16 June 2011

It is currently day 2

Picture tak ada kena mengena dengan topik
The Puncakians are getting very busy day and night. Morning there are classes, activities and also work to be done. But at night it is like entering another world when the house lights are on but the people are all outside, talking, laughing, playing badminton, buying burgers and just lepaking. I find it really different this semester than the other three semesters. I think this semester is much more better than the last two semester.
Btw today is currently day 2. Day 2 of what? Keep on following maybe I'll tell you someday.

P/s: I hate the new name for our faculty, Film, Theatre and Animation, (Perkauman course betul!) ai bangkang habis2!


  1. kenapekah muke korang begitu? hahaha

  2. x boleh terima betol tgk muka cikcit mcm tu..... :p apakah..

  3. nak tak nak kena terima jugak kak.. ika lagi rupa mcam nyonya tua.. haha


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