31 May 2015

Review: Real Cosmetics Malaysia, The New Age Foundation by Raja Ema

Name: Real Cosmetics The New Age Foundation
Price: RM59.90 EM RM69.00 WM

White foundation 
Contains pigmented capsules 
Changes to skin colour  
Act as a make-up and skin care product
Maintain , beautify and protect 
Suitable for all skin colour 
Moisturises within 24 hours 
Anti bacterial & Anti -Oxidant
High SPF

Availability: The New Age Foundation Dealers

More Info:
Facebook: Real Cosmetics
Instagram: @rajaema

Good Morning Beauties!
So remember my previous post I showed a video of me using The New Age Foundation by Raja Ema to create my May look?
If you missed, check it out here.

Malaysia's 90's sweetheart singer and actress Raja Ema has just launched another product of hers a few months back. Before this Raja Ema has a line of Sleepwear of her creation which she calls Raja Ema Sleepwear Collection. She has been actively selling through instagram and also other platforms such as OMG Fest.

Despite her being busy with her acting career in dramas, she managed to launch another product this year which is The New Age Foundation by Real Cosmetics. She is even planning to launch another two of her products by Raya this year. What product? I even don't know, just wait for her surprise.

Raja Ema sure shows a role model figure to Malaysian women out there that sources of income are everywhere as long as your passionate and hardworking enough to gain what you want.

Talking about her products then, The New Age Foundation comes in a really cute size see-thru jar which makes the product have a touch of elegance to it. It also has a protective cover placed, so you would not have to worry about a messy lid after several usages.

What is unique about the New Age Foundation is that its originally a white foundation. This is my first time owning a white foundation, made me think of it more as a CC Cream. The foundation contains pigmented capsules which will break once rubbed to create a colour according to your skin type. Thus, once blended, your skin will manage to create a nice glowing look that matches your original skin colour. So you would not have to worry about your shade cause this foundation is for all skin types no matter what colour you are. No more problems with buying the wrong shade anymore.

So I have tried it out a couple of times and fascinated with the results. Above is the results of me wearing The New Age Foundation only without any makeup. As you can see, this foundation gives medium coverage which manages to cover my pores but not my imperfections. So you might have to apply some concealer as well. But for me I'm pretty much satisfied with the results with applying the foundation by itself.

And the product goes completely well with makeup. You could see that my face is glowing with this foundation. It creates a nice soft flawless look either your wearing simple or heavy makeup. 
Overall I love how this foundation works, I won't have to worry if I get a little bit darker or a little fairer cause I could use this product all year long.
The texture is also non sticky and very light, but it will be much easier if it comes in a tube cause opeing the foundation on a rush is such a hassle. Besides that, this foundation is just perfect for daily wear. It could last all day long even under the hot sun.

So a big round of applause to Raja Ema for creating a really great quality local product. Us Malaysians should also support our local brands right? 

What do you think?
Till then peeps!

30 May 2015

My May Beauty Look Teaser

Good Morning Beauties!
I'm back with another Beauty Look.
This May I have been blessed with so many beauty products given to me for review purposes. So as usual I'll combine some of the products I have received to create a look. Since I'm out of words for my title, I just wrote down what I had in mind. I got stuck pretty much just thinking of a title. Maybe you guys could suggest me a title after you have seen my final look.

So here are the products that I'll be reviewing soon and what you will see in my video.
The New Age Foundation from Real Cosmetics
Face Luxe Brush from Breena Beauty
Long Lasting Eye Shadow Sticks from Elianto
Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow from Clio
The New Rebel Bouquet Lipsticks from Maybelline Malaysia added with a bouquet of flowers. <3

So shall we get to the teaser, its just a short video peeps. Hope you like it.


Any ideas then what to call this look? I wanna change my title. It would be nice if my readers could name the look for me.

Anyways, thank you guys so much for watching, I really appreciate it. I had a fun time doing what I love without any pressure. I hope more would come in the future and thank you so much for the support you guys have given to Scribbledydum all this while. I am hoping to become better in what I do, Insyallah.

So if any of you have suggestions or ideas on what I should do and what I should improvise in the future, please let me know.

Till then peeps
Have a great holiday!

29 May 2015

The Best Foods in Kelantan You Could Find at Hotel Perdana Kota Bharu

Good Morning Peeps!
I'm back with another story about my trip to Kelantan. If you missed the previous blogposts here are the links below:

So my third post will be about the food here in Kelantan, well the food in Hotel Perdana Kota Bharu actually. On the previous post, I showed you Hotel Perdana's selection of rooms, so today I would be sharing about their food. Does their food have the same standard as their rooms? Keep on reading then if your curious.

The thing about Kelantaneese foods is that they are mostly sweet. Even their spicy foods could taste sweet. The three days here I was in Kelantan sure made me experiment with my tastebuds because most of the Kelantaneese food I have tried was my first time.

Enough talk then and let me take you on a journey to explore Kelantan's best dishes where you can already get most of them in Hotel Perdana Kota Bharu. So here are the list of some of the places you could eat in Hotel Perdana.

