Amira Shaiful a.k.a Mira Cikcit

Assalamualaikum and Hellooo blog readers!
So who is here for the first time? Raise your eyebrows!!
Soooooo... do you like what you see so far?

 Welcome to Scribbledydum.
A place where I scribble everything down.
So there's
Bitter, Spice and lil bit of Sugar

I trigger drama (such a drama queen).

Curious about me?
Well there's nothing to be.
I'm just a typical Malay girl.

My name is, well my full name is a bit long,
but people know me as Amira Shaiful
a.k.a Mira Cikcit.

Lulzz..  Try guessing what that means.

Forget that, there are some things you should know first.

10 Things You Should Know About Me and My Blog

1. Scribbledydum was established at the end of 2011 I think and it was just like a diary back then, I spent writing mostly about me and my babbly me.
 (So those older post which was merapu-rapu are just waiting to be deleted)

2. I finally called by myself a blogger when I joined Nuffnang a year after that.
Which gave me so much! (I'll write a post about Nuffnang since many have asked)
Suddenly I become passionate for blogging.

3. My blog is like 97% in English
(Aah, omputeh sangat)

4.Why Scribbledydum? (Payah no nak menyebutnya)
(Hermione like voice) It's pronounced as Scribble-dy-dum not Scribble-di-dung
It a combination of Scribble + dydum which dydum is like Alice in Wonderland's Twiddledy and Twiddledum. LOL I just combined it together cause it sounds good.

5. My blog now is now a variety of events, reviews and a lil bit bout me of course. I try my best to make sure that my style of writing gets better along the way and also my posts. 
I also make sure I use only proper languange and writings, unless I'm joking around. 
(Awak tak payah isaulah, itew punyer bahace cemua owang ley paham. hihi.... DUSHHHH!)

6. I have two different sides of me. You may see me all pretty with makeup or slobish kind of look with huge spectacles on. So don't be so surprised yaaaa. (Mcm Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde) HAHAHA

7. A Harry Potter Fan! J.K Rowling forever!! So my biggest dream of all is to be able to write a story which people will remember. Don't know if I could make it, but that was and is still my biggest dream eva!

8. You might say I'm the "SOMBONG" type, but seriously I am NOT! (Nak tegakkan juga tu).
ROTF, I is what people say, possess that type of face. HAHA... Just get to know me first, I'm actually a shy shy person okayssss. (Ok, siapa dah kenal mesti dah gelak besar, shhh Diam!)

9. I'm a Beauty Junkie! I used to not care much until I'ved joined The Butterfly Project. Since then I've became a true girl! HAHA... Well I became more girlish, that's for sure. I'm still working this and I'm aiming to become a true Beauty Blogger by the end of this year. Wish me luck babes!

10. I don't write about gossips, celebrities, politics, and the country's affairs. Why? Because this is a Beauty and Lifstyle blog and I'm sticking to it. If your looking for something like that, I'm sorry but you have reached the wrong blog deary.

eh japppp... ada one more

Please Excuse My Typo.
LOL ( I tend to write slower rather than my brain functions, and damn this auto correct as well)

Hope you guys are excited to discover Scribbledydum!
Thank you for taking a bit of your time to drop by here.

To contact me you guys could either tweet to me at @miracikcit
 or just send me an email at

Till then people.