04 January 2011

Back to Puncak Semester 2

Hello readers. I'm back to UiTM Puncak Perdana already. It  has been about three days already I've been here.
First day back was great, everyone was like 'aaaa..rindu kat kau weyh' and then start hugging. HAHA..
Well thats normal right? This semester my house mates are Aisyah Tarmizi , Ika Ramlee , Aimy Nadia Ghafar , and a few other seniors. I'll write about about them next time.

The first day of lecture was ok la. My god everyone has changed so much. Mostly new styles for everyone. My classmates especially. New clothes, new shoes, new bags, new hair, new spectacles, new wallet, new yoyo, and new girlfriends.

These are my classmates. I'll write a post about them to next time. I didn't take a lot of pictures but I'll put as much more pictures in the next post. Anyway it is great to be back here. 

p/s: Kepada budak puncak sila teka siapakah pemilik beg dan spanar dalam gambar dibawah.

aku pun xtau motif dia bawak spanar ni

Thats all for this post, I'll write more in the next post. Bye


  1. haha mgarut betull.ada spanar dlm bag.

    unnon lagi...


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