28 July 2012

The Don'ts When Your 20

Hye peeps. I missed bloggy here so much. Been so so so busy lately.
Anyways, I really wanted to do this post for some time.


Ahaaa people, it is the things you shouldn't do when you reached the age of 20. Why? Please la.. Your not in your teens anymore. That's why there is no number of twenTEEN.
Well, I'm not trying to criticize people but seriously people, some of us 20's above still seem like an infant.

Okay, Don't number 1

1. Don't write stupid language

Helloo people, which part of the planet did you guys even learn these words? That's a different story, just that your adults. You should learn to write properly instead of stupidly. For school students its just typical of them, cause they are growing up, even I once used improper language for writing.

2. Don't write like you don't know how to write
NaMa SaYa JoYaH, SayErr OwaNg NogoRi, SayErr sUkeW .... bla bla bla (exp)

Why do some of you have to write like this? It really confuses people and yes, it's even worst than school kids themselves.

3. Don't take your own pictures from the top view 

Ouh please, this is so for school kids. Let the kids take photo's like this. And yes, this was me once upon a time when I was still in school. And and and, don't take pictures in public toilets anymore, its just, ummm.. u know, like there is no other place to take pictures.

4. Don't upload every photo you take of you and upload it in Facebook

What I mean is, to those cam-whores you can take pictures of yourselves but you don't have to make an album of you that is basically almost the same picture, with the same clothes and the same place but just different postures. The most annoying thing is that the description says 'Xdew kejew' and something almost the same.
If you are so obsessed with your own pictures, make an album that has different pictures of you wearing different clothes at different places and upload it one at a time.

5. Don't mock people in your FB status

Seriously it reflects you back you know. Never ever do that, it shows how emotional and bad mouth you are. I used to do that in school and trust me, it never makes you feel better. You should try and keep personal things from the public.

6. Don't ever tell people to follow you back on twitter or other social networks

It shows how lame you actually are, let people decide either they want to keep updated with you or not. Don't force people to follow you back just because you followed them. Even if you got so many followers, people will still think twice why you have so many followers especially if your not an icon in this country.

7. Don't put pictures of artist especially K-Pop for your profile picture

Dude, if you really don't want your face in the cyber world you could at least make your profile pictures with wordings. Don't use other people's faces, its so like your telling everyone that your face is actually so handsome like this artist. Pleaseeeeeee la weh. And for me, I won't even approve people with DP's like this.

8. Don't link twitter with Facebook

Please people, don't ever do that.  Its freaking annoying!

9. Don't pose with two fingers showing (peace sign)

Why do you even have to pose like that? Is it a condition to pose like that in every photo. Its okay if you do it sometimes, but in every pictures? Seriously? Your 20! Your suppose to look more matured. Try exploring new poses for a picture.

10. Don't... ummm mostly about clothing but then its an individuals choice so I might not say anything.

So these are mostly the Don'ts when your 20. Its okay in your teen ages but when you reach adulthood it is seriously not so proper. Your suppose to be seen as an individual that thinks and matured.

This blogpost is not meant for anyone specifically but if your one of them, you might think again.

If you feel like what I'm saying is not proper you can leave a comment. I just wanna see how many agrees with me. This is just my opinion, it has nothing to do with research or so on.


22 July 2012

Buntalians from Kampung Buntal

Buntalians from Kampung Buntal?
Ada eh Kampung tu kat Malaysia ni?
khekhekhe.. itulah nama kampung kami untuk program Reinvention pelajar semester 1.
Apa itu program Reinvention, you guys can check out blog Timbalan Pengarah kami untuk program tersebut that is Aleena Isa.

Anyways back to the Buntalians. They are actually my juniors from my group with  Atikah Ahamd, Eyqa RazakIezah Diyana, and Efan Arif, there actually there are a lot more but we were the ones that usually show up.

As I told you in the post before we had to come up with a performance for the big night where we introduce our juniors to all our Faculty members including the Dean himself.
So our group got the Bollywood theme where they had to dance in Bollywood style. But you must be asking why are they wearing Batik? Cause at the same time we had to include the Kampung theme as well.

So down here you can see how the performance went

The sound quality is not so good though and you can see that the dance is kinda messy, but actually these kids are really good just I think that they are a bit nervous. But still they tried their best.
But here the video is during their practice.

You see the difference right? Well I'm still proud with them, they dance more better than me though. Just nak kata aku terkilan sikit dengan well one of them, I know Induction may not be the favourable programme for most people but still you don't have to lie to get your way out. I know actually that your just giving excuses cause I'm certainly sure that your not from Sekolah Seni. And your giving so much excuses to skip practice but its okay, you did come did ya? Just I can't take people lying that's all. 
The others were fantastically superb! <3<3<3 .. Thanks mostly to Apis the group leader. I know you had a hard time calling everyone and making sure they came. And also to the others who bore exhaustion and still came to practice every night.

