29 April 2011

Box of Letters

Box of letters?
Its a band formed by five talented boys, opps I mean guys.
Hehehe.. lupa pulak budak-budak ni dah besar.
Syahidil Aizat  the lead singer and Raje Farizal the drummer are my juniors at school.
They are damn talented and yes I loved to watch them perform. When I was in the music club at school I usually watched Aizat and his gang perform and it was great. There was one of his own songs that I really loved but I can't quiet remember the title. It touched me especially knowing the story hidden behind the song. I was like, ohhhhhhh, apesal mamat ni berbakat sangat, macam nak sepak-sepak je, I really envy him because he has a great voice and creates great songs and also has a great personality. Tapi kekadang macam hantu jugak dia ni, I still remember he liked teasing me at school, tak sedar diri punya junior buli senior. For Raje, he is the same age as my sister and I watched him perform too and he is damn talented as Aizat.  Enough of my babbling, you guys should just hear their song for yourselves.

If you wanna know more about them this is their Facebook Page and their Official Website. They have a lot of songs already and all of them are great!
Good luck guys in the future, btw I'm one of your biggest fans. Hehe... Keep up the good work! Especially to my juniors.

p/s: dah berulang-ulang aku dengar lagu diaorang neh.

27 April 2011

End of Semester 2

Believe it or not but I've already finished my semester 2 in UiTM Puncak Perdana. Feels like only yesterday I started semester 2. This semester I learnt a lot of things, a lot bout my studies and a lot about life. I experienced many things and did various kind of work. I had my ups and downs, I laughed, I cried, I quarreled and most of all I'm growing up. It was really hard especially changing things that I'm use to do. I learnt a little bit how to survive life there and I'm hoping next semester I could do much more better than this semester. To all of my friends there, you guys are the best. Sorrylah semester ni aku jadi anti-sosial.
 These are some pictures from this semster

15 April 2011

Minggu KaryaOne FACT

Well, being a student of Faculty of Artistic and Creative Technology is really exhausting but it is damn fun. Well, this whole week my Faculty held an event called Minggu Karyaone. The purpose for this week is to present to people on what our faculty had done during the past year. Our Dean Prof Madya Razak Mohaiden     was the person who was in charge of this event but of course that managed this event was the students of FACT itself.
For your info, this is the first time ever that FACT has ever done this event and it was a blast. This event should be done every semester.

09 April 2011

Diploma Showcase

Last night I went to the Diploma Showcase Theatre showing Datuk Harimau and Mosaic. Sumpah best gila, Experimantal yang sangat hebat ea. Memang rugi siapa yang tak pergi tengok. This is last diploma showcase that my faculty is ever doing so its really a waste if you guys don't go.

07 April 2011

The Battle of The Instrumentals

You guys should totally check this out
As I was browsing through youtube yesterday I was watching most of Sam Tsui videos and then I came across this.
You should watch all the videos if you want to know the whole story

These guys are damn talented
They can make music just out of anything
Don't you think so?

P/s: Kurt is cute!

03 April 2011


Yupp.. A new design. Actually I didn't plan it, somehow in a sudden I felt like my last blog looked really messy and messed up just like my head right now. So I changed it into something much simpler and neat. I hope you guys feel the same way as I do. Its not complete a 100% coz I'm still struggling with my assignments. These assignments are really killing me with my unstable mood I feel like I just wanna smack anyone or anything. Huhu.. Ganas kan?
Assignment Ayh agi baru siap separuh ni. Tension gila. Look for yourself betapa strugglenya aku buat yang terbaik

Kat bawah tu dah dekat 5 words aku bukak, buat kerja tak tentu. I'm getting dizzy already. Entah hape aku bebel ni. Inilah kerja aku tiap-tiap pagi sekarang. Siapa yang bagi mesej lepas kol 10 or even call jangan haraplah ada responce dari aku. Sorrylah, I don't have the habit to sleep late and waking up late. Dah terbiasa dari kecik, ayah dulu rotan kalau tido lambat and bangun lambat sampai tak solat subuh. Gila takut ngan ayah dulu sampai jadi macam ni. I wake up around 4am to 6am every morning. 6am to dah paling lewatlah. memang skema gila kan?
Habits are really hard to change.
Actually there's no reason for this post actually, I just felt like I wanted to write something that I want.
Well guys, doakan aku dapat siapkan segala assignments ni on time.
Thanks and Bye!