26 August 2014

H.E by Manggo

Jejaka pada zaman sekarang sangat berbeza dengan golongan lelaki terdahulu. Jika dahulu, lelaki tidak cenderung untuk berketerampilan menarik malah hal itu lebih biasa dilihat dalam kalangan wanita sahaja. Sudah menjadi lumrah wanita gemar tampil cantik dan anggun terutamanya ketika berada di luar rumah untuk berhadapan dengan orang ramai. Sebaliknya lelaki zaman dahulu hanya suka gaya yang biasa-biasa sahaja dan mereka mempunyai pemikiran yang streotaip iaitu lelaki tidak perlu itu semua. 

Namun kini keadaan telah berubah. Jika kita lihat golongan lelaki pada zaman sekarang sudah berfikiran terbuka. Mereka mampu menerima apa sahaja perkara baru termasuklah fesyen, walaupun secara amnya sebelum ini ia lebih popular bagi wanita. Lelaki moden turut gemar berfesyen malah sentiasa ingin ambil tahu trend fesyen terbaru yang sedang hangat, gaya fesyen yang sedang popular dan barangan fesyen untuk lelaki yang boleh didapati dalam pasaran.

Seiring dengan perkembangan yang cukup positif ini banyak jenama fesyen telah tampil dengan barisan produk untuk lelaki. H.E by Mango tidak ketinggalan, malah mereka telah dilihat sebagai antara jenama yang berusaha untuk menguasai pasaran fesyen lelaki bukan sahaja di peringkat tempatan di Malaysia ini malah sehingga ke peringkat global.

H.E by Mango cukup komited dalam menghasilkan barisan produk fesyen untuk lelaki bagi memenuhi permintaan yang sangat tinggi dalam pasaran kini. Mango Malaysia juga dilihat cukup aktif dalam merangka corak pemasaran yang lebih berkesan bagi memperluaskan produk mereka dalam kalangan lelaki di Malaysia ini.

Namun walau banyak manapun kuantiti koleksi baju lelaki dan barangan fesyen lelaki lain yang dihasilkan, akhirnya apa yang tinggal untuk diperkatakan dan dilihat ialah kualiti produk H.E by Mango Malaysia. Dipendekkan cerita, antara resipi kejayaan mereka adalah disebabkan oleh produk mereka yang cukup bermutu tinggi. Kualiti produk H.E by Mango yang cukup tinggi membuatkan ramai yang berpuas hati dan suka akan jenama unggul ini.

Koleksi terbaru H.E by Mango adalah pilhan terbaik untuk anda tampil bergaya untuk musim ini. Dapatkan H.E by Mango online dengan melayari website ZALORA Malaysia kerana mereka menawarkan koleksi daripada Mango online yang cukup meluas. Pengalaman online shopping anda dengan ZALORA pastinya akan menjadi yang terbaik!

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24 August 2014

Review: Maybelline's All New The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara


Name: Maybelline New York The Falsies Big Eyes Volume Express Mascara
Price: RM45.90
Usage Purpose: Big Eyes Effect, Lift Upper Lashies & Magnify Lower Lashses
Avaibility: All Major Pharmacies

Well Maybelline's new creation might just solve your problem.
The picture below is taken from Maybelline Malaysia's Instagram

With a mascara to solve every girls problems, Maybelline has now created 
The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara.
This mascara is promising Bigger Wide Open Eyes

Let's see either The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara really works.
So I'm gonna do a comparison with the current eyeline I'm using right now.
Maybelline New York The Rocket Volume Express which now is my current favourite.

Don't be surprised cause this waterproof mascara consist of 2 brushes.
One for the Upper Lashes and one for the Lower Lashes

The Upper Lashes Brush
Fuctions to pushes lashes up and wide.
To my surprise this type of brush actually made me apply mascara quite easy without a lot of smudge.
And it did push up my lashes without me having to force it to.

