage myself. My dad taught me reading, counting, manners and respect and if he hadn't paid attention or canned me when I was little, maybe I'll become like those others spoiled brats. Mostly I thank him for giving me education, I think if he wasn't so fussy about my education I would not even make it to University and maybe I won't even have the opportunity to further my studies at all. I own a lot to my dad and I really thank him for that.

What I miss the most about my dad is that when I was little my dad liked to take me on walks and to the park. It was really fun and I miss those days so much especially when he comes fetch me after school and buy me snacks otw home. And what I still remember till now is when after I get canned I will cry in front of the books that my dad made me to do and then I'll fall asleep, the next morning I know I'm already tucked in bed. I know that dad carried me and tucked me in bed when he found me asleep on the floor with dried tears all over. I also miss the jokes my dad used to do when I was little. There was also a habit when I was little every time before me and my sister go to bed we have to kiss my fathers hand cheeks and wish him good night. We did that every night until I no longer stay in my house every night anymore. That means that habit stopped when I entered University.

I'm 19 years old this year and soon I'll be leaving my teen world. Sometimes its sad cause the more I grow up the more that my parents see me as an adult and the more I survive on my own. My dad taught me to be independent a long long time ago and that's why I have no more quality time with my dad anymore. I love talking and sharing stories and mum is always there for me. I really appreciate that but sometimes I do really miss my dad. He is so busy now, he hardly takes us on a vacation or something. I really wish someday our whole family will go on a vacation together.

Since I can't say it to you dad better I just write it down. Happy Fathers Day and thank you for everything, Thank you for my education, Thank you for my manners, Thank you for structuring me into a person and a muslim as well. Thank you for everything dad. I owe to you a lot and I hope that someday I could make you proud.

P/s: Yesterday was fun


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