31 May 2011

Beginning of Semester 3

Lamanyaaaaaaaaaaaa tak Update Blog
I've been a bit busy lately going out. I have already continued my studies back in Puncak Perdana and now I'm a semester 3 student.
The first day back at Puncak was okay even though I was not looking that forward in coming back. Well my friends back home are still in holiday and my dad just got back from Pangkor and I'm still in my holiday mood. To cheer things up my dad bought tons of chocolate but in the end I just got a bar of Toblerone. Cehh.. Cheery la sangat.

This sem most of my housemates are accounting students and most of them are my previous housemates in semester 1. Its fun to have the as housemates again and the house is really comfortable. The only problem is the water is slow and the internet connection is really bad. Slow slow and again slow. That's why I've been a bit lazy to update anything since everything is slow.

Nampak comfortable right? Seems like sleeping in a sauna here.

Tah ape motif gamba ni, tngah sem mesti dah rupa lain

Our kitchen.. HAHA

My desk, and yess, mine has the most things near it

Well I got nothing more to say. 


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  2. cikcit, sama rumah dengan sape lagi..?

  3. dengan budak2 akaun kak yaya

  4. cermin tu aku beli lah.. tngah sale kat jusco.. HAHA

  5. same lah kt. awl2 sem baju susun ikut panjang + colour. tgh2 sem baju mcm nak bwk g bundle :)) tsk

  6. wah. best gak bilik kat sane kan. nmpk luassss. ^^

  7. hayati hamzah: haha.. samalah! rasa mcm tiap2 sem nak tukar wardrobe baru

    cik azeya: tak ada luass mana tapi okay laa

  8. wah, kembar, lappy samelaa... hee

  9. serious ke sama? laaa... kembar mestilah sama kan? hehe

  10. ohh..cm ni ek puncak alam..? best2! =)

  11. puncak perdana la sayang.. puncak alam lagi besar


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