31 May 2012

Nuffnang's Adventure to Awana Genting (Chapt 5)

Chapter 5
Pasar Ikan Bakar

For those who missed Chapt 1Chapt 2Chapt 3Chapt 4

Pasar Ikan Bakar?
Dekat Awana Genting ni ada pasar ke?
I mean pasar yang jual-jual ikan macam pasar basah tu?
Seriously I was so wondering why Genting has a pasar and we were told that we were going to be eating there. So I thought there were little stalls there but it was nothing than I had imagined

Introduce to you guys the Pasar Ikan Bakar Awana Genting
FYI:  The Pasar Ikan Bakar is for private occasions and could only be booked for Group Reservations Only
For booking: 03-61013015

All I could see now is fooooodd
My stomach was rumbling hard but the other bloggers were still chilling taking pictures and I was so eager to eat.

Then when we entered inside I was amazed by the interior

Its so comfy and coasy
If I was not hungry I will be sleeping now
The seats were so comfortable.

Finally the food..
I could still taste the taste of really good food
The meat and seafood are fresh and big, I mean enormous 
I ate about 4 or 5 plates that night and I still wanted more but my tank was already full.
I just wanted to pack everything and bring it back to my hotel room

So that night, was then that I got to know a little bit more about the bloggers

The person smiling toward the camera is Cik Lily Putih
I got this picture from her blog so credit to her
Anyways first time I met her I was actually scared of her
Muka garang gila, nak pandang pun takut
So bila nampak dia macam nak lari je, sebab takut
Then bila dah kenal, actually she is an interesting person with lots of stories to share
Then bila dah habis trip baru rasa yang SPORTINGNYA Kak Lily

Then here's Kak Anne, and my roomate Hanis
Picture credit to Hanis

So Kak Anne is the author of penmerah.com and the first time I saw her she was staring at me in a creepy way. I was like, 'err do I have my make-up smudged?' Then when I got to talk to her she said that she thought that I was her 'adik angkat' cause we looked similar. So that explains the story. Kak Anne is really friendly and she loves her cats so much.

Then there's Hanis, she's such a great partner to talk with. She speaks softly and politely, totally the opposite of me but still I don't know how we managed to get along.

Then meet Nisa Fuzi and of course semua kenal Nisa Kay yang kat belakang tu

So Nisa is Nisa and Nisa is Nisa
Haha.. Both of them cantik!

Anyways, I'll update more to you about the bloggers in other chapters

Back to the story then

So my stomach felt like it was gonna explode
Its not my fault cause the food was too good
You guys who are staying at Awana Genting will surely regret if you don't come here

The dinner was great but the treat didn't last long cause the next day we went through something that we will never forget.

to be continued...

p/s: thanks again Nuffnang

30 May 2012

Hijab Fashion Week May 2012 Day 3

Today's theme is Time Travel

Remember those mini silk satin scarves mum's used to wear in the late 90's?
Yeah.. Lets travel back to that time
Where the knot of the hijab is tied into a bow
Actually this hijab belongs to mum
Her favorite piece from London

Till then
And Assalamualaikum

29 May 2012

Hijabi Fashion Week Day 2

Today's theme is Favorite Hijab

This Shawl is so easy to wear and don't have to iron
It can be worn both sides with different patterns
The colours are sweet and soft and able to match with a lot of clothes
believe it or not
I love this hijab so much that I could wear it for formal, dates, casual, sports and even when I have to dress up in a theme
This shawl fits all

So many different styles with the same hijab
So that is why this hijab is my favorite


Nuffnang's Adventure to Awana Genting (Chapt 4)

Chapter 4

For those who missed Chapter 1 , Chapter 2Chapter 3

I was out of breath, I couldn't bare to run anymore,
Hanis was in front of me, it was me and Kak Liliy at the back
I was like 'when is this gonna end?'

Meet Lyn and Tony Teh

My water bottle was already empty and all I could see is water
I wanted water so badly
Finally we reached to the final challenge

This is actually my second time trying, my first time when I was still in primary school
I went for some camp and they made us go down a four storey building which was more scarier than this. At least this time there is a place to land our feet.

We were the first group to arrive so we had the time to relax
I was really exhausted with all that running though

It was pretty way up
I not so pretty scared with heights so I was kinda fascinated with the view

So then it was my turn
The tip to abseiling is to lean back and straighten our legs
First off all I kinda got scared, not because of the height but because of I felt like I was a bout to fall when I leaned back to straighten my legs.

Then soon I got the hang of it but my waist started to hurt, cause the belt was gripping to hard and I was leaning back so somehow it was squeezing my waist.

