29 April 2011

Box of Letters

Box of letters?
Its a band formed by five talented boys, opps I mean guys.
Hehehe.. lupa pulak budak-budak ni dah besar.
Syahidil Aizat  the lead singer and Raje Farizal the drummer are my juniors at school.
They are damn talented and yes I loved to watch them perform. When I was in the music club at school I usually watched Aizat and his gang perform and it was great. There was one of his own songs that I really loved but I can't quiet remember the title. It touched me especially knowing the story hidden behind the song. I was like, ohhhhhhh, apesal mamat ni berbakat sangat, macam nak sepak-sepak je, I really envy him because he has a great voice and creates great songs and also has a great personality. Tapi kekadang macam hantu jugak dia ni, I still remember he liked teasing me at school, tak sedar diri punya junior buli senior. For Raje, he is the same age as my sister and I watched him perform too and he is damn talented as Aizat.  Enough of my babbling, you guys should just hear their song for yourselves.

If you wanna know more about them this is their Facebook Page and their Official Website. They have a lot of songs already and all of them are great!
Good luck guys in the future, btw I'm one of your biggest fans. Hehe... Keep up the good work! Especially to my juniors.

p/s: dah berulang-ulang aku dengar lagu diaorang neh.


  1. sedap:)

    brape umo diorng neyh?!

  2. sebaya dengan awaklah, tapi tak semua

  3. HAHA.membe kau ke..ptt la aku ade one of them pnye FB.cme xingt sape..menarik laa:)

  4. drummer tu hot!

  5. elz: junior2 telok elz

    aisyah: drummer tu sebaya adik aku doh


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