The Lower Lashes Mini Brush
Functions to grab and coat every tiny lash
And I am very impressed with this brush, cause it was damn more easy to apply mascara on my lower lash without having a lot of smudge.
The lower brush is just amazing for me cause I didn't even have to cover up any smudge with powder anymore. It worked in one try, but of course I applied 2 and 3 more. LOL

And this is the brush for The Rocket Volume Express.
Well I still love this mascara cause its light and not too sticky but for the lower lashes it's still a failure for me, so this means I'm now falling in love with the new big eyes.
Feeling unfaithful. HEHE

So earlier I said this review is suppose to be a comparison.
If The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara really did work you guys would already have guessed.
I used The Falsies Big Eyes on one eye and The Rocket Volume Express on another.
Try determining which eyes is which.

So have you guessed it?
If the mascara did a good job you guys would have picked
Well for me I kinda saw my right, which from your side is the Left one slightly is bigger than the other eye. So for me the mascara is doing its job properly.
A big plus for me cause I hate wearing false lashes and love the way how these falsies are making my eyes looking bigger as natural as possible.

Till then peeps.

21 August 2014

Review : OPPO Find 5 Mini Smartphone


Name: OPPO Find 5 Mini Smartphone
Retail Price: RM999


GeneralPlatformAndroid 4.2.1 (Jelly Bean)
ProcessorQuad-core 1.3 GHz
Date Announced2014
PriceLatest Oppo Price in Malaysia
CoverageGSM NetworkGSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
UMTS NetworkHSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100
LTE Network-
Version/SIMSingle SIM Version
Dual SIM Version
Dimensions137 x 68 x 7.75 mm
Weight128 g
DisplayTechnologyIPS LCD, 16M colors
Resolution960 x 540 pixels
Size4.7 inches
TouchscreenCapacitive Touchscreen, Multitouch
Multimedia3.5mm Audio JackYes
Music PlayerYes
Sound FormatMP3/WMA/WAV/eAAC+/FlAC
Video FormatDivX/XviD/MP4/WMV/H.263/H.264
TV Tunner-
MemoryBuilt-in Storage4 GB
Card SlotmicroSD, up to 32 GB
System Memory1 GB RAM
Data SpeedHSDPA
CameraCamera8 Megapixel
Resolution3264 x 2448 pixels
FlashLED Flash
Front CameraYes
FeaturesBatteryLi-Ion 2000 mAh
ColorsWhite, Black
SensorsAccelerometer, proximity
ApplicationsOrganizer, Google Search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, Google Talk

Info taken from this website

Hello and assalamualaikum dear beloved readers.
So how was you raya? Duit mesti dah berkepuk-kepuk kan? Atau dah terbang?
LOL, well definately mine dah tak nampak bayang, cause I just got about RM50 total for this year.
Aaaaa... Growing old just sucks don't you think?
Anyways back to the topic here

OPPO Find 5 Mini Smartphone

Since I have listed down all the important information about the phone above, so you guys could have guessed that my review will be totally of my experience and personal thought about the phone.
Besides, everything above is copy paste I admit, but I have linked it to its original website.
I have no clue about specifications actually, need to learn more about it.

For those who are interested about the phone only please skip the paragraphs below and staright to the paragraph below the next picture