1. Cerana Coffee House
An all-day dining restaurant serving western and local favourites.

When we first arrived at Hotel Perdana, we were directly taken for breakfast here. Located at the end of the new wing of the hotel, Cerana Coffee House instantly makes you feel dining in luxury.

For the first day, highlighted on the menu was Nasi Dagang. Since Nasi Dagang was already familiar  to me, I wanted to try something else first but then Onie said, 'Mira cuba la Nasi Dagang dulu, rugi tau tak cuba'. So okay then, I tried the Nasi Dagang first, what happened next was out of my control. I could not stop eating.

I'm not bluffing, the Nasi Dagang was amazing! I almost went into tears. The taste was very unique and much more preferable than the ones that I usually get in KL. Since that day, I couldn't eat Nasi Dagang anywhere else again. I think I've been hypnotised with the awesomeness of its taste. LOL (Okay, I'm over reacting)

Nasi Kerabu
The next morning they served Nasi Kerabu on the menu. Nasi Kerabu is one of my favourite dishes actually, so I was really eager to try it out. The first thing that went into my mind was that the rice is so blue and there were so many side dishes.
Since my stomach wasn't feeling so good that morning, I though of trying just for the sake to taste it but then it didn't really turn out the way I wanted too.
I got up and took another plate of Nasi Kerabu. I'm being honest here, the Nasi Kerabu was the best I have ever tasted. It seems that I finally had a taste of one of the worlds greatest pleasures. Even while writing up this post, I keep on remembering how tasty the Nasi Kerabu was. 

Nasi Tumpang
Nasi Tumpang is very new to me, they say that this dish was once the King's dish. It tastes almost like Nasi Impit but slightly softer.

Overall I found that Cerana Coffee House is a really nice place to dine in, especially when having breakfast by the pool here. Not everyone and everyday could do something like this right?
The thing that impressed me the most is the effort of Cerana Coffee House serving more local dishes than western dishes. Most hotels are impressive because of their Western delights, but here the Local dishes are more outstanding. A thumbs up for that because this is a really great move to promote our local dishes to tourists. Plus, the food here is just awesome, we could taste that it was made by heart.

2. Eleven/ Yeolhana Restaurant
The only rooftop restaurant in town with a spectacular view of Kota Bharu.

The Eleven Restaurant is located at the eleventh floor of Hotel Perdana. And we had a chance to try out their food for lunch and also for dinner while enjoying a breathtaking view of Kota Bharu.

Malaysian Cuisines
Demo preparing Laksam
For lunch on our first day here, Hotel Perdana prepared something special for us. They showed us a demo on how prepare 'Laksam'. One of Kelantan's proud dishes.
Demo Making Jala Mas
They also showed us how to make Jala Mas. It was my first time hearing about Jala Mas, before this I never knew that it existed. They say that Jala Mas is one of the desserts served to the king a long time ago. It is basically made from raw duck eggs but only the yellow eggs dipped into boiling sugar water. They added like one packet of sugar to boil. Just imagine how sweet it is.
Laksam, Nasi Kapit, Traditional Kelantaneese Cakes
There were also other traditional dishes and cakes prepared. Most of the cakes there was first time trying it out like Akok and 'Tahi Itik' which literary means 'Ducks Poop'. LOL... I wonder would you have the guts to try that out.

Nasi Kapit & Satay
The funny thing when I was choosing what to eat, I was reading each description provided of the names of the food. Then I found Nasi Kapit & Satay which was nicely packed together. I knew what satay was, but I didn't know what was Nasi Kapit. So since there was satay, I took one to my table and opened it with a really wide smile on my face. I felt so stupid, I didn't know that Kelantanese called Nasi Impit as Nasi Kapit. But then, I learnt something new that day.

Laksam Kelantan
The Laksam was the best I ever tasted, I don't really prefer Laksam because it does not really suite my taste. But since I've tried how awesome the Nasi Kerabu here was, I just had to try this one out and as expected, the taste did not let me down. The soup is super creamy with enough fish in it. They just made the taste so perfect, I had 2 servings of this.

Overall, lunch was really delicious. I had the opportunity to try out food that I have never tasted before. Even though I'm a Malaysian, there are many more Malaysian dishes that I have not explored yet. So I am so thankful that after this trip I finally know some of my local dishes and cakes.

Korean Steamboat & Grill

Imagine eating your heart out during lunch and for dinner you see all these delightful food served in front of you. Of course you'll tuck away your full stomach and get hungry again. LOL

The Korean Steamboat and Grill is only opened at night at Hotel Perdana, as usual for steamboats its a buffet, so eat all you want. They have just everything you could want, chicken, beef, squid, prawns, crabs and many more. They even gives you choices off Kimchi which tastes much better than the Seoul Garden ones.

And the desserts are to die for, all of it tasted like heaven! Not even a single flaw for the desserts. Ouhh how I wish I had some in front of me while writing this entry. I kinda need an energy booster right now.

