31 October 2013

Review: Ninetology Z1 against Samsung S3

So, I'm such as excited!
Excited much much much!
For the first time ever I have been given the opportunity to review gadgets.
Ohsem right?

Thanks to Ninetology Malaysia that gave me the chance to do so.
First time hearing about Ninetology?
Head down to their Website to know more.

I was given two devices to review on
One is a Samsung S3 and another in Ninetology Z1
Of course most of you are familiar with S3 already right? So I'll be comparing the Samsung S3 with the Ninetology Z1 in this post.

Lets start with the Ninetology Z1
If you guys don't know yet, this Ninetology Z1 is a smartphone with dual sim
Oh yess.. Two sim cards in one phone babes. Totally a plus for those who has so many phones right now but still want to use smartphones.
And don't worry, its still using normal sim card slot.
Compared to Samsung S3, it uses micro sim, so of course I didn't get to slot in my sim card during the review.

Talking bout phones, I'm not an expert on gadgets, so truthfully I don't know much about processors and so and so. So I'll just mention on what I know.

Battery Life

So, I had a field trip last week, I just wanted to test how which battery last longer. So what I did was I fully charged both of the phones and I connected it with wifi through my hotspot from my tablet. So both phones now were able to use the internet all day. I logged into instagram, twitter and also facebook for both phones and used it as frequent for both phones.
And surprisingly, both battery drained in the evening, but still there were more battery life with the ninetology phone.


Honestly, I loved the Samsung S3 screen better since its in HD and the pictures seems to look much more better. For Ninetology Z1, for those who don't mind much about HD view, its still worth it. Its just the S3 wins while it comes to looking a pictures. I myself somehow got annoyed on how much the colours were different even in my tab.


I loved the Ninetology Z1 better with its grip, its slim and its wide. Its seems like a mini tablet, but it not that big. It was easy for me to grip the phone while I was messaging. For the S3, I had problems having a grip with it. It once fell hard on my face cause I didn't grip it well while typing. LOL
Mybe cause its small and  its slim, and I'm used to big bulky gadgets.


Talking bout camera's!
The most important thing for a blogger actually, and were lucky now that technology has combined these two things together.
I myself admit that I am a total camwhore, really love taking pictures everywhere. At the same time I want quality pictures and not pictures that don't have enough pixels to show.
So of course what I'm most excited part of reviewing was to test the camera's.
And the results are as below

Samsung S3 Back Camera

Ninetology Back Camera

Samsung S3 Front Camera

Ninetology Front Camera

As you can see the pictures are not bad right?
Its just almost the same quality.
The Samsung S3 front camera is 8MP while for Ninetology Z1 is 12MP.
Wow right?

Overall, I really had fun playing with new gadgets for a while even just for a week. Sorry my post ain't like a review much. But hey, its my first one, its a start right?
Thank you to Tech Kaiju Arena for giving me this opportunity.
So for those who also want to have a chance and review a phone from them, join their group! There are looking for you bloggers out there.

29 October 2013

The Bubblegum Wax Party

Are you a virgin?
Uuuuuu... sensitive issue right?
Hye peeps!
What I ment is are you guys still a virgin to waxing?
Well every girl must have this on their to do list once in their life time.
Why? Helloooooooo..
Think for yourself, haha

So as you can see, we all pweety ladies had a bubbly experience of bubblegum waxing
And most of us had it for our first time!
Did we scream? Did we cry?
That's top secret babies..

Thank you to The Butterfly Project
And also Bubblegum Wax
We all had a chance to experience this
But! In a more exciting way.

Cause we had a little Paartaaayyy

Ice Cream!
Seriously yum yum
Just by the taste of it I could tell that's its expensive ice cream

Not only that!
We had sweets also
Oh yummy
My tummy wants more

And here is a brief on what awaits us

While we were called one by one for our bubblegum treatment
We also had a DIY session
Where we had to create the most stunning box to put in our door gifts
And the best part is that we had tons of sweets and ice cream while were on it

We were given about 2 hours to get it done
And tadaaaaaaaaa.. Here are some of the outcomes
Cantik right?
And the best three won splendid gifts!
Jaww drops everyone

Here is the third winner!

