19 June 2018


I've always loved Mentholatum lip balms and until now it's still my favourite choice. Mentholatum is surely a brand my family and I trust since I can't remember. LOL... Well, early this year Mentholatum launched a new edition to their lip balms which are lip crayons. I was surprised when Mentholatum sent me this as I thought they now produce lipsticks. These lip crayons were sent to the office when I was on my maternity leave and I only got to use it starting from the middle of this year. When I first tried it on, I was surprised! Read on to know why.

11 June 2018


Remember back I posted a post: AN EVENING WITH THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA IS COMING TO MALAYSIA!? Well, I received a pair of tickets to see the show but I couldn't make it, so I had one of my lucky readers/blogger friends to see the musical. Of course, I chose someone who would be crazy and screaming for it, no other than my fellow ex-colleague, The Thinkerbell Anis! Since she had an amazing night, I'm a bit jealous that I couldn't come join in the fun so I bullied her to do a post so I could know if the show was as amazing as it sounded. So if you're a Phantom of The Opera fan as well, let's here what Anis has to say. Keep on reading to know...

10 June 2018


Recently I was invited by The Body Shop Malaysia to the launch of their newest fragrance, the Black Musk Night Bloom. I've been a fan of the Body Shop since school but mostly because of their skincare products. Fragrances are new to me even though I know they have had different ranges since forever but I wasn't really keen to try since I'm not the type that like fragrances. Why? I easily get headaches with scents, especially strong ones. That's why I don't tend to randomly scent fragrances and a good thing my husband is really picky with his perfumes as well. Surprisingly he reacted differently to the Black Musk Night Bloom fragrance. Even before I managed to open it, he took it from my hands first and sprayed it which his first reaction to it was not what I expected. Keep reading to know why.

08 June 2018


It's a personal post today. Have been wanting to write this since my birthday which was 1'st May but May was a very busy month. On May also I've been learning how to take care of my own family and also the arrival of Ramadan with a child. So May has mostly been a learning month for me and also the first we actually had a lot of quality family time together as 3. Just before May arrived, my husband surprised us with our own family trip, (well it wasn't actually a surprise since I bought it up) but unexpectedly he said 'Yes, let's go' so it's considered a surprise to me. HAHA... And our destination was Melaka! Always Melaka for us, don't know why but Melaka seems to always be our holiday choice. Most of the hotel's in Melaka we've already stayed in, but of course, it was our first time with Maliq. Since it was his first trip we were kinda nervous and turned out exactly how we expected. Keep on reading to know how it went.

28 May 2018


Recently I was invited to one of my first parenting event celebrating mothers day and until now sometimes I can't believe I'm a mother. I used to be crazy all about Beauty and now I'm getting addicted to baby stuff. One of the first brands that I seemed attached to is definitely Pigeon, and having a day out with the brand was a pleasure! Held at BE Urban Wellness, we were pampered with the ultimate indulgence of soothing therapies and at the same time discover some Pigeon products. Read on to know what products they had waiting for us.

25 May 2018


I've been wanting to write this for so long but only now. I plan to write down as many parenting experiences as I can for my future reference and at the same time share with others who may want to know as well. Today's post is about Doona, a quite famous stroller that I bet most mothers and also fathers may know about. The speciality about the Doona stroller is that it's 2 in 1! It's a stroller and also a car seat which makes it the ultimate stroller in the market. I've been using the Doona stroller for almost 6 months already, so if you're reading this to know if the stroller is worth the investment, well this post is for you. Keep on reading to read my thought on it.