16 May 2011

Wedding Fever

Hey there!
Its seems a while since I last wrote right? Well. since its the semester break my mood in writing is also in break. Actually I'm a bit busy at home. Got a lot of chores and things to settle out since I'm the eldest. Its more tiring at home than at college actually.
Before I start crapping, comel kan budak2  kat atas ni? Awwww.. Their sweet. Guess which one is my sister..... Done? She's the one holding the white flowers. (Pantang nampak camera budak neh)

About today's post. Since its the month of May its the season of newlyweds. My family got tons of wedding invitations last week but we didn't go since our neighbor was marrying her daughter so we helped out. My house was where the food was stored so I kept smelling food the whole two days. Sumpah chocalate cake dia sedap gila!
The day before the wedding me and my mum helped out a bit, and it was a bit exhausting since there was tons to do. Mum keeps on saying "kau tu anak dara, jangan nak menyombong sangat nanti kau kawen tak ada yang nak datang".
The whole process my mum kept babbling to me about marriage and so on.
My mum is so excited about these kind of thing till she kept the whole wardrobe upstairs stocked with Queen Ann's product. She kept saying that she's saving them for her daughter's wedding. And I will say "Kakngah kahwin dulu". Well mum thinks like that since she says that I'm to ambitious and fear that I'll end up as an 'andartu" ohhhhhhhhhhhh tidakkkkkkkkkkk... Ya Allah jauhkanlah aku dari jadi sebegitu.

Sometimes I do fear that cause I got a lot of things I wanna do and my second sis is the one who usually stays at home and well she is actually quite fit to become a housewife now.

I hate it when my mum brings these topic up. She keeps saying that I'll end up marrying a rich man cause I'm so demanding. Erghhh... Yes, I'm demanding but I'll like to demand with my own money thank you. She keeps on saying "besok kalau kau kawen mak buat lagi besar... itu besar.. ini besar..." berangan betul mak aku neh.

You guys must be wondering why on earth is this picture here. I look like a clown right? Actually
I'm not wearing make-up at all. This is all just photoshop. Haha.. I just edited it this way because my neighbor said "dah long, pergi siap, pakai make-up cantik2" and I was like "haaa??? kena ke?"

Actually I got nothing more to say. Since I don't even have a boyfriend so there's no use talking more about this topic. BTW, to those who just got married out there Selamat Pengantin Baru.


  1. Laaa edit ke nampak macam real wehh !

    Good job !

    Rindu Cikcit ^^

  2. engatkan btol2 make up =.=" huhuu..

    btw, nicee!^,^

  3. alee: sumpah edit beb, thank alee.. miss you too

    hafsah: haha.. edit je adik oii


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