15 April 2011

Minggu KaryaOne FACT

Well, being a student of Faculty of Artistic and Creative Technology is really exhausting but it is damn fun. Well, this whole week my Faculty held an event called Minggu Karyaone. The purpose for this week is to present to people on what our faculty had done during the past year. Our Dean Prof Madya Razak Mohaiden     was the person who was in charge of this event but of course that managed this event was the students of FACT itself.
For your info, this is the first time ever that FACT has ever done this event and it was a blast. This event should be done every semester.

During the Karyaone Week we had a lot of wacana's and shows. I mostly went to the shows at night. It was great! First I watched Teater Kanak-Kanak, sampai nak pecah perot gelak, the next night was teater menora. Lagilah! Klaka gila, aku sampai sakit-sakit tekak gelak kuat-kuat.
Untuk makluman semua, I didn't just join the Karyaone week as a viewer but I also had to help to. My class was assigned to handle the Wacana on wednesday. I was actually assigned to take care of the multimedia but then there was nothing much to do so I did something else

Tolong budak-badak management B jaga sound system. Thanks to Tok Guru Abe yang tak ada dalam picture di atas yang juga mengajar saya macam mana nak uruskan sound system. I felt really happy since I learnt something new and also had a bit of experience on how the event is actually run.
While handling the audio for that event on Wednesday morning I also worked with Abe yang kesian gila tak cukup tidur time tuh, Azlina which I just new that she is older 2 years than me and also Inora Putri. Nik kat atas ni titiba datng time kitaorang tangkap gambar. Termasuklah Din. Sebenarnya ramai budak Management B yang datang menyemak kat belakang time tuh tapi memang fun coz I actually felt like working a real production.
I really envy them since they had the opportunity to learn a lot of things during the KaryaOne week, they were involved in each and every event handling backstage. Rasa seronok pulak bila dah berborak dengan Inora dengan Lyn. It seems like we do have things in common.
When the 'Malam Kemuncak' actually took place everyone was really excited because that night was when our faculty gave out awards for the students who had made a major success. It was really like in television where we see artists come up stage and get their awards. Memang sebiji cam Anugerah Berita Harian like that. Terasa macam.. emmm.. senang cerita memang gempak gila lah!
That night the hall was packed and all the important people including 28 of Malaysian local artists that came especially  to give out awards for our winners. Erra Fazira, Iqram Dinzly, Rosyam Nor, 1 Nation FC, Siti Nurhaliza.. Ehhh.. Siti xde.. HEHE.. siapa lagi? I can't remember but there were a lot of big names there especially the ones who has been in the art industry for years and really known well across the country. Aku neh sampai nak tekeluar anak tekak menjerit. Siapa nak derma aku strepsil?
We had a lot of categories:

Kategori A (Filem/Video Pendek)
Penerbitan Filem Pendek Terbaik
Pengarah Filem Pendek Terbaik
Pengurusan Penerbitan Filem Pendek Terbaik
Sinematografi Filem Pendek Terbaik
Penataan Seni Filem Pendek Terbaik
Suntingan Filem Pendek Terbaik
Pelakon Filem Pendek Terbaik
Skrip Terbaik Filem Pendek Terbaik

Kategori B (Pementasan/ Teater)
Teater Terbaik
Pengarah Teater Terbaik
Skrip Teater Terbaik
Pelakon Teater Terbaik
Sinografi Teater Terbaik
Pengurusan Teater Terbaik

Kategori C (Dokumentari)
Dokumentari Terbaik

Kategori D (Animasi Pendek)
Penerbitan Filem Animasi Pendek Terbaik

Kategori E (Video Eksperimental)
Video Eksperimantal Terbaik

Kategori F (Muzik Video)
Muzik Video Terbaik

Kategori G (Iklan dan Hebahan Khidmat Awam)
Iklan dan Hebahan Khidmat Awam Terbaik

Kategori H (Poster Produk Kreatif)
Poster Produk Kreatif Terbaik

As you guys can see.. Banyak kan kategori untuk malam tuh? Congrats to all that had won. Nak sebut satu-satu siapa yang menang tuh mmg payahlah kan so overall CONGRATS! Korang memang gila hebat!  That night was such a blast! Lebih2 blast sampai ke outer space. It was AWESOME! Sakit tekak ni masih tak hilang menjerit dan menyokong para pemenang. Tidak lupa juga kepada yang membuat persembahan pada malam tu. Memang gempak gila-gila habislah. Also the management team behind the event yang bertungkus lumus memastikan everything is going out well and also the one's who were in charge of the camera and also for the flow of the program. They all did an excellent job, macam rugi gila tak join crew untuk Minggu Karyaone neh. One more thing were the short videos that we shown just after each pencalonan diumumkan. Memang sumpah lawak gila habis. Aku memang dah tak cover-cover gelak lagi yang mana aku tak pernah cover gelak sebelum ni pun aku rasa dah tahap extreme aku gelak malam tadi.
Overall Malam Karyaone last night memang gempak! Event paling gempak aku penah pergi. Siapa yang tak pergi tu memang rugi! Rugi sangat-sangat.
I hope one day I'll go on stage and receive an award to.
I didn't take a lot of pictures coz I'm really lazy to snap pictures now. Kebanyakan muka aku menyemak dalam camera orang lain. Aku nyesal pulak pakai baju neh, ni lah rupa orang yang dah tak ada baju nak pakai. Wardrobe aku dah kosong. I need new clothes mum.

Before I forget, Thank You Vice Chanselor UiTM Dr Sahol Hamid for paying attention to us. Thank you for that RM100 million that you are giving our faculty for a new building and also for Dewan Sri Budiman. Thank you a lot. Banganya kami jadi student FACT.

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