25 June 2011

Keluarga Cikgu Radzi

Such a big family right? Well introducing to you guys my family on my fathers side. The picture above was taken years ago, about 12 years ago, I think. Now our family members has increased and arwah Cikgu Radzi and his wife Hajah Huyah are no longer here. Looking back at the old photograph makes me remind me when my grandparents were still around. I was not so close with my grandparents on my fathers side but what I do remember is that atok taught me how to write jawi and liked telling stories. He also has a sense of humor even though he puts on a serious face all the time.
I kinda miss coming to Atok's house at the evening and before I even step foot in the house area I could see Atok sitting on his lazy chair at the balcony of the house. It had become a habit and then before entering the door I could see nenek at the kitchen.
There's a sorrow feelings sometimes when we look back at our old photographs. Atok and Nenek dah tak ada, the parents are still the same though but the children inside there are all grown up and yes, they are now at different places all over. Guess which one is me.
One thing about our family most of them are all educated and graduated from various Universities all over Malaysia and the world. Atok really was strict with his children's education and I know that all of his children got canned and smacked when he was teaching them. But the results were something to be grateful for.
What I like most when entering my grandparents house is that at the upstairs living room there are pictures all over the walls, pictures of my uncles and aunties graduating. Its almost like a display of successful people. Looking at it also makes me want to have my picture hung up there to. My dad is also up there and I want my picture to be besides him.

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  1. kak mira yang sblah baju hijau tu eh??heee :)


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