23 December 2010


I spent about hours in front of the computer just trying to upload a video I made.
The first time it was fully uploaded then I somehow clicked on something and my whole post is gone including my latest post.
As you cam see I customized my blog again. Well, I'm just addicted to these HTML codes. I got a few tricks when myspace was still alive. I just want my blog to look neat and unique, that why I'm still not satisfied how my blog looks right now.
I know I'm a newcomer here and its just been about 2 months since I started blogging. I went a few walks through other peoples blog and found some of them quite interesting.
I'm still figuring out how some make their banners look so like a storyboard and.. urghh.. I cant even explain it. They make themselves like some kind of a character in a movie. Well I'm still learning what does blogs actually do and I can see that it has become a great impact to some people.
Now I found out why do some people get really addicted to blogging. Its like your own version of newspaper that you share with the world. Its really satisfying when we can finally spill out what we cant actually say by mouth.
Actually I didn't intend to write this post. Its just that the video I'm trying to upload won't load and its been bout weeks since my last post. I'll try and get that video uploaded and that video really means something to me cause I created it sincerely.
I cant wait to share it with you guys. Just hope that it will upload tomorrow and you guys will enjoy it.

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