24 December 2013

Butterfly Project X Kinohimitsu Luau Party!

Woot woot! Anyone missed me?
It has been so long since an update right? Sorry I've been really busy with my studies since I had tons of projects piling up each day.
And tomorrow is already christmas!
Merry christmas to all of my readers who celebrates it.

Anyway, last month, when I still had a little more time for myself, I was invited by The Butterfly Project to their awesome year end party with Kinohimitsu. The party was themed Hawaii. Woaaa.. I didn't have to go so far to feel the Hawaiiness.

Held at Manja Spa in KL, we girls did have a great night. There were games, music, dances, contest and the best of all is of course the unlimited prints at the photobooth. We were introduced to the Kinohimitsu team where they briefed about their product.

To those who don't know much about Kinohimitsu, it a colagen drink from Japan where its good for your health and also for beauty. We that night had a chance to taste their products and also bring them home. How awesome is that.

They also had a bar prepared for us just for a drink of Kinohimitsu


There were also games and one of them was spin the wheel. I didn't have much luck that night but still I got some bottles of Kinohimitsu. The grand prize though was awesome.

See the crowd? The party was happening with just us girls.

Us girls had some bonding time that night. 

A new butterfly, just met her that night and she was really friendly.

And with one of my favourite bloggers, Kak Aida!

And of course with ma girls, Sab and Pika. 
Lol..  Can't believe I just took these much pictures, cause there were a lot more butterflies on that night.
All dressed up hawaii like, felt like we were partying at Hawaii for real.

And here is their new product, Kinohimitsu Booster and it taste great! Seriously tak tipu.
Its lychee flavour and you can either drink it by mixing it with water or just it the powder just like that.
Both ways are simply delicious.
We all that came that night got to bring home a box each that last for a month and I took it everyday without missing. Cause it taste so good.

Had a really fun night that night. The girls was awesome.
Tammy and the butterfly crew did a really awesome that. I would have really regret if I have missed out on this party that night. Thank you guys for the invitation, I really appreciate it.

What are the effects of Kinohimitsu after I took it for a month?

Any difference? Hehe

P/s: Anyways, I would like to apologise to Tammy cause I missed the deadline for this blogpost. I am truely sorry and I'll make sure I'll try my best to not let this happen again. Thank you really for the invite, the party was a really great one to end my year. Thank you again Butterfly Project and Kinohimitsu. XOXO

19 November 2013

Talent Corp Career Attack

As a University student our aim and mission are all almost the same, to score good grades and get the perfect job after we graduate. Last Tuesday there was a Career Attack Fair by Talent Corp at Dewan Sri Budiman UiTM Shah Alam.

Even though I have still two more years to go before I graduate, but still as a UiTM student I didn't want to waste the opportunity to see what lies ahead of me when I get busy looking for a job. This Sector Focused Career Fair (SFCF) had been participated by 73 companies that adds up to a total of 3000 vacancies to offer for those graduates that are starting to look for a job.

This fair is a good thing actually, it makes students understand better of what waits for them when they start working. I had a brief  walk from booth to booth and I learnt that there are a lot of things that a company can offer. Famous and big companies also. So for those final semester students, don't miss out on these kind of activities. It really does help, and I myself found already a company where I could do my practical and I had no idea before that I could do it at that company.

More info head down here

p/s: This post is sponsored


04 November 2013


I wanna go! I wanna go go and go!

Why I wanna go to this party?
OMG why would I wouldn't?
Am I craaaazy to not to go?


There are just so may reasons why I am eager to go.
Lets start then

I'm a Kinohimitsu Loving Blogger

You see! You see! I fell in love with Kinohimitsu when I first knew about it from Tammy's survival kit that I got during the trip to Tambun. Since then I've been loving this drink so much! Its taste good and its good for our body. It makes me glowwww! Lol .. Well everyone wants to look pretty right? And I'm in my 20's already, beauty and wellness is just important during this age.

Faithful Butterfly

Oh yes! I do mean this. Since my first event with The Butterfly Project , the Spa Party, I had so much fun and I experience a lot of new things that I would have never thought of doing. That is why I'm trying hard to be always faithful to this community since it has taught me a lot. Like I told earlier, I'm in my early 20's and I'm growing up, I don't want my experience growing up into an adult be empty. Cause from all the events I had participated with The Butterfly Project I had so much fun and gained more knowledge than I had ever knew before about beauty, wellness and life,

Social Butterfly

I wanna paaartyyy! Yess, even though the party is on a weekday, but still I have my party mode on. The best part is that we are all girls! We can go wild and crazy. After joining events after events with this community, I also made friends with a lot of butterflies. And every time there is an event, we would be asking, are you going? Are you joining? And that makes it more fun, since we come from different places and meeting once in a while like this makes the party more happening, don't you think? And of course during each event we all get to meet new faces, that's the best part of it. You would never know who would turn up.

