09 April 2011

Diploma Showcase

Last night I went to the Diploma Showcase Theatre showing Datuk Harimau and Mosaic. Sumpah best gila, Experimantal yang sangat hebat ea. Memang rugi siapa yang tak pergi tengok. This is last diploma showcase that my faculty is ever doing so its really a waste if you guys don't go.

The Diploma Showcase for this semester has four shows, Hujung Dunia (Aminah Raphor), Mozek (Prof. Ches J. Skinner), 1 Plastik Hitam (Syahrul Fithri Musa) and Datuk Haimau (Umi Kalsom Ahmad). In each show shows two shows at once so if you guys want to watch all of them you have to buy two tickets.
RM15 Lower Seats
RM10 Upper Seats
* Free Sitting
Nak pergi?
Boleh hubungi saya di talian 017, ehhh.. better you guys call bos beasr terus la.
Hubungi Taufiq: 013-6804936
Make sure you guys book tickets Saturday and Sunday show viewing at these times:
Venue:  Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka Auditorium
Overall, the comments that I heard from the viewers they all said that the theatre was a blast but the most was 1 Plastik Hitam and Datuk Harimau. I've watched Datuk Harimau and it was a total blast, now I wanna go and watch 1 Plastik Hitam so I hope that I'll be seeing you guys there.

Only read this if you think you don't have anything else to do
Sorry la, tapi kadang-kadang kena ada iklan jugak kan? HAHA.. But seriously you guys should go, the show was great. I'm not saying this because I'm selling tickets okay.
Sebenarnya why I'm writing today pun cause I just wanted to tell you guys that yesterday was a bit interesting.

Firstly I was struggling to complete Cik Sya's assignments. Malam sebelum tu konon-kononlah nak siapkan dulu sampai habis sebelum tido walau lewat mana sekalipun tapi bila dah masuk kol 12 mata dah mula terkelip-kelip, otak pun macam slow semacam, mana taknya pengunaanya dah nak sampai hadnya macam maxis broadband aku neh. Asyik kena topup je eventhough tiap-tiap bulan bayar RM68, Haihh.. sakit hati aku dengan maxis broadband nih. All they do is cheat. Anyone please suggest me a new broadband please.

Okay then, back to the story, the next morning around five I tried finishing his assignments but it was still no use, I only managed to finish it up at 2pm where I was already in front of his classroom and he came at three. Lega akhirnya dapat hantar eventhough I wasn't feeling so great since I think that I didn't do such of a good job since it was last minute work and also because my freinds.. Hummmm.. Entahlah..

Then that afternoon around four I followed Mukmin (Along) to sell the theatre tickets at UiTM Induk including Dea as a volunteer. Gigih ea Dea.. Hehe..There was suppose to be an event there but when we went the event was actually today. So we went to UiTM Induk for nothing but for a waste of petroleum.

After that I followed somebody to a flower store. Guess for what? Yaa.. of course la..Including this it has been about three times since I accompanied someone to buy flowers for their ehem ehem..  Haihh.. Melihat muka kegembiraan dia membeli bunga-bunga tuh buat aku tergelak, tak habis sengih sorang-sorang pulak tuh. Then that person keeps asking me weather that person would accept it or not until I wanted to smack that persons head with those flowers. Even akak yang jual bunga tu pun sampai kata "Adik, boleh diam sekejap tak" HAHA.. I laughed really loud since my friend there was asking that akak a lot of questions.

One thing that I really wanted to do when while that akak was busy wrapping the flowers was go out of that store. Akak itu dah mula annoying since she kept talking about love and couples and feelings and menda2 haram jadah ni. Isk.. Now I feel like a looser since I don't have anybody. Erghhh... Dah la kepala aku memang tengah pening time tuh bertambah-tambah pening pasal akak bunga tuh.Isk.. setakat bunga je kot, (nak sedapkan hati je ni). HAHA

Then that night Mukmin who was going to watch the diploma showcase took me and Dea along. The show was great! I mean it.

Around 12 we headed back to Puncak, then when we finally reached Shah Alam we stopped at Shell to buy somthing since Mukmin was already drowsy. Then when we got back into the car, the car couldn't start. We were like, Ouhh Nooo.. Semua dah penat dah time tuh then kereta pulak buat hal. After around 15 minutes Mukmin checked everything and the car was still  not working.

Then we had to ask for help, while waiting help to arrive, there was an Uncle that looked at the engine and gave his views and perspectives, I just kept nodding since it was not my car so I couldn't find much to say. Kesiam Mukmin he looked so tired while me and Dea was laughing around like crazy women. Then a younger guy came but of course older than us. He checked our engine and so on until helped arrived. While Mukimin was busy with his car and the others looking at it I was busy selling tickets.

Mampu tak promote ticket teater around 2am in the morning. Rupanya the abang that helped us was actually my dad's student. What a small world, yang kelakarnya he said "kalau prof senyum tuh dah cukup untung dah". I know my dad is strict but I don't expect him to be that strict with his students since he does has his humor side at home.

When the car was all fixed we all went home. Thanks to those who helped, thank you very much. Nasib baik Pak Guard bagi masuk if not memang kena panjat pagar lah.

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