And the first winner took home a RM500 voucher
Woaaa.. waxing for eternity wehhh
Congrats babe

This one above is not mine! (maluuuuuuuu, sila abaikan)
Just focus on the product dears
Just love the goodies

Overall, this was my first and ever experience with waxing!
Omaigaaaddd.. Just can't believe that I actually did that
If it wasn't for the girls day out with these butterflies, I wouldn't have done it at all.
Thank you again butterfly project for this experience.
Love you guys!

P/s: I'm so sorry for the low quality image


28 October 2013

Lost World Hotel (Part 4)

Helloooo readers.
If you guys haven't been up to date with my blog, here is what you missed
Journey To The Lost World of Tambun Part 1Part 2Part 3
This is my final chapter to my journey to the lost world.

Sorry bout this blogpost but I had problems with my hotel pictures, so most pictures are not credit to me.

Anyways, the Lost World Hotel is located just beside the Lost World of Tambun. You guys would just have to cross the road to get there.

20 October 2013

Genting's Halloween Horror Spirit 2

Are you guys scared of ghost?
Are you guys brave enough to walk with the dead?
If you are, get ready guys for the 24th to the 27th October at Gentings Outdoor Theme Park, make sure you guys are fully prepared for trick or treat!

For only 5 days only, Genting is helding their Halloween Horror Spirit 2 where you guys get to have a taste of 5 haunted places. Bare yourself for The Haunted Playground, Old Shanghai, Kisah Rumah Puaka, Prison Freak and The City of Walkers!

Sound great enough?
Lets see my experience..
So, yesterday night I was invited by Genting at their very first day of The Halloween Horror Spirit at their outdoor themepark.
I on the other hand was really 50% to go and not to go. WHY?
Cause I'm such a scardy cat. Yes I admit, but still I wanted to experience for once the Halloween Spirit.

Acting as if I'm not scared.

We went in around 9pm yesterday and when I entered the entrace we were heading to The City of Walkers, there I didn't dare to open my eyes. Penakut punya pasal, I held grabbed at Nisa all the way with my eyes shut tight and trying to deaf my ears as hard as I can.
But still I peeked and so a really scary clown, a pig  I think and a zombie. 

Then we entered the Haunted Playground

There I dared open my eyes, since the ghost are not screaming and chasing people.

But still they do look scary right?

Their make up was just awesome
Stil manage to fright me in a glimpse

Then too old Shanghai
This place was cool, the ghost here were actually interesting to look at

These two are having such fun scaring me

Okay, rumah puaka ni aku tak berani masuk
Cause people were screaming like crazy
And I could see glimpses of the ghost from outside and of course la I'm not going to enter.
Ther rest went in came out screaming as well

Everywhere we went there seem to be different kind od ghost walking around
So that night your basically entering the lamd of the dead
And even the dead are welcoming you with performances

You see? 
Well thats pretty much peeps, but theres actually a lot more of attractions.
Its just that I was to scared

So tickets are priced at RM45 each and Genting Reward Card memebers get RM38 per person and if you guys book online via iholiday, its just RM35 per person.


Anyways, that night was a major fright for me, thanks genting for this experience.
Hoping more invites from you guys again.

P/s: Sorry for the low quality image, I'm gonna buy a camera soon so please wait yaa..

Bye peeps!

18 October 2013

Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap in Malaysia

You guys certainly wouldn't want to miss this

Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap is now in Malaysia
AND it is the West End Longest Running Play ever.

Thank you to Nuffnang that I received VIP tickets to watch the show.

Held at DBKL, 
This 2 hour play did really catch our attention

I and the other Nuffnang bloggers indeed had a lot to compliment about the show.

