20 May 2019


I bet you've heard of A'Bloom already. It's Althea Korea's newest launch and I'm a few of the lucky ones to have try it out before it launched. It's already launched in the market now, so don't worry. ;) If you've been following me on Instagram, you've seen me share about their newest launches a couple of times, so today's post is mostly a recap and overall summary on how I feel about their newest line. If you have no idea what Althea just launched, well keep on reading, you're not going to regret with its cuteness!

07 May 2019


If your following me on Instagram, remember that I shouted out about a beauty brand giving away RM100 worth of goodies for my followers if you come to meet me at their event? Well, it's one of the well-known brands here in Malaysia which is Elianto. It was just a mini event, where they wanted me to celebrate their membership day with my followers as well. Their membership day was actually one whole month of April but you'll still have a chance to register for FREE if you keep on reading. Make sure to read on to know more about this programme!

26 April 2019


Hey peeps, assalamualaikum.
Dah lama sebenarnya teringin nak tulis topik ni lagi-lagi sejak I mula share pasal snippets apa I buat dekat rumah di IG Stories. So ramai yang tanya pasal rutin harian I dekat Instagram especially tips macam mana nak bangun awal. LOL... At first, I ingatkan, kebanyakkan housewife memang akan bangun awal sebab my mum and my mother-in-law pun macam tu. Even my grandmother and my aunts as well. Mungkin sebab style orang dulu-dulu kot, especially yang berasal daripada kampung. For me, bangun pagi was trained dari I kecil lagi but bila masuk Uni, first year I macam culture shock so tengok orang lain sedap tidur I pun sambung tidur. Hehe... But afterwards I changed back my routine cause somehow I felt like I wasn't productive enough, mula-mula nak start balik memang susah. But I managed to do it, and this is how.

16 April 2019


Hey peeps, so over the years of blogging, I kinda found a pattern on how my readers interact. Way before Instagram controlled us, my blogging days were to say something I turn to every day, and I bet most of you were still addicted to reading your favorite bloggers content. But now, we could see an obvious change in this industry where we prefer to look for the more simpler option and Instagram provides that. I also noticed that nowadays, not everyone prefer to read long sentences especially for captions on Instagram. I also noticed, that after that turnover, my blog started to decrease in pageviews statistics a whole lot which started me to question what happened. Then after a few years of denial, I finally came to my senses that I'll need to make a change. So here's my turnover so keep reading.

15 April 2019


Hey alls, post ni santai je, nak share pengalaman lepas bersalin, sebab rasa setiap orang pengalaman lain-lain. Macam I lepas bersalin normal, complication tak ada, Alhamdulillah. Masa berpantang darah nifas keluar tapi tak banyak sangat. Seminggu pertama banyak tapi bila dah masuk minggu kedua dia dah mula sikit, dan minggu ketiga dah mula kering tapi masih ada lagi keluar tompok-tompok. I ada baca dulu kalau darah nifas tak keluar habis maksudnya rahim kita tak sihat. Haha... tak tahulah, tapi masa I lalui nifas dulu tak ada rasa sakit apa-apa pun, sengugut pun tak ada. Lepas nifas keluar, I lama tak keluar period sampailah setahun, puncanya sebab breastfeed. Tapi dalam setahun tu ada beberapa kali dia macam acah-acah keluar. Haha... Teruskan baca kalau nak tahu.

05 April 2019


Hey peeps,  Ramadan is next month so you'll know we could already smell the scent of our new dress in the morning of Syawal. Haha... I usually like to find mine last minute since I prefer ready-made dresses instead of sending them to a tailor. Ready-made dresses usually follow the latest trends and they are much prettier and affordable. To be honest, I haven't bought a new Raya dress since 2 years ago, because I didn't much feel like dressing up with Maliq still small, I wasn't really comfortable with myself. Anyhow, this year, I kinda feel like me again and feel like dressing up glamorous like I usually do on first of Syawal but the problem is, I gained weight after I got pregnant and now I'm a little chubbier than before. Wuuuuu... That troubles me because it's not easy to find a ready-made baju kurung for a larger size but then I came to know about Adryssa Atelier X Serina Redzuan. Keep reading on to know.

31 March 2019


I'm sorry I haven't been updating much on life, I miss writing too but I couldn't find time to sit down and put it all down in words. If you've been following me on Instagram, you'll know that I've been very hectic these past few months. The big news is we've moved! We moved to a more rural area so we could cut cost on rent. It may sound like we're downgrading our life but actually, it's more to upgrading. We managed to rent a bigger home for a lower rent because we're renting with our family, my father in law to be exact. He had this unfinished home that was abandoned like over a decade ago, so my husband who works nearby that area asked his father if he could rent the home. He planned it over almost a year already though but only on February did we manage to move in.