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Hello There! 
I'm Amira Shaiful a.k.a Mira Cikcit and I welcome you to Scribbledydum.

If your here at this page, you must have seen something interesting in Scribbledydum.
Take note that this is a Beauty & Lifestyle Blog.
I write in proper English and a little bit of Bahasa.

Since I have experienced could say pretty much Advertorials/Sponsered Post/ Invitations and etc I would like to make it clearer here before being contacted.
So below I would like to list down my Terms and Conditions.

I accept PAID OR either PRODUCTS for reviews.
(Products, I prefer it to be posted to me)

Blogposts for  reviews will be posted as early within 2 weeks from the date I recieved the product.
The longest I will take is within 1 month from the date I recieved the product.

* Request to publish on a specific date are for PAID reviews ONLY
* Request to publish within 2 weeks are for PAID reviews ONLY
* Request for additional promoting are for PAID reviews ONLY
* Priority will be given to PAID reviews ONLY

For UNPAID reviews/posts
* UNPAID product reviews will be published on que
* First come, first served basis
* No extra promotion on my other social medias unless I want too.
* Request to publish early/specific date would not be entertained

For SKINCARE reviews/posts
I will not be the one who will test out your product unless I want to.
I will propose another person to try out the product and I will keep updated with She/He.
I will then do a review behalf of them displaying their before and after photo and their thoughts and opinions of the product.

* I will take more than ONE MONTH for SKINCARE reviews.
* ONE MONTH for testimonial, and within the next upcoming month to publish the review.
* I will use my own photo's for the BEFORE & AFTER without any makeup on.

If SKINCARE review is to be posted WITHIN ONE MONTH :-
~ It will be an advertisement
~ 'NOT A REVIEW' will be stated in the post
~ Only product details will be stated. Exp: Price, Usage, Avaibility, Purpose & etc
~ No personal opinions will be inculded. Exp: "This product is good/awesome/amazing"

For EVENT Invitations
I will accept mostly around Klang Valley
Shah Alam/ Petaling Jaya/ Damansara
If in KL I will accept based on location and time.

So if you have a certain jobs/campaigns that you think suits me perfectly

Please do contact me at

Can't wait to hear from you!
Thank you so much for dropping by.
Lots of Love

P/s: I might sound like I demand much, but try working with me. You will never know until you do. :)

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