But still it was fun that I didn't realize that I was already at the bottom
I wanted to do more but I was to lazy to climb the stairs
Besides, the other groups had arrived

This cute akak beside me is Kak Rubi
Akak ni la yang pertama introducekan diri hari tu
Sangat peramah

And this is Putra
Much older than me but almost the same hieght.. Hehe

So.. Our group won the Treasure Hunt
The reward is rest our legs
We just got a ride back to the hotel while the others had to walk back, not so sure cause we were the first to go back
We got to ride on that mini cute car

Finally home
I mean bed!
Haha.. But I was starving and dinner was 2 hours away

But dinner that night was such a great treat

To be continued...

p/s: pictures credit to Daren from Nuffnang


28 May 2012

Hijabi Fashion Week May 2012 Day 1

Hye people and Assalamualaikum

So some of you may already know what is Hijab Fashion Week right? And some of you may not.
Well for those who don't know, this week is supposed to bring Muslim women together with the sense of fashion according to the Islamic way of dressing up.
So Muslim women all over the world could participate, all they have to do is submit their photo's with their way of dressing up according to the theme of the day.
This is not a competition but there are prizes to be given away to the lucky contestants.

Well, this is actually my first time joining, I don't even know why I joined since I'm no fashionista,
Maybe I just loved seeing these beautiful ladies dress up and wanted to be one of them. HAHA.. Okay funny
So I don't think I'll be entering every theme since I really am lazy to dress up and take pictures, but still there is a side of me that is all fascinated about all of this.

So today's theme is Leader's in Hijab

Actually I did have my outfit planned but then I got so much to do that I just got this picture.
Anyways, for those who would like to find out more about this Hijabi Fashion Week, feel free to click on the thumbnail below

till then

27 May 2012

Ibu Mertuaku Coming Soon

Ibu Mertuaku bakal tiba
Berdebar-debar rasanya diri
Takut dan seram sejuk pun ada ni

Apa yang korang fikirkan ni haaaaa?

Sebenarnya aku maksudkan sebuah projek yang diusahakan oleh IMMAN a.k.a adik beradik puncak aku.
Ibu Mertuaku merupakan teater yang kami usahakan untuk dipersembahkan kepada orang ramai untuk final projek kami iatu diploma showcase yang akan diadakan sekitar bulan September nanti.

Kerana lagi dua minggu nak bukak semester tiba-tiba rasa bedebar-debar pula kerana semester ini merupakan semester terakhir aku dan penentuan aku selepas menghabiskan diploma ni.

Semester lepas IMMAN telah bertekak, berperang, berusaha keras demi cerita Ibu Mertuaku menjadi pilihan untuk dipersembahkan semasa diploma showcase nanti.

Alhamdulillah segala usaha kami berlima dan juga rakan-rakan lain juga yang turut membantu telah membantu cerita kami terpilih bersama dua lagi teater iatu Musang Berjanggut dan Keluarga 69.

Video di bawah ini merupakan idea kasar bagaimana kami imaginasikan untuk teater ini dipersembahkan
Tapi belum tentu set ini akan digunakan kerana kami bergabung dengan 2 lagi teater

Cantik tak set mini ni?
Ni hasil kerja tangan Nazli Nawi, Hamirul Afizi dan juga Amirul Mukmin
Ketiga2 jejaka kacak di atas ni

Dan anak patung yang bergerak2 tu dilukis oleh saya sendiri

Meet Kassim Selamat
The lead character
In the Film it is played by P. Ramlee

Yang ini pula Sabariah
Isteri pertama Kassim Selamat

Ini pula Nyonya Mansoor
Punca retanknya rumah tangga Kassim Selamat dan Sabariah

Rasanya orang-orang Melayu sudah tentu tahu jalan cerita ibu mertuaku ni kan? Filem klasik ini pastinya tidak akan jemu-jemu walaupun ditonton berulang-ulang kali.

Tapi pernah ke korang semua lihat dari versi teater? Mesti akan ada kelainan yang akan mengejutkan para penonton nanti.

Korang semua mesti nak tahu apa kelainan dan keunikan teater yang akan kami pentaskan nanti kan? Pastikan anda sentiasa mengikuti perkembangan saya dalam update2 untuk teater ini.

Mana tahu maybe korang akan dapat tiket free untuk menyaksikan persembahan ini nanti.

p/s:maaf lukisan tak berapa nak cantik dan aku baru perasan yang aku update dalam BM

26 May 2012

Nuffnang's Adventure to Awana Genting (Chapt 3)

Chapter 3

Treasure Hunt

To those who missed Chapt 1 , Chapt 2

Dammnnnn.. I just wanna lay in bed and be under the sheets right now
My eyes are really heavy and my brain keeps saying 'beddddd, beddddd....'