Addicted to Spa!

Omaigadd... I was jumping up and down when I read that their having the party at Villa Manja Spa. Seriously I have pampered myself to much. Since I've joined, I've been 'Spa'ed' a lot. Haha.. And I'm so loving the feeling of that. I'm such a hectic person, I can't do anything without doing anything, get it? No? What I mean is I like getting myself busy, and in the end my body can't cope with it. At lease I get to relax comfortably in a Spa. Yess... Can't wait to get 'Spa'ed' again! 

Its a Year End Party says Tammy

Since its gonna be the last party for 2013 with these Butterflies of course I don't wanna miss out on this. Like seriously I don't. Its time for a blast night of fun and I wanna don the hulla with ma girls on that night. Should I wear a grass skirt then? Wait, let me picture myself in it. ROTF!

 Hehe.. I bet all the butterflies are so looking forward for this party and so am I. Seriouly can't wait! So please Butterfly Project! Please Tammy, can I end my year with partying like never before with you guys? I promise I'll finish up all my assignments before I go. Haha..
I don't want to miss the fun!

Woaaaa.. I can;t believe that I wrote that much. I was just planning to write in point forms, but it turned out that my heart is taking control in words. So for those bloggers out there, familiar or not familiar with The Butterfly Project, lets join together! Here's how you guys can win an invite by hopping over to Tammy's Blog, the founder of The Butterfly Project.
Good Luck Peeps!

The Butterfly Project


Villa Manja Spa

P/s: Excited! Excited!

03 November 2013

Launch of Guess Luxe Leather Handbag

Hye Bag Lovers!
Guess what, Guess what..
Guess just had its launch of their latest designs
And its leather babies.

As you can see, I was invited to this private function thanks to The Butterfly Project .
And when I got the invite I was like, woaaaa.. like seriously can? Mum was just as excited as me since its her favorite brand.

The function was held at their store at the Gardens KL
And this is what they had prepared for us

And our host for that night

Its was a surprise though seeing this
Candy man, candy man... lalalala
Even us girls had fun watching their performance to introduce Guess new collection.

And below is one of the brand new bags that everyone had an eye for.
Almost each and every blogger took a photo with this bag.
See how much it is most wanted, but seriously its tacky. I can't resist the colour myself.

And there's more
Bags everywhere
It makes you hard to choose which one you love most

Finally a bag caught my eye
The Box Stachel Bag from Guess
I just loved this grey bag
Its big and simple and its just my style

And surely all the other bloggers had fun with bag hunting that day

with Kak Ruby

And there's Kak Innanie

And we have Edazz, Sabrina, Aida, Sabby Prue and Innanie Ariffin
The party was more fun with them around.

Had great fun that night really thank you for inviting me
But wait!
Before here is a little bit of info on their newest collection

Fall/ Winter 2013 Collection

GUESS Luxe presents a range of exclusive leather handbags. These classic, high-quality leather pieces complement the wardrobe of a contemporary, urban-chic woman, seeking accessories that complement her style and personality with femininity and a touch of romanticism.
A fusion of design and accessible luxury, the collection offers a range of sophisticated, yet feminine handbags, with European design and refined details, a wonderful blend of elegance and style for both glamorous high-in-fashion looks or to give an extra flair to everyday ensembles.
GUESS Luxe Fall/Winter 2013 collection offers two distinct moods.
Natural and classic styles perfect for accessorizing any outfit with an elegant attitude. These pieces are timeless yet in line with all the trends of the season and easily worn throughout the day and into the evening. Bags within the bags are ideal partners for all occasions and totes in a multitude of colors and materials are her best friends for weekends away. The best company.
This jeune fille loves sophisticated style and attention to detail. Signature, embossed box satchels are on her ‘must-have’ list. Quilted flap bags in the most wanted tones of the season are perfect for shopping sprees and afternoon tea.
GUESS LUXE Leather Handbags are available in selected GUESS stores.

Pre-Spring 2014 Collection

Simplicity is key for the Pre-Spring 2014 season in the GUESS Luxe Leather handbags collection. 
Functional satchels, chic flaps and elegant clutches with minimal lines in premium napa and calf leather, offer a naturally fresh and understated look that is sophisticated and glamorous.
Tiny metal piping, quilting and touches of patent are detailed with precious pale shiny gold hardware sophisticated embellishment.
Two key collections of GUESS Luxe leather handbag for this season are Tilda and Golden Cage.
This new season of GUESS LUXE Leather Handbags are expected to hit the selected GUESS stores by November.

Till then, Gooday peeps!


02 November 2013

Konserto Store

Is your phone too dull?
In need of new look?
But you want something unique is it?

