30 June 2015

Gempak Raya bersama Jakel 2015, Lelongan Baju Melayu Aaron Aziz & Nabil Ahmad

Hey peeps! So how is puasa so far? I bet most of you are already preparing for raya. But if you haven't no worries cause Jakel would always be prepared for you. 'INGAT RAYA, INGAT JAKEL'. So last weekend I was invited by Jakel to their roadshow 'Gempak Raya Bersama Jakel' where our popular local artists Aaron Aziz, Nabil Ahmad, Mia Sarah and Rykal Iskandar came down to Jakel Shah Alam to promote their raya wear. Last year Baju Melayu Aaron Aziz got massive feedback's from our Malaysians, but for this year, Jakel also made Nabil Ahmad as one of their ambassadors.

23 June 2015

Review: Mary Kay Paradise Calling Collection Nail Laquer

Tips Tangani Masalah Rambut Gugur dengan Feryal Miracle Rejuv

Pic Credit Facebook

Harga: RM130 (100ml)

Kegunaan: Merawat masalah keguguran rambut

Cara dapatkannya:
No H/P : SMS/WhatsApp : Taip "F70" hantar ke 019-5715002 

Maklumat Lanjut

Anda mempunyai masalah hampir botak?
Sama ada lelaki mahupun perempuan mesti ada yang ada masalah ini kan?
Lagi-lagi kalau perempuan bertudung, mesti banyak rambut gugur kalau tak dijaga dengan rapi.

Sekarang sudah ada penyelesaian kepada masalah ini.
Feryal Miracle Rejuv sudah terbukti berkesan untuk menangani masalah ini.
Ramai yang telah mencuba dan berpuas hati dengan kesannya.

Feryal Miracle Rejuv ini diperbuat daripada Argan Oil yang befungsi merawat, menguatkan akar dan menghitamkan rambut. So anda tidak perlu risau mengenai produk ini kerana Argan Oil memang sangat elok dan digunakan dalam pelbagai produk.

Pic Credit Facebook
Jika anda mahu mendapatkan produk ini.
Boleh hubungi nombor di bawah

No H/P : SMS/WhatsApp : Taip "F70" hantar ke 019-5715002 

22 June 2015

Food Review: Arabian Delights, Marhaba Restaurant Publika Ramadhan Menu

Hey peeps!
So it is now Ramadan!! How is your Ramadan so far? Since its just hours away till iftar, why not I'll share with you peeps an idea where you could break your fast.

So sorry if I have been MIA lately, I was super duper busy with finals. Now only do I have time to write back and I have so much to share with you people.

Well, the last two weeks before puasa, I was invited to this Arabian Restaurant at Publika. This restaurant is quite famous actually with 2 other branches here in Malaysia.
The Marhaba Restaurant is just spectacular with it's interior design and service. 

With the stunning and elegant interior design, of course all of you will be expecting high class food prepared. Well, that is what they have here. I surely would not be responsible if your fasting now and reading this post cause the pictures will surely make you drool.
As tempting as they look like, the food prepared here will surely spoil your taste buds. You'll be wanting for more and more.

Mulawah + Saltah Fasah
This fresh baked Yameen Bread dipped with Chicken or Lamb sauce is one of the popular dishes here. Believe it or not, that one large bread you see, the six of us that sat one table managed to finish that together cause the sauce you see here taste like heaven! Even I'm starting to drool now. The last is just amazing, we couldn't stop eating this, I couldn't stop eating this. It surely does taste so good. I'll surely be coming back for this. 

As other Arab restaurants, they have the same menu like Chicken Mandi and Lamb Mandi and etc. There were so many that I forgot the names. LOL
But the taste is worth every penny.

Lamb Hanith
Grilled Fish
Grilled Prawns

And this is one of their famous drinks there, their Lemon Mint Mocktail. We all had orange juice for that night and all of us might have drank more of a jug of their orange juice. The orange juice served was pure orange, it tasted so good. I think I have never tasted an orange juice that refreshing before. 

So that's all peeps, I don't have much to say cause the food here is just remarkable. I can't stop thinking about the Yameen Bread dipped in Saltah Fasah! Okay my tummy is rumbling right now.
Anyways, if you guys are looking for a nice place to eat to open your fast with your family, I highly recommend this restaurant. The surrounding is nice and the food is great, you would not ever regret it.

More Info

Selamat berbuka then peeps!

17 June 2015

Look Wild & Stunning With Bianco Mimosa Flaura Fauna Mimosa Raya 2015 Collection

Good morning peeps!
Its been quite a while right and tomorrow is Ramadan already. Are you guys ready for fasting?
And speaking of the fasting month, I bet you guys are already planning for your raya outfits. Well, it seems that even boutiques are all prepared for Raya as well. Last week I was invited to Bianco Mimosa's first ever fashion show at The Royal Chulan KL.