I remembered I ate a lot that night, I couldn't resist the temptation. The meat was tender, the flavours were amazing and even the tom yam tasted so good. Everything tasted amazing, it has been a while since I had a really good time eating steamboat especially accompanied by an awesome group that never seems to get bored.
And the seats were close together, so everyone had a fun time talking even though we were on different tables. No one was left out. So this is a great place for a reunion or a company dinner maybe?

3. Perdana Trail Launch Media Night
This event was held by the swimming pool which was in front of Cerana Coffee House.

BBQ by the pool, who would have expected our dinner that night would be so luxurious. With so many options to choose from, I of course had a hard time choosing what to dig in first. There were 'Ikan Bakar', 'Satay', 'Otak-Otak' and so much more.

From western to traditional dishes they served it all, and the mood was rather romantic with candles on our tables. The only trouble that night was that our tables were a bit small for the food. LOL

4. Jade Restaurant
Offers Chinese & Thai cuisines in an elegant setting

Lastly, the very last place we ate before heading back to KL was Jade restaurant at Hotel Perdana. Located at their ground floor, this restaurant has a really elegant touch to it. Also nearby the pool, Jade Restaurant has all their dining tables indoors with each table enough for 10 people each.

Jade Restaurant offers 3 Express Sets to choose from. We had the Express Set C with 7 main dishes, white rice and also mixed fruits. Their food wasn't that bad either but their Tom Yam left a mark to my tastebuds. It tastes so delicious that I didn't have enough. In fact all of us didn't have enough. Our table was spick and span clean! Even for the mixed fruit caused a fight between us.

Overall, the food here in Hotel Perdana is just remarkable. They surely did spoil our tastebuds with really good food. I can't event choose which food I loved the most. All the food that I ate was remarkably amazing. I wish I could eat like this everyday. Even the pictures are making me drool remembering how it tastes like. I should surely come back someday, the food is totally worth it.

So what do you think about the food?

More info:
Instagram : @hotelperdana_kotabharu

Website: http://www.destinationmalaysia.my/SitePages/Home.aspx
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DestinationMalaysia?fref=ts
Instagram: @destinationmalaysia

Till then peeps!

27 May 2015

Food Review: Capprilicious Ramadhan Buffet at Capri By Fraser Bangsar South Kuala Lumpur

Hey peeps!
It has been a really long time since my last food review right? Well Ramadhan is just around the corner and of course we would love to know great places to open our fast right?
Have you heard about Capri by Fraser Hotel Residences before? Located at Bangsar South City Kuala Lumpur, this hotel managed to grab tons of awards for the past several years. No joking, this place is stunningly amazing. Everything you see is jaw dropping. But today is not a review on the hotel but about their Ramadhan Buffet at Caprilicious.

Capprilicious is Capri's Coffee House and for this year's fasting season, their main theme is 'Citarasa Ibunda' which will be from 22 June until 15 July 2015.

'Citarasa Ibunda' will be featuring Malaysian's popular main dishes such as Nasi Beriyani, Laksa Pahang, Gulai Daging Kawah, Ayam Rendang Minang, Grilled minute Steak, Mee Rebus, Kambing Kuzi, Ipoh Hor Fun, Bubur Lambuk and Kambing Bhamia.
Not only that, they will also be having hot live stations preparing fritters such as Kambing Panggang, Ikan Bakar and also Satay.
For refreshments they will be preparing non other than Malaysians loved desserts Ais Kacang and Cendol.
There will be over 70 dishes served daily with rotation basis on the hot main dish.

Yummy! So are you guys ready to be delighted with pictures?
Here are some of the main dishes served.

Kerabu Mangga
And then for the desserts they served Malaysian's traditional cakes.

Also Ais Kacang and Cendol as refreshments.

Not forgetting their hot live stations outside the coffee house.

Kambing Pangang
There were so many choices to choose from, I surely had a hard time choosing what to eat first. So I started off with my favourite dish, chicken and beef satay. Then I had some Nasi Beriyani with Chicken, Fish, Squid and also Kerabu Mangga. For desserts I tried each of the cakes and ended my meal with a delightful freshness of Ais Kacang.

Overall the food here is just delightful, so many choices to choose from. The Kerabu Mangga tastes awesome! Also does their Satay. This would sure be a nice venue to break your fast with friends and family, Capri has such a nice environment.

The price for this buffet is RM90 per person on normal days with promotional pre-sale vouchers at RM72. There is also a 25% discount for early birds, buy 10 free 1. Children below 4 eat for free and 5 to 12 years gets 50% discount. All prices are included with GST.

For dining reservations: 03 2386088

More Info:
Capri by Fraser Facebook
Capri by Fraser Website

So I hope this post gives you an idea where you should break your fast this year. This is my first time stepping into Capri and the hotel is drop dead stunningly beautiful. You should check in as their guest as well, I'm sure their rooms will not disappoint you. Trust me, cause we had a little tour to their rooms.

And a big thank you also to Destination Malaysia for inviting me
Website: http://www.destinationmalaysia.my/SitePages/Home.aspx
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DestinationMalaysia?fref=ts
Instagram: @destinationmalaysia

Till then peeps, enjoy the rest of your week.