Well why not try heading to Konserto Store
Surely you'll find the perfect casing for your phone

And there's bags and t-shirts too

More info here


31 October 2013

Review: Ninetology Z1 against Samsung S3

So, I'm such as excited!
Excited much much much!
For the first time ever I have been given the opportunity to review gadgets.
Ohsem right?

Thanks to Ninetology Malaysia that gave me the chance to do so.
First time hearing about Ninetology?
Head down to their Website to know more.

I was given two devices to review on
One is a Samsung S3 and another in Ninetology Z1
Of course most of you are familiar with S3 already right? So I'll be comparing the Samsung S3 with the Ninetology Z1 in this post.

Lets start with the Ninetology Z1
If you guys don't know yet, this Ninetology Z1 is a smartphone with dual sim
Oh yess.. Two sim cards in one phone babes. Totally a plus for those who has so many phones right now but still want to use smartphones.
And don't worry, its still using normal sim card slot.
Compared to Samsung S3, it uses micro sim, so of course I didn't get to slot in my sim card during the review.

Talking bout phones, I'm not an expert on gadgets, so truthfully I don't know much about processors and so and so. So I'll just mention on what I know.

Battery Life

So, I had a field trip last week, I just wanted to test how which battery last longer. So what I did was I fully charged both of the phones and I connected it with wifi through my hotspot from my tablet. So both phones now were able to use the internet all day. I logged into instagram, twitter and also facebook for both phones and used it as frequent for both phones.
And surprisingly, both battery drained in the evening, but still there were more battery life with the ninetology phone.


Honestly, I loved the Samsung S3 screen better since its in HD and the pictures seems to look much more better. For Ninetology Z1, for those who don't mind much about HD view, its still worth it. Its just the S3 wins while it comes to looking a pictures. I myself somehow got annoyed on how much the colours were different even in my tab.


I loved the Ninetology Z1 better with its grip, its slim and its wide. Its seems like a mini tablet, but it not that big. It was easy for me to grip the phone while I was messaging. For the S3, I had problems having a grip with it. It once fell hard on my face cause I didn't grip it well while typing. LOL
Mybe cause its small and  its slim, and I'm used to big bulky gadgets.


Talking bout camera's!
The most important thing for a blogger actually, and were lucky now that technology has combined these two things together.
I myself admit that I am a total camwhore, really love taking pictures everywhere. At the same time I want quality pictures and not pictures that don't have enough pixels to show.
So of course what I'm most excited part of reviewing was to test the camera's.
And the results are as below

Samsung S3 Back Camera

Ninetology Back Camera

Samsung S3 Front Camera

Ninetology Front Camera

As you can see the pictures are not bad right?
Its just almost the same quality.
The Samsung S3 front camera is 8MP while for Ninetology Z1 is 12MP.
Wow right?

Overall, I really had fun playing with new gadgets for a while even just for a week. Sorry my post ain't like a review much. But hey, its my first one, its a start right?
Thank you to Tech Kaiju Arena for giving me this opportunity.
So for those who also want to have a chance and review a phone from them, join their group! There are looking for you bloggers out there.

29 October 2013

The Bubblegum Wax Party

Are you a virgin?
Uuuuuu... sensitive issue right?
Hye peeps!
What I ment is are you guys still a virgin to waxing?
Well every girl must have this on their to do list once in their life time.
Why? Helloooooooo..
Think for yourself, haha

So as you can see, we all pweety ladies had a bubbly experience of bubblegum waxing
And most of us had it for our first time!
Did we scream? Did we cry?
That's top secret babies..

Thank you to The Butterfly Project
And also Bubblegum Wax
We all had a chance to experience this
But! In a more exciting way.

Cause we had a little Paartaaayyy

Ice Cream!
Seriously yum yum
Just by the taste of it I could tell that's its expensive ice cream

Not only that!
We had sweets also
Oh yummy
My tummy wants more

And here is a brief on what awaits us

While we were called one by one for our bubblegum treatment
We also had a DIY session
Where we had to create the most stunning box to put in our door gifts
And the best part is that we had tons of sweets and ice cream while were on it

We were given about 2 hours to get it done
And tadaaaaaaaaa.. Here are some of the outcomes
Cantik right?
And the best three won splendid gifts!
Jaww drops everyone

Here is the third winner!

And the first winner took home a RM500 voucher
Woaaa.. waxing for eternity wehhh
Congrats babe

This one above is not mine! (maluuuuuuuu, sila abaikan)
Just focus on the product dears
Just love the goodies

Overall, this was my first and ever experience with waxing!
Omaigaaaddd.. Just can't believe that I actually did that
If it wasn't for the girls day out with these butterflies, I wouldn't have done it at all.
Thank you again butterfly project for this experience.
Love you guys!

P/s: I'm so sorry for the low quality image