26 February 2011

A Night of Sorceress and Witches

Hey there readers, you must be wondering why I am dressed up like that right? Well on the 22nd Feb this year there was a dinner held by the Part 2 Management students from UiTM Puncak Perdana Faculti Teknologi Kreatif dan Artistik, senang cerita kitaorg la tuh.

Why did we held that dinner?
Well, it was under our subject and it carried marks. It was not easy for 52 heads to carry out an event. You know what people say when to much heads are involved right? And this was our first event ever that we handled by our own so of course we had a lot of problems because lack of experience.

We were assigned to do this dinner about a month ago and it was a really hard. Many things happened during the way and it was really stressful. At first everyone was excited about the dinner because it was a themed dinner and all the art management students were going to sit down together. The first task was selecting a theme. For our batch we were separated into two groups that is Management A and Management B. This is because our batch had the most students ever for an intake.

For Management A (that is my class), our main idea was to make a dinner based on Harry Potter characters and feel like we were in Hogworts. We added Harry Potter's prom night so that our guest would not have difficulty in finding a costume. Plus most of us were fanatic of Harry Potter especially me so we were really thrilled. For Management B on the other hand they wanted to do a jersey party where is was more casual and play games more to football, yet another great idea. But in the end Pn. Hartini our Lecturer decided to choose Managements A idea but she told us to change the name to a more general name so then it became A Night of Sorceress and Witches.

After that we started dividing our duties and I was assigned to take care of the financial. Seriously it was a hard job since I worked alone in my department. Thak you to Nik from management B that helped me a lot selling the tickets, but actually that was not my job at the first place. The management was a mess, some didn't do anything but talked a lot. I was getting concerned when we were using a lot of money already but the tickets ain't selling so that's why I had to also help and sell the tickets.

Getting sooner to the event, everyone was really getting stressful and fight did occur. First thing I want to say is that I HATE UNPROFESSIONAL PEOPLE WITH BAD MOUTHS! and I ALSO HATE PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW HOW TO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TIME TO JOKE AND TIME TO GET SERIOUS! and plus I HATE PEOPLE THAT THINK A LEADER MUST BE RESPECTED JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE IN A MUCH MORE HIGHER POSITION. To make it clear, respect is supposed to be earned, get it?

To be honest I did get into a fight, yes I did. Now I just feel stupid for fighting with an unmatured guy, yes, it is a he, HE made me loose my temper. I had been holding my anger from him for quite a while since he said improper words to me in a meeting. Since then I just talked to him about work and still he don't get that I was angry with him and he still says improper things and thinks that its a joke. Things like this is not a joke when most of the batch is unsatisfied with you and your mouth. You want us to respect you but do you respect us? BODOH, BANGANG, LEMBAP, PEKAK is not proper words to use at a person in a meeting, it just shows how unprofessional you are. You should know that not only me is unsatisfied with you but almost the rest of our batch, they might be smiling and talking to you as usual but get a clue la bro, how many of us now what's to hang around with you anymore?

Sorry but I got a bit carried away, back to the dinner, the day finally came and we were all busy setting up the place. Time seemed to move so quickly that I didn't notice that it was already dark, I was so busy helping out that I myself didn't have time to get ready. I manged to take a shower and then I went back to the event. I thought I was going to put make-up there but Nazli kept shouting for me to hurry up. As expected my friends were laughing seeing me putting on a dress and most of my batch couldn't recognize me, they told me I looked really different tonight.

I didn't enjoy much of the dinner that night because I was really concerned, the food was great, credit to Ika but there were also problems during the dinner but the flow went well and I don't think that we had caused any trouble to our guest. At the end, the dinner turned out to be fun but it was really tiring. We had to clear out the place that night and credit to mukmin, mieyo, nazli, zainor, bi, farah, din, roy and others that stayed until 2am doing work and putting those heavy things back in place. To those who had been back to their homes before that you should be ashamed of yourself. Everyone is tired and those who had been staying back didn't even eat the whole day.

I didn't manage to take pictures and most of the pictures are from my friends so here are a few

Thanks a lot to the Rapsodi Manira
We love you guys a lot, thanks for supporting us and becoming great seniors, our dinner might had not taken place if it was not for you. Thanks for your guidance and knowledge, thanks for everything. Mostly thank you for attending our dinner in your best costumes. You guys rock!

Not forgetting to Management Part 2:
Great job you guys, the dinner turned out okay for our first event, lets hope next time we could do better with these experience we gained. I know everyone had worked hard for this event and a big clap for all of you. Managemnt B, it was great working with you guys, I hope Management A and B will become more closer after this. We did bond a bit after this event right? That's all I have to say. Once again great job guys, you are the best!


  1. woah lawa baju.
    bab gado tu, memang rase nak lesing je mamat x pro tuuuu. huhu..

  2. haha... jom la kita lesing berjemaah kak :)


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