Before I proceed with my review I wanna share with you guys how I got the phone in the first place.
Well most of you know that I'm a Nuffang and ChurpChurp blogger, so for my 2nd Cashout from them I was determined to finally get myself an iPhone. But still the amount wasn't enough to even get an iphone 5 so I held the cheque back and waited until I could get enough money to at least by and iPhone 5. Then after a few months I collected enough money but somehow I needed money in other priorities so I said, its okay, I could save up money again.
Sadly, my phone broke after that and it was definately hard for me to call people since my Note 10.1 Tab has only loudspeaker for calls and of course the Tab is massive. I survived about 2 weeks without a phone but it made my life more difficult since I was in my final weeks and I had tons of group works to complete.
So I decided to just buy a phone, not an iphone of course. But still I wanted one that was worth it that had all the features that I wanted especially the camera, since camera's are so important to a blogger right? At first I decided to get myself a sony phone, my budget was of course under RM1000. The rest of the money I've earned I put it under other priorities.
So as I was surveying for Sony phones I asked the salesperson to recommed the best phone sony has with a great camera price just suiting my budget. At first he recommended Sony L or M, I can't remember but its purple. Then he asked me again, apa yang paling penting u cari? So I said the camera. And he recomended me OPPO.
At first I was doubting it cause OPPO is really new here in Malaysia and I don't know if its worthy to buy or not, would it last long, would it cause problems later? Gosh..
I had so many thoughts in my head cause I'm not the type that easily gets these kinds of things, all of my previous phones I have are because I worked hard to earn them and that's why I'm fussy. 
But the salesman's marketing was awesome, he new the exact words what to say and in the end of course la cairrrrr... Okay I'll try I said cause the phone itself seems so cool.

Okay, the retail price is RM999
But I'm surely sure I bought this phone below RM900 including with its casing and screen protector.
Mybe the price went down cause the Find 5 mini is one of their later phones, but what I know that OPPO price are fixed exactly like iPhone.
Anyways as you can see this phone is a Dual Sim phone. Believe it or not I didn't know that it was even a dual sim until I got home. Its micro sim of course so I had to sacrifice and cut my simcard.
The slot at the middle if for the memory card which was not included. Somehow I felt cheated.

Anyways what's so special about this phone?

As you can see its just like any other phone, like Samsung, Lenovo and other android running phones

They have a slight difference in its appearance where they have a lot more options to choose from.

For their control panel, they have all of it completed which really makes it easy, like the end all button which quits all the apps running and the wi fi hotspot button.

And the gesture panel is just the best. Like you can see above, if I draw a circle it will open up the camera and this function even works when my phone is in locked mode. Just draw a circle with my finger on that blackout screen and the camera pops out. It is really useful when we want to snap a quick picture. Totally useful.
Besides that, we could add our own custom gestures like drawing a heart or a smiley face according to you which you can set to either call a person or open up any other app. Its a great shortcut.

One of the biggest cons about this phone is that it has a really small default storage on the phone. So I didn't manage to install a lot of apps but luckily for me I don't prefer to many apps on my phone. I just install what I use regularly only. So if you are a heavy gamer I don't think this phone suits you well.

Another thing which I don't quite like is its keyboard. They use swype for OPPO which detects words by simply swiping your finger to the words. It may be a great for those overseas that use completly everything english, but if your other than that, you'll have a hard time typing at first before you get used to it. Of course la, kita Malaysian's kalau menaip defat phone keluar pelbagai jenis bahasa dengan short form. But still you guys can try resetting until it suites best to you.

I don't know about you but I definately don't like people messing through my phone. Here comes a great feature for those like me. They have a guest mode where you can set for your friends if they want to see your phone. The password for your phone will be different from the password for your guest. Both passwords will be able to open the phone, but the difference is, the guest mode will hide all the apps you have setter to hide. For me I hid my BBM and also whatsapp, no matter how your friends search your phone for the app your hiding, they won't find it. Great right? The phone has become a privacy item again.

Another great feature is the Data Monitor. I simply love this cause it shows how much data I have used and how much left. It also gives notifications if there are unusual activity which might be caused if we accidentally pressed the data button which I might say all of us has that experience right?

And this is simply awesome, my mp3 has become much fun.

Below is the main reason why I bought this camera in the first place.
The camera comes with many functions like beautify, HDR and much more and the back camera is just stunning even though its only 8mp.

Shot with the back camera unfiltered

Shot with the back camera filtered

And for the front camera its 2MP and I don't like it very much.
Cause it creates a kind of blackish picture which I don't find beautiful
So I rarely use the front camera for selfies, I just use the back camera.

Shot with the front camera unfiltered.

Anyways, I have been using this phone for 3 months already and honestly its still good as new, no hangs or problems. And I find the size to be just perfect to be put in the pocket, but it;s too thin and I don't seem to get a firm grip with it.