And here is our batch performance.
Zhaf, Nazli, Mieyo, Fizi, Tharwa, Aisyah, Nadia, Daniella, Dea and Alee did a great performance by mixing all of our performances during our time when we got inducted into one performance. It was great!

And these were our seniors that inducted us. They still to the effort and came to join us and see our programme. Thank you.

So the night ended well, the other performances were fantastic especially Kumpulan Dangdut!


21 July 2012

Trip to Penang with MAS and PayPal

Helllooooo & Assalamualaikum
Happy Ramadhan folks!
Enjoy your fasting month and make sure to secure your iman.

Anyways, last Thursday I got a tweet from Malaysian Airlines asking for my email and then I got an email from them with an invitation for a day trip with Penang with them. 
At first I was wondering why they chose me, cause you know, I'm not one of the famous bloggers here in Malaysia. I could say I'm still a junior in this field.
I also was in a dilemma either to go or not to go, cause I had full classes on that day. But then I thought and thought, and hey, chances like this don't come everyday right?

18 July 2012

Alicafe Tiga Rasa Cafe

Ommmmmm... Yummy yummy fat tummy

Hye peeps! This is my first ever food tasting event at Alicafe Tiga Rasa School
See our class photo? Daniel is our gym teacher.. hehehehe...
Just joking guys.

Anyways, we actually came here to eat.
Alicafe Tiga Rasa at USJ is the first branch of Alicafe restaurants to focus on Malaysian cuisines.
So we are some of the lucky ones to have a taste of their specials. 

So what are their specials?

Gulai lemak is a Malaysian favorite with creamy coconut sauce as its main flavor. The taste is greater enhance with the blend of kunyit hidup, sambal and lemongrass - a popular sauce with great demand.

Sambal lemak is a classic Malaysian favorite. A Malaysian meal is incomplete without a dish featuring this evergreen sambal. This aromatic spiced robust sauce is made by chilies, garlic, coconut milk and blended with other flavorful spices.

Sambal Hebi-Hiam is prepared by delicious dried shrimps, curry leaves, onions and garlic. The taste is simply marvelous with a strong aromatic smell. Add extra cili padi if you’re bold enough for an extra kick!

One can enjoy the TigaRasa sauces with choices of grilled “ikan pari” and “ikan selar”, grilled lamb chops, grilled chicken or grilled mix vegetables served in  hot plates. We highly recommended the Grilled Lamb Chop which is grilled to perfection to be served with the Gulai Lemak sauce.

Further to that, we have other offerings such as the Siakap Tomyam - a mouthwatering dish cooked with spices to provide the flavors of moderate spiciness and sweetness, thus providing a sumptuous satisfaction in every bite. The Curry Fish Head, presented in a concoction of Malaysian herbs and our chef’s secret recipe is a dish one would savor and crave for more…. This Curry Fish Head is certainly a must try dish!

In conjunction with the coming Ramadan month, Alicafé Tigarasa is having the special promotion set from RM10.90 for one which includes a drink, kurma dates for the breaking of the fast, a main course and also its speciality Hokkiado cake as dessert. For groups and families, set dinners for 4-5 persons starting for RM69.90 is available for this Ramadan month – the set includes a Siakap dish, fried chicken, scrambled eggs, a TigarRasa mix grilled vegetable dish, Hokkiado cakes for dessert, kurma dates and Alicafe’s home made Pati Kurma Madu drinks. 

The food looks delicious right? I was dying to eat but everyone was so busy taking pictures, you see.. you see.. why food u so famous?

So once we got our food, look in the end what happened. A mess right? Did food was super awesome and you guys should definitely try. They are having a ramadhan special promotion for 4 pax this puasa. So don't miss this chance to try this awesome food.

The environment inside was super comfortable and the workers themselves were super fantastic and very friendly including their manager.

Thanks to Nuffnang for giving me this invite and thank to Hanis for driving me there. Not forgetting Darren and Emelia. 
This was my first time also meeting Thara Sofian. Really did not expect that she knew my name. Feel so happy suddenly.
But that night was really happening. First time I met, Kak Nadia, Nichole, Carmen and Henry. But Daniel was the penyeri majlis cause he kept the whole table laughing.

That night was great!

And and I got to meet her, Hanis Zalikha.. Awwwww... She's so pretty, I mean beautiful!

Anyways thanks again Nuffnang and Alicafe for this great event. Hope