06 March 2011

Meeting up with our old untamed buddies

Salam beloved readers!

Guess what, guess what, guess where I went last Friday? I went to visit our old buddies, Mr Monkey, Mr Elephant, Mr Hypo and lots more! Where? Zoo Negara of course!

Kanak-kanak? Hello, the zoo is not for kanak-kanak only okay, adults should go there too because most of our adults now don't even know what types of animals we have in this world.

You guys must be wondering why on earth would we go to the zoo right? Well, we went under a subject so we still had to put our minds straight but we still had fun. I think...

For me I was really excited to go to the zoo cause tak pernah lagi masuk zoo negara ni. Kesian kan? Kan? When I got my chance I was jumping up and down. Beruk pun kalah agaknya.

When we arrived it was such a shinny day but just after we bought our tickets it started raining. Ohhh rahmat kan? It rained about 10 minutes then started our journey into the zoo. The class split into a few groups, I walked with Ika, Mieyo, Mukmin and Istafar.  Nazli somehow disappeared with Fizie.

We had our fun by walking around visiting the animals. The zoo is so big and most of us were really exhausted at the end.

We went to see our old friends
Ika = Mr Hyppo
Mieyo= Mr Tapir
Mukmin= Mr Seladang
Istafar= Mr Giraffe

Its just a joke la, I was the most excited one when we saw the species of monkeys. They are so cute!

Cute I say! Cute! Cute! Cute!

And not forgetting Mr Elephant. The elephants name is Sinbul, I think..One of the workers there said that was his name and mieyo called the other one Siti.

Gajah! Gajah! Ada orang kirim salam.

We also met two Japanese. A pair of husband and wife. They said they are staying in Malaysia for two weeks because in Japan it is a public holiday. It was a bit difficult communicating with them since they can't talk English much.

We walked and walked and then they all got tired. But I was still eager to walk around because we still haven't finished looking around. I started making noise so they all could get up and start walking gain but only after 15 minutes did they only get up and walked again but Ika left behind because she said she was tired and the zoo was boring.

So then left me and these three boys for the rest of the journey. As usual I was in front of the line while they were all walking at the back watching me jumping up and down looking at the animals. I felt like I was walking with my older brothers since they just followed me. Then at 2 pm we headed back to the gates. All of my classmates were already waiting inside the bus.

Ika and Nazli asked us what took us so long, the boys said  melayan kerenah budak kecik ni. Hey, kurang ajar korang kan? But somehow I did feel guilty because I was really hyper to go to every place. When the bus headed home everyone fell asleep sebab terlampau penat termasuk tuan yang menulis ni.

BTW thak you Ika, Mieyo, Mukmin and Istafar for keeping me company. Without you guys I might had not enjoyed this trip at all. With you guys around, that was where the fun came. Thanks a lot guys!

Thats all

P/s: The zoo ticket is RM20 now and there is no discounts for students to. Mahal kan?


  1. amira nakpe tak cakap..
    aku nak ikut... :(
    aku tak pernah pergi kot zoo negara... huhu

  2. Hahaha...so maksudnya kita senasib la selama ni? Haiyooo... rugi aku tak buat pengumuman siapa nak pegi zoo.. Takpelah, next time kita pergi sama2 eh

  3. amboi kak long jalan sakan ye, tak tau pulak yang awak tak pernah ke zoo negara.

  4. Haha.. Saya da besar baru dapat berjalan la maklang.. tu yang batak sikit tu..


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