The storyline itself is great! Plus with the British ascent and the hilarious lines in the play, it totally got my mouth wide open.
The story is about a mystery of a murderer and which one of them was it?
It confuses you and keeps you thinking throughout the show.
Omaiiii.. me myself had many thoughts
But seriously the story was fascinating and teh actors were deep in character.
I even had goosebumps cause I was so in the mood with characters.
Senang cerita, memang feel habis dengan lakonan these guys.

Talking from an Art Student perspective
From all the theaters I watched so far, this is counted as one of the simplest theaters I have ever experienced for that is shown in a hall.
The set was complicated, but it was the only one set throughout the theatre
It was magnificent though how they made a completely good show by just one set.
And the lighting was also simple but still stunning. No colour lights, just the use of normal stage lights.
Plus, the play was carried out just by the main characters where they didn't even need an extra to complete the story.

Overall, it kept me thinking how did they manage to pull everything of just like that, compared to the other theatres that I've been, this one is so different.

I wish I could watch it again
And also watch more of International theaters too.

For those who are interested, you guys still have another 2 days to see the show.
It seriously wouldn't be a waste of money, I guarantee  you.

P/s: Pic Credit to Adam Haiqal


17 October 2013

Hot Springs & Spa The Lost World of Tambun (Part 3)

Good Day deary blog readers!
So today lets continue our Journey before to The Lost World of Tambun
For those who missed the previous post, here is Part 1Part 2

This is the best part of the journey people

I surely had a lot of fun there, and of course it was relaxing as ever
Well before I go any further, since I was with The Butterfly Community, wait! Another shout out for 
The Butterfly Project for this awesome event!
So we were specially prepared that night with a BBQ dinner! Omaiiiii... *Drooling again

15 October 2013

Bloggy's New Look Again

So lately I've been changing my blog theme a bit frequently haven't I?
Well to me how our blog looks reflects us
Either it is neat or not
Cheerful, Anger, Sadness
Cause a blog is like a diary
Only that's the diary ain't a secret no more

So from this layout

To this

Dark people! My fav colour
What do you guys think?

Which one better?

This time I wanted my blog to reflect more of me
And of course, having dark purple makes anything look elegant
Cause I love that kind of style

I am really serious about my blog now
After I sacrificed half my heart to start blogging professionally
I hope that it was the right decision to make
After realizing that was my passion after all

Semoga rezeki dipermudahkan
And Allah will always be guiding me

Wish me luck guys for a new start!


13 October 2013

Nestle's Drumstick Most Adventurous Challenge

Calling all adventurers out there!
Woot woot.. be prepared for Nestle's Drumstick Most Adventurous Challenge.
Nestle Drumstick brings to you the ultimate challenge to search and locate Nestle's Ice Cream freezers across Malaysia.

And I had a chance to take part on the challenging adventure to gain a Nestle Drumstick.

Huhh? What happened? Lol

Last week Nestle's Drumstick was at Sunway Lagoon, me and a few other bloggers were invited to personally try out the challenge they had prepared, and myyy, I did get myself hell wet.

Us girls just before we started our challenge.
We were all curious what waited ahead us.

While waiting for eavh of our turns, we were given free ice cream! Wohooo...
Nestles Drumstick freeee, and I had 3.. who can resist Ice Cream right?

And then it was finally my turn,
Seeing the others came out in a disaster made me more eager to face the challenge myself.
Everyone came out wet and full of slime and jelly

So the challenge was to gain a Nestle Drumstick and bring it out in one minute, but.. we had to face the obtacles
And whoever achieves that, they get an All Park acsess to Sunway Lagoon and also RM50 on the spot.
But if you fail, you just get the ticket.
And for that RM50 I was all fired up.

Andd.. I came out with nothing on my head.
Cause I got punched inside and my ice cream fell..
Tergolek-golek aku dalam tu, mentang2 aku kemetot.
But still I still got the entrance ticket to Sunway Lagoon

After we all got wet

So for you guys who missed this, don't fret cause you guys are into more luck, cause there are prizes worth more than RM100,000 to be won.


Head down here to know more

Hurry up, mini tablets awaits you every week!

P/s: This post was sponsored