If this is your first time hearing about Bianco Mimosa, it is actually a boutique founded by YBhg Dato' Ida Suraya Mustapha. The story of the founder herself is quite interesting actually, from an engineer to fashion designer. This fashion show was her first ever fashion show and she managed to stun the crowed with her marvelous collection.

Hosted by our local entertainer Dee, the night was surely not bland. We could see various influencers throughout the night. Even our local artists such as Erra Fazira, Ummie Aida and many more were seen that night. Somehow it made me feel so undressed since everyone was all dressed up. LOL
I should really start spending my money more on clothes than food I suppose.

So the night started of with a dance performance that totally matched the theme for that night which was Safari Flora Fauna Mimosa Raya. Even the the floor was decorated to a nice safari theme.
And drumrollssssss... are you gals excited to see what Bianco Mimosa have to offer for you this raya?

A total of 118 designed pieces from this collection were shown to the audience that night. Each piece is made of high quality fabric that was important from many parts of the world. With sewing techniques and detailed hand made customisations, they guarantee comfortness to whoever wear their pieces.

There was also a surprising show up from Nurul which performed two songs for that night after the first part of the runaway. Somehow got the crowed more hyped up to see what's coming up next. 

Totally unexpected, Dee came up after breaks with extravagant gowns for that night. Wondered if it was tailored made as well.

I surely was stunned with most of the dresses shown and was like 'cantiknyaaaaa!!'. There were surely various kinds of colours and designs just perfect for raya. 

This is one of the piece I would totally have for Raya, its simple yet so elegant! I have been to various fashion shows before but not all fashion shows highlight pieces that are friendly for normal wearers. Not all people are brave enough to pull off fashionable pieces. I love how Dato' Ida Suraya still mantained simple yet breathtaking pieces in her collection for Mimosa Raya.

But still there were pieces that fashionista's would surely love. The last dress for the night was surely beautiful.

So a big congratulations to Dato' Ida Suraya on her success and her Flaura Fauna Mimosa Raya collection. I'm sure you would love the pieces too.

For more info head down to

Till then peeps!

13 June 2015

Contest Shoutout! Win Limited Edition Goodies from Maybelline New York Rebel Bouquet Lipsticks Contest

Good Morning peeps!
I'm backkkkkkk... OMG! I feel like I went missing almost a week now. The last two weeks has been craaaaaazzzyyy. I'm currently in my final weeks and next week is my last week for submissions and presentations so its hectic. I could barely eat, barely sleep. Urgghhhh.. I can't wait for this to be over!
One more week and I'm back on track with this blog. I have tons of things to share with you guys.

Despite my busy schedule now, I surely could not turn away to this. Who here is a lipstick junkie? You surely would love this. Remember my post on the new Maybelline New York Rebel Bouquet Lipsticks? Well Maybelline Malaysia is holding a contest for this! And the prizes are awesomeeeee!

What you have to do is get one of your Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet colour, our maybe to perhaps. And tell Maybelline what your favourite shade is from this lipstick range.

This will be an instagram contest
The duration will be from 4 June - 1 July 2015 (4 weeks)
There will be 3 winners each week (total 12 winners) 

Sounds interesting right? I surely love these kinds of contests because its fun.

Sounds fun right? And the prizes are just awesome! 

Excited yet?
Here is my submission for the contest

08 June 2015

YES/ Young Entrepreneurs System, Shaklee Aims To Create A Better Life for Malaysians

Good morning peeps!
When you hear the word Shaklee what pops into your head? For me it's their dietary Milkshake that most of my friends are drinking. My previous housemates mostly all of them are addicted to Shaklee, but I never tried it before. Well I think I might change my mind though.

Believe it our not, Shaklee has been around almost 100 years, shocking right? I just thought they were newly established since the hype of Shaklee started last year which I could remember. But  Shaklee has been around in Malaysia for more than 15 years. Shocking right? I never expected it to be so long, I surely need to read more newspapers.

From what I was told, Shaklee aims to create a Healthier Life for Malaysians with their wide range of health products. 
Always Safe, Always Works, Always Green is Shaklee Malaysia’s commitment steps to a healthy life. 
Shaklee Malaysia has also put together four Wellness packs together which are
Healthy Young Living, Healthy Fitness, Healthy Prenatal and Healthy Postnatal for those who seek overall health. 