But still I gathered all my strength and came down to the lobby 1.30pm
We were a bit late cause somehow we got so excited talking to the Author of Pen Merah

So first we had to walk to the start of the game
Tercungap-cungap aku naik tangga, al maklumlah orang terlalu sihat kan, baru berpeluh sikit dah semput
Anyways we first started of doing some light exercise then we were divided into groups

So these are my group members
Starting from our left,
the guy with his eyes closed, TONY
the women in blue, LYN
the women in red, Cik Liliy Putih
The guy with the thumbs up, DAREN
And my cute roomate, Hanis

So the adventure started with a game of Sudoku and word searching, since I don't know how to play sudoku, me Daren and Lyn focused on the word searching game while the others played sudoku. Sadly we were the last team to get the next mission.

The second mission is build a platform and get all the groups over to the other side.

When we passed that we were given clues for us to solve and find the place mentioned
There were four places and we decided to go to the last place first since all the other groups were so busy at  the other locations.
And it was really a benefit for us since it was not so hard to find the golf ball.
I forgot to mention that we were suppose to collect golf balls in every location
I managed to find one but Lyn was the one with the sharp eye

Luckily we were the first team to accomplish the second mission, so we are at lead

The third mission was then for the indoor games

Since we were in the mood of winning, we divided ourselves to complete the games
Me and Hanis played squash, we we suppose to hit the balloons but the balloons were to thick and it was impossible to pop it with my strength.
Then Daren and Kak Liliy did archery
Lyn and Tony did wall climbing
And yet we were still in the lead

For the third mission we had to take pictures of our group at certain places

One of them is take a picture with this car, I forgot the name of this car

When we completed the mission we thought that was the last one, but nooooooooo
There is more and I was already out of breath

For the fourth mission we had to walk up a hill to get there
I was like.. (out of breath) whaaattt??

When we got there we were given this puzzle to solve and make the puzzle into various shapes according to the guideline

Finally about 10 to 15 minutes we managed to solve it
And I was like yeayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. Finished already can rest.

But noooooooooooooooooooo
Theres moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
and I was like oh nooooooooooo

The other groups were catching up with us
And we were in panic

to be continued

p/s: pictures credit to Daren from Nuffnang

25 May 2012

LG Party With Nuffies

Yesterday night was Awesome.. I tell ya just so so awesome
Thank You Nuffang for giving me and my friend the opportunity to join this event

The crowd was crazy and this is actually my first tie attending events like this
LG displayed us their new Smart 3D Cinema TV that has all sorts of cool functions and takes our breath away just by look of it.
There were sections that focused on certain parts of the TV that they wanted us to know about
Seriously I was so amazed that someone managed to create such an invention

Cool Shades right?
Silly, these are the 3D glasses
Don't seem like those heavy 3D glasses right?
Just can grab them and wear them under the sun.

Guess what I'm doing. I'm just playing a game by using just my body to control the game. It was really fun.

I don't know much of the bloggers there, since I hardly blog walk and remember the blogs I enter to. But still  I manged to be friend with the bloggers that went to the Awana Genting trip with me few weeks back. 
This is me with Nisa Fuzi
I really pretty girl that is really friendly

Then of course you all my know this familiar face right?
who other than Cik Lily Putih

Then this guy here Putra
The really guy that likes to make fun of me

Then not forgetting the person who put on an effort to bring me to this event
Thank You kimsyaf

There were so many bloggers that came that night, Hanis and Nazrul was there too. I knew some of the familiar faces but I was to shy to say Hi.. Yeahh.. Me shy, HAHA

Anyways, the party was a blast
But still I haven't told you the awesome features of the TV's right?
Just wait till the next post


24 May 2012

Review Men In Black 3

Sooooooooo.. I just got back from the Cinema and you can already guess which movie I watched right?

You are so gonna regret this if you miss out on this one
Seriously its just really a new twist to the story
And and and I almost cried at the end of the movie
Somehow the last scene really touched me

So here are some details of the movie:

The lead actors Will Smith (Agent J) and Tommy Lee Jones (Agent Kay)
MIB is jot not MIB without them

So this guy here  is the evil Alien named Boris the Animal
But he gets annoyed when 'the Animal' is mentioned
Its just Boris he says
So Boris is played by Jemaine Clemer

So who are these people and why are they dressed so the 90's?
Well  this is the young Agent Kay and the young Agent O

Oooo.. Kayyyyyy

Their roles are played by Josh Brolin and Alice Eve
(I really thought that Josh Brolin was the son of  Tommy Lee Jones since they really look a bit alike, but the answer is no, Josh Brolin is actually the son of actor James Brolin)

Daaaa.. Ain't that guy suppose to be old, what's he doing with Agent J?
You guys have to watch the movie for that
It's not fun spilling out everything right?