Overall to me the phone is just nice for me.

Sorry if the review is a bit messy, haven't done this kind of review for a while.
Till then peeps

19 August 2014

L'Oreal Paris Miss Selfridge MatteAbout You Contest

If you girls are totally into beauty and cosmetics of course you guys would have heard about the #matteaboutyou contest
And somehow I got to be 1 of the top 10 finalist for the running to be Miss Selfridge and win a trip for 2 o Paris.
OMG... Parisssss... 

Honestly I never expected that I would be chosen for the 2nd round.
I entred the contest just for fun at first and of course I loved the Matte Magic Powder.

So anyways, when I knew I was selected for round 2 a first I didn't believe it,
I thought that it was somekind of a joke or someone wanted to prank me or even maybe Loreal had some technical system problem or something.
Well, I'm not trying to bring myself down but this is how I actually felt.
This contest is basically of course is about beauty and well beauties that usually are selected for these kinds of competitions are of course the ones that looks like the front cover of a magazine.

At first I really thought maybe I should just back out rather than himuliate myself.
Cause round 2 I had to compete for a Miss Selfridge look which I certainly knew that I would have a major problem dressing myself.
But then I thought again if I backed out, would this show that I myself have no self confidence in me at all? What if I maintain this kind of attitude, will it cause a darker future for me cause I show lack in confidence? Well I tried to be optimistic and put myself to the challenge.

We were given about 3 or 4 days before round 2 to come out with our look. Some of the contestants went to Miss Selfridge's store themselves at Mid Valley to try out some of their outfits but since I had a busy weekend I never had a chance to head down to Mid Valley before the competition.

So of course the results were disastrous for me.
Imagine 10min of choosing an outfit, plus Miss Selfridge is very new to me and another plus is that I'm wearing a hijab of course I needed to choose something properly covered.
Just thank goodness I prepared every inch of inner I could think of to fully cover my body parts. For those who wears hijab would totally understand this feeling right?

And I owe a lot to Shivani, it was the first time I met her and she is awesomely very friendly and helpful. Since I had a lot of struggle choosing an outfit she was kind enough to help me out.
She surely has my full support for winning this contest.

Okay, so after 10 min, we had our outfits in our hands so there was 30 min to get ready with make up.
I thought 30 min would be enough, but no. I was the last one done actually.
First I had a problem with my skirt, well obviously that everyone was tall and I'm like the shortest there, so my skirt dah terlebih panjang and I looked like a penguin.
So they tell me I could change into their pants, but what they have is skinny jeans like the really tight ones. And I'm like crying whyyyyyy... Jeans dis of course cantik, but I really can't wear it.
First cause I'm not skinny and second cause its not a proper attire for me.
So they let me where my own jeans.

The second problem came for make up.
Goshhh... I really had a hard time doing my make so I after I applied foundation and My all new Matte Magic Powder I put on my hijab.

There came the serious problem where my hijab was misbehaving and I couldn't get it to turn out the right way, and I was being pressured by the time which was almost 15 min left.
When I finally got my hijab slightly how I wanted to, I had like about 5 min to get my make up done. 
That time my hands where shaking and I did a horrible touch job doing so.
And time was over, but I still was struggling with make up.

And then shoes, I haven't put them on yet and the 3rd task was about to start.
The last task was the task which I thought I was gonna have a complete breakdown.
Padahal tangkap gambar sendiri je pun.
But somehow it turned really horrible, I was a mess and I had a price tag stuck on my but.
It was the most uncomfortable feeling ever when I had to take pictures where there was a lot of people walking around.
The picture taking did not turn out so well, I looked extra fat. 
And it took me more than 15 minutes to get the right photo taken.

Well, when all that was over we had a group photo.
Here are the 10 finalist and they all look gorgeous!
And for sure I felt a bit not belonging there since all of the rest were like tall and skinny.
While I was the complete opposite.
(Ohh please Mira, get a grip.)
Okay okay, I don't look that bad do I?