So last week I was invited to participate in a small meeting to spread out the word for Shaklee's newest programme under Shaklee Cares.
The Shaklee Cares programme is a publicly supported, non-profit organisation, founded in 1992 which has helped many families and communities.
Hence, Shaklee Malaysia would like to introduce their YES (Youth Entrepreneur System) programme for their Youth programme which has been launched this early May under the Shaklee Cares programme.

Basically the YES programme is aimed to scout for young and passionate youth that believes in making an income for themselves at a young age. 
Therefore, Shaklee would like to encourage these young Malaysians to focus on entrepreneurship and make YES ideal for those who seek a healthier and better future.
YES will also help the youth to build up their own business with minimum funding but able to achieve a great return.

By the end of this year, Shaklee aims to reach out to almost a million of young entrepreneurs here in Malaysia and help them achieve more in life.

Sounds interesting right? But it does not stop here.

After lunch we headed up to Shaklee's Headquaters at Sunway Pinnacle Subang Jaya to meet Victor Lim, President of Shaklee Malaysia. Shaklee owns one entire floor at Sunway Pinnacle and imagine how big is that. They even have their own waiting area, business area and even a playground for kids.

Then after a tour around Shaklee Headquaters, we were brought into the meeting room to meet Victor Lim himself and hear a few more words from him about this YES programme.

“Becoming an entrepreneur with YES is as simple as joining Shaklee, using our products and sharing these products with your community of friends and family,” says Victor. 

Shaklee surely has planned way ahead for their young entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams to become their own boss. The YES programme has support of financial incentives, soft skills training, product knowledge and also the support from mentors.

Later in the year, Shaklee also aims to launch Shaklee Cares for Our Women. So be prepared Malaysian women, there might just be an opportunity for you.

So if you yet to understand fully of this YES Programme, click play below and lets hear what Victor Lim has to say about it for himself.

So what do you think about Shaklee's YES Programme? Sounds like a really good start to generate some income right? Even for me I'm always finding a way to earn extra income, since I desire so much in life. LOL

Anyways, Shaklee products have been famed for their goodness in health. They provide supplements for those who tend to become healthier and they also have a wide range of selections to choose from. Like I said earlier, their Milkshake was a total hype last year. I could hear people talking about it everywhere.

So that's all from our little meeting at Shaklee, the YES Programme has surely opened up my mind about Shaklee. What do you think?

Comment down below of you wanna know more about Shaklee.
Or visit www.shaklee.com.my if your interested in the YES Programme

Till then peeps!

05 June 2015

The Perdana Trail, An Initiative From Hotel Perdana Kota Bharu to Introduce Kelantan

Good morning peeps. Its Friday again, yeaayyyyyyyyyy!!!
So this means another blogpost about my Kelantan Trip and this will also be the final one.
If you guys missed my previous posts, you could check it out at the links below.

04 June 2015

Review: Mary Kay Limited Edition Thinking of Love Set in Malaysia, A Perfect Fragrance for Special Occasions

Name: Mary Kay Thinking of Love Eau de Parfum Set

Thinking of Love Eau de Parfum (29ml)
Thinking of Love Body Lotion (133ml)
Thinking of Love Shower Gel (133ml)

Availability: Contact your nearest Beauty Consultant HERE

More Info
Mary Kay Website

Hey peeps!
One more day till the weekend! The week went by pretty fast don't you think?
Anyways, who here is madly in love? Well many of my friends and people I know had their weddings this month, so I'm guessing most of you are currently in love. If your not, cheer up, the right one will show up on your doorstep anytime soon. (I wish mine was in front of me now) HAHA

So talking about love, the feeling when you feel like your on top of the world. Everything you do keeps you smiling even when you stepped on poop. Well, that's the power of love, everything bitter and sour just changes sweet with a blink of an eye. I wished I have that feeling right now, I sure need some power to get through my day. LOL

Mary Kay's New Frangrance set is called Thinking of Love and the scent of this fragrance surely smells like love. With a nice sweet soft scent, it could just make anyones mood turn good just like you just fell in love. With a combination of sparkling mandarins, turkish rose petals and vanilla madagascars this frangrance creates the perfect scent for lovers.

That is why this fragrance set is suitable for special occassions. A Birthday, Special Anniversaries, Weddings or even for your honeymoon. So for those who are getting married and trying to find gifts for 'hantaran' I suggest this frangrance set would do. Plus its super cute! Its shows the theme already. If I was getting married like a few months from now, of course this will be on one of my 'dulangs'. LOL

Anyways, I'm not getting married. So I'm using this fragrance set for special occassions, but sometimes I kinda just love spraying this perfume since it smells so good. Besides I don't have much special ocassions to attend too.

So what do you think about this perfume?
Would you get it for you wedding?
Let me know in the comments below.

Till then peeps!