18 March 2011

Ratu & Penunggu Istana Film Promotion & Lat The Kampung Boy Musical

Hey there readers,
Assalamualaikum, well for todays post I'll like to post about something that happened about a week ago.

Well just reading the title above you guys might had already guessed what this post is about right?

What I like most about my Faculty is that we usually get free tickets to theaters and films around Malaysia and the best part is we usually are the first viewers before it is viewed for the public.

Last week I was involved in the RATU film promotion at Dewan Sri Budiman UiTM Shah Alam. I was under the programming department so me and 9 other of my classmates that were also under the same department had to help around and decorate the stage and decorate the place according to the theme.

For Penunggu Istana it was a bit easy but for Ratu.. Erghhh.. Sometimes I just hate handling these kind of things but I'll take it as an experience.

The promotion was for two days and for two days I didn't have enough sleep. When it reaches midnight I'll start being like a 'sotong' since it is way pass my bedtime. That's why since I've entered UiTM every sleeptime is precious to me.

There are a lot of pictures but I just uploaded the ones that I think have life in it.

Balik-balik kalau upload picture mesti gambar mamat2 ni kan? Macam tak ad orang lain kat dunia ni. Well, these guys are like my family here including Ika. Well ika is not in the picture because she was assigned to take care of the transportation in Puncak Alam. Mamat2 ni pun bukan sama department dgn aku pun. They were under marketing so kerja diaorg jual ticketlah.

For the film promotion overall it was ok and I gained a ot of new experiences. For the movies I just don't want to give any rating because I didn't quite ummmm... Faham2lah..

That night artist2 RATU ada datang and also our dean Prof. Razak, I didn't get overall excited about the new artists coming and did get annoyed because of something but that's life.

Lat The Kampung Boy Musical

This happened this week. Out of the blue our class got free ticket to watch the preview of Lat Kampung Boy sebuah musikal so that means we were the first ones who had ever watched it before.

I love watching theater, it gets me all excited. I didn't take a lot of pictures when I arrived at Istana Budaya because I was really eager to watch the show.

At first the show was a real blast. I loved the opening song, it was really energetic. Then the boy that played Lat during his childhood was great, I loved his energy. I'm not a big fan of Lat The Kampung Boy so I don't know much about it but what I know is I really loved the teacher

"Do what you love, Love what you do"

Yes, I loved that song, then Awie played the role of Lat when he was an adult. This was the longest theater i had ever watched, it was midnight when the show finally ended. Overall the show was a blast at the beginning but at the end it was okay. The only problem is that the show was to long till we got tired to know the ending.

That's all


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