Well at least I had a nice experience from the competition.
Plus so loving the goodies that L'Oreal gave us.

And with all these goodies, this MATTEABOUTYOU look was created
So what do you guys think?
I would be really pleased and grateful if you guys would help out and vote for me.
Not anything hard but just to like my photo below at L'Oreal Paris Facebook Page

Thank you so much for your support.
Till then peeps

13 August 2014

Review : GlamGlow Supermud Cleaning Treatment


Name: Glamglow Supermud Cleaning Treatment 
Price: RM240 (Full Jar) RM 70++ (10g)
Usage Purpose: To fight all comman skin concerns (pimples, acne, blackheads, whiteheads, etc)
Avaibility: All Sephora Outlets

Maigaadd!! Thank you so much to The Butterfly Project for this opportunity.
Well not everyday that I have a chance to smudge really expensive mud on my face.

Have anyone of you heard about GlamGlow before?
Well to tell you a secret, most of the hollywood celebs are a big fan of this.
Why? Well that's the question. It seems just like a normal face mask, but that was before I tried it out.

For this review, I was given out to try the GlamGlow Supermud Cleaning Treatment
And below are the benefits written for this product on their website

  • ACNECIDIC-6™ - 4.4% AHA & BHA 6-Acid Blend. PH Balanced.
  • Glycolic Acid - Helps Restore Photo Damaged Skin & Improves Skin Texture.
  • Salicylic Acid - Helps De-clog to Minimize Pores & New Skin Rejuvenation.
  • Lactic Acid - Helps Pigmentation, Moisture, Stimulation & Skin Collagen.
  • Mandelic Acid - Helps Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Aging Skin & Skin Elasticity.
  • Pyruvic Acid - Helps the Effects of Scarring & Clearer Skin.
  • Azelaic Acid - Helps fight Follicle Bacteria & Breakouts.
  • TEAOXI™ - Delivers Fresh Natural Eucalyptol, Linalool Oil & Powerful Flavonoids.
  • ACTIVATED-X - Xtreme Absorption Vacuum-Carbon Extracts Sebum Oils, Bacteria & Toxins.
  • K-17 CLAY - Proprietary 17 Step Process to Better Encapsulate Sebum Oils, Bacteria & Toxins.
  • LICORICE ROOT - Helps Regulate & Alleviate Problem Skin.
  • PEPPERMINT PLANT - Helps Control Bacteria & Irritations.
  • Eucalyptus Leaf - Helps Fight Toxic Skin Complications.

There are so many right?
All this in just one product, macam tipu je. That's what I thought at first.
And then I tried it out

So below I have a video for you guys when I tried the GlamGow for the first time
Just before I tried the mud mask I googled a bit on the proper wear to use a mud mask.
Since its a really expensive mask I wanted full use of it
So as you see in the video below is what I found from my research

So sorry for the poor lighting, since I took the video with my macbook and I have really insuficent lighting in my room.
And for the background music I left my itunes on while I shot the video, so the exactly was no editing for the background music. And so sorry for the heartbroken songs, I havn't updated my song list for a really long time. LOL

Ok! Back to the point about GlamGlow
So as you can see first I washed my face with warm water, so that my pores open up and make it easy to remove them.
Then I applied toner, to make sure that my face was really clean
Then only did I apply the mud mask.
The reason why I used a foundation brush was to make sure I applied the mud mask evenly. Surely didn't want to waste a bit of it. Its expensive stuff!
As you can see in the video it dried really quickly
Well the description of the product said to apply it for 5 to 20min, but I washed my face after 10 min because there was an article saying that applying mud mask too long could make it suck up not only pores but also some good stuff, damnn.. I forgot the exact thing, but the main point is it ain't that good. Haaaaa... Sorry I'm not helping much.