Overall this movie gets 4 out of 5
Its hilarious, the guys in the cinema were all laughing out loud
Including me


18 May 2012

Tips For Henna

Henna is a persons name.
Actually I'm referring to Henna as Inai
For Malay, Indian, and Arabian of course henna is very familiar to their culture

Usually Henna is used for beauty
People use henna to colour their hair
To draw on their skins for special occasions
And henna could also be used as a medicine for swollen skin and other sorts

People nowadays don't use Henna pretty much as before cause we now have other things than Henna
Henna is not permanent and it only has one colour that is between orange, red, and black according to the mixtures you put in it.

People who are getting married usually seek for henna as henna is usually a tradition that the new newlyweds will have wearing on their wedding days.

As Malay culture is utterly based from the Hindu culture, so Malay and Indian ceremonies have some similarities to it as example as wearing henna.

A friend of mine is getting married and of course she still wants to follow the tradition and wear henna.

Since nowadays not many people are in the industry of henna so it is hard to find people with skills in designing henna patterns.

Luckily we found one out of luck

Since we are not living in the city so the price of the charge is not expensive than in the city.

Henna is made from henna leaves and a little water. Daun-daun ini ditumbuk sehingga lunyai. Then for the additional mixtures depends on the person making it on how the want the colour to turn out. Usually for more darker red colour some add tea powder in it. There are also many other ways, the henna from the picture is said to have a little mixture of eggs.

For those who have never worn henna before, the black pattern you see now is not the final product. You have to wait about an hour or two for the henna to dry first before you wash it.

So this is how the final product looks like.

Tips putting on Henna

1. Make sure you don't move a lot while someone is designing
2. Be patient
3. Wait until the Henna is completely dried
4. Don't wash the Henna after dried, peel it of with tissue of a napkin
5. Put baby oil after everything is peeled of nicely for a great shinning effect.

So the results are beautiful right?
The price is also beautiful so I thought of having a cheap design

So this is the cheapest design
RM5 only
Thank You kepada yang belanja


15 May 2012

Nuffnang's Adventure to Awana Genting (Chapt 2)

Chapter 2


To those who missed Chapter 1 . 

My stomach was singing 'kroink, kroink, fill me.. fill me'

But I mostly ignored my hunger, (mana tak lapar kalau satu malam sampai masa tu tak makan apa-apa, excited punya pasal, sanggup tak makan).

We were given our room cards and told to carry our luggage to our rooms. My roommate was Hanis, glad I was in the same room with her.

As soon as we entered our rooms, I was like jumping up and down, excited much. 

The view was spectacular with the fresh air at Genting, ouhh.. like heaven!

See the room. the bed, the sheets, you'll sleep like a boss with the size of a bed like that.

So, inside this is the key and coupons to Rajawali Coffee House for, lunch, and breakfast.

Me and Hanis were the first to arrive.. We were so looking forward to eating that we had to wait another 15 minutes cause the buffet wasn't ready yet.

I was like " whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. me hungry, me want food, me don't care. me want food now"
(tapi sebab aku malu-malu lgi tak kenal orang, so aku marah perut aku soh senyap jap)

Sharp at 12.00pm we went for the food

The drugs.. I mean foodddddddddddddddddddddddd

The real drugs

Lunch in day 1. You see the nasi-nasi bersepah-sepah tu?  Itu salah satu sebab aku still tak boleh kahwin lagi, senduk nasi pun tak betul.

Ikutkan hati aku nak tibai je makan terus, tapi blogger-blogger lain semua tangkap gambar makanan, aku pun, ehh.. seganlah nak makan dulu, so snap jela beberapa gambar, agak-agak dah tahan sangat terus baham.

The food was delicious I tell yaaa.. The salad especially, the dressing was just marvelous. Updating this makes me swallow my saliva. Erghhh.. 

See this? This is the reason why I eat
To wash my mouth (pencuci mulut)

Ouhhhhhhh.. I can't be a food blogger, all I wanna do is eat, not promoting. Tengoklah, gila tak tahan nak makan sampai letak pun bersepah-sepah. Blogger-blogger lain susun cantik-cantik.

See my happy face there?
Yes.. I'm happy.. That's my third plate

Rajawali offers great food. If your own your way to Genting drop by at Awana, the food served here are in buffet style and it really is affordable. I read the prices as I was in the lift of the hotel so I can't tell you specifically how much is the price. But as I remembered, I told Hanis that the price were pretty much eating a basic set at Kenny Rodgers. So its not that expensive don't you think?

"Buurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrpppppppppppppp" I was full and my eyes were heavy
But no no sleep, we went hunting after that
Wait for Chapter 3 then.. hehe

So thank you, Nuffnang, Daren, Putra, Nazrul, for these pictures.

p/s: I'm saving for a camera. So do help me