20 February 2019


I've been dependent on strollers ever since the first day I bought my son out after my confinement. Probably that's why I own a few strollers now as I use strollers according to it's best functions but the strollers that are always in my car trunk are from Beblum. LOL... No kidding, I do carry around 2 strollers and my husband doesn't seem to mind as well. Usually, he'll start making a fuss that his car trunk is full bla bla bla... but he seems fine with it for this. Our main stroller that is a must in the trunk is the Beblum Navi, we use this most of the time, especially when we go to malls as its features are just very helpful. Most probably because of it's reclinable seating, Maliq could sleep longer in there. The other stroller we recently just had is Beblum Micro, which is a compact cabin-sized stroller perfect for travel and sudden need. Why do we carry this stroller around to? Read on to know more deets.

17 February 2019


Hey alls, it's been a while, I've been really active on Instagram lately if you missed me here. There's a lot of makeup videos too so do follow me on @miracikcit. Last week, I shared a post on Sarr’e By Sari Lipmatte a new local brand making its way in the market and it's just stunning. Keep on reading to know more about this product.

30 January 2019


My obsession with V-Shape products still isn't over, I think I've tried plenty enough but it's not easy to achieve it unless you shed a bit of weight. LOL... So still not giving up, this time I tried ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack to help me achieve that V-Shape I so longed for thanks to The Butterfly Project. It's one of the newest product from ID.AZ that is now offered in Malaysia. I've used it for about 2 weeks now, keep on reading to know the results.

25 January 2019


Followers on Instagram may already know that I bought a new phone recently after my beloved S7 Edge died, it served me for 3 years already even though with a broken screen. Since I don't want the same history repeating itself, I made sure I had my newly bought S9 covered with maximum protection. LOL... I don't think I could afford another heartache with high-end devices, especially when I'm paying it monthly. With my baby growing up and has the habit of throwing things around, I couldn't take the risk by buying a normal case. If the screen cracks like my S7 Edge, I'll be miserable as ever, I'll know it. So as soon as I bought the phone, I googled the best cases that could withstand drops and harsh falls that the market could offer. I even asked around and this is where I found out about Lifeproof.

24 January 2019


Everyone does laundry, I know but now since I've become wife and mum, I'm in charge of doing laundry for the whole family. Even though there's only 3 of us but I do laundry almost every day when I'm at home but it's worst when we come back from traveling or short trips. I usually take the whole week to clear up laundry since we own such a small drying space at home, I can't wash everything in a go. My husband doesn't really like to go to the dobbies unless we have big blankets to wash. But honestly, it's tiring especially when I see a big pile of laundry waiting to be washed so one of the solutions to that is to wash clothes even on our trips but as I said earlier, my husband doesn't fancy doing laundry in public dobbies. So recently I discovered a manual washing machine that's almost pocket size. Seriously I'm not bluffing, continue to read to know how this is possible.

14 January 2019


Hey peeps, my first review for this year I suppose. If you've been following me you'll know I've been using the Nion Beauty Opus Daily for a while now since the end of last year so I thought it's time for a blogpost to see if it really works. If you're not sure what it is, it's a cleansing device for the face. These kinds of devices have become popular now as it helps boost the daily skincare routine. Read on to know what I mean.

08 January 2019


all, it's been a week after the start of a new year. I bet everyone feels refreshed and recharged with full of new resolutions and hopes. I feel the same way too but it's been a hectic start. We haven't been able to stay at home since our parents birthday was early this week.  
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