So as you can see in the picture above, a close up on how the mud mask works.
It surely did tighten my face and hardened. 
And somehow I loved the feeling of it on my face

And the results were stunning even on my first try. Cause I had one great big fat pimple just about to grow on my cheek before I used it. You know the one that sometimes stings when it tends to grow larger. Then after I washed my face I saw that the pimple has been reduced and it didn't seem to sting anymore. Even more pores has reduced. My face felt as light as ever, it was a sensation feeling that my face is deep clean.

So then a tried it for the second time and the effects were better, my pimple scars seems to be less and less visible. And the clean feeling on my face feels just so awesome, I wanted to wear this everyday, but menangis la pocket if I do so.
The price for this is totally so expensive for me, but the results are just stunning. I have to put this on my wish list. No wonder Hollywood celebs are crazy over this.
I'm just lucky that I had a chance to apply some on my face.

For more info head down to their website here

Till then peeps.

10 August 2014

Review : Shokubutsu Japan Original Triple Power of Plants & Systema Spiral Toothbrush


Name : Shokubutsu Japan Original Triple Power of Plants Sakura Whitening
Price : RM5.90 (220g bottle)
RM7.90 (550g refill pack)
 RM13.90 (650g bottle)
Avaibility : All the leading hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide

Shokubutsu is one of my favourite brands when it comes to bathing soap
I've used it since school and my family also uses it till now.
The all favourite that we love to use is the Orange Peel and Green Tea
But now they have added more chicoes to choose!

The new Shokubutsu Japan Original’s Triple Power of Plants has been created from years of profound technology advancement by researchers of Lion Japan. The breakthrough Japan Original formula provides complete care by gently cleansing, restoring and nourishing skin. It further promises users 100 per cent plant cleansing ingredients for natural mild and gentle cleansing, 100 per cent plant restoration for lively radiance skin and 100 per cent plant nourishment for healthy skin. The renowned shower foam helps skin to restore lively radiance, with the enhanced power of Nuka Oil (Rice Bran Oil), a Japanese anti-ageing secret that contains Oryzanol and Vitamin E, a natural source that is rich in antioxidants. 

Shokubutsu Japan Original is recognised for its superior lather with just one pump. It is also known for its non-sticky and easy rinsing formula that will leave you refreshed after a shower. Not only will Shokubutsu make you feel great, but smell great too, with its enchanting nature infused long lasting scent, that is sure to captive your senses throughout the day.

Spoiling consumers for choice and providing them with a formulation that suits their individual skin needs, the new Shokubutsu Japan Original Triple Power of Plants comes in five unique variants from refreshing Orange Peel sensation to the relaxing Green Tea Harmony.

What I love about the Sakura Whitening of course is the scent.
It smells really great and when I recieved the package itself, even before unwrapping I could smell the awesome scent. Even my bathroom smells a whole lot like this shower gel.
And this is made from organic ingrediants.
The one thing I didn't like is the packaging for this 220g bottle.
Why? Well it's lid can't shut tight. Its loose and I don't think it won't survive travelling with this bottle.
Even when I received the package, the soap was already spilled throughout the whole package, thank goodness the box was waterproof so I could was the soap of the package.

The texture of the soap is really light, almost like water already but still enough to produce much bubbles. Surely after each shower I feel really refreshed and the best part is I smell really good too.

So below are some other types of The Triple Power Plants Shokubutsu offer

Floral Delight
Iris Oil
Soft & Supple skin
Sakura Whitening
Sakura Leaf
Fair & Flawless skin
Orange Peel Sensation
Orange Peel Oil
Firm & Vibrant skin
Green Freshness
Grape Seed Oil
Revitalise & Shine skin
Green Tea Harmony
Green Tea Leaf
Rejuvenate & Renew skin

Right now my favaourite one is still Green Tea, but all of the just smells really great.
You  might find it difficult enough to choose your favourite.
Trust me

And below is another product to introduce


Name : Systema Spiral Toothbrush
Price : RM8.90 (pack of one),  RM17.80 (pack of three)
Speciality40% Cleaner without Brushing Hard
Avaibility : All the leading hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide

So till then peeps.