15 January 2011

Life as a TEKA student

Waaa.. its been a while since my last post. Well life in here is so busy. Even I haven't got time to play around as usual. Budak2 kat puncak pun da tak selalu nampak aku merayau2 lagi kan? Hehe.. Aku menyembunyikan diri kat dalam rumah dan menjadi kurang social. HAHA.. Actually rumah aku tingkat 5. seksa kot nak naik turun. Aku syg lemak2 aku, nanti confirm turun berat badan macam housmate aku Ika Ramlee.

Classes for now is ok. Assignment mmg dah melambak. Even I don't know when I'm going to finish it all. The class of CT114A & B are finally working together. If not kitaorang boleh diklasifikasikan sebagai management utara dan management selatan. Nampak sangat jurang antara kami walaupun patutnya kitaorang satu kelas. I hope after this dinner event were hosting for the management course we will be able to get along between the two classes and get to know both classes more. Anyway good luck team management.


Actually ada ramai lagi yang join, tapi picture semua orang ad seseorang tuh masih tak bagi2 kat aku.

So where were we that time? Give it a guess.. Well, this was the first week our lecture started and we still had a lot of things to buy so we all went shopping.

That day was fun but it was exhausting.


The picture on the left is me with Ika and Aisyah. Cantik kan diaorang pakai tudung? Heee.. 
While the picture on the left is me and Eyqa Qhushairy. They say that she is my twin and we really look alike? Do we? HAHA..

Well, that's all for now. I'll post more next time. Wait for my post about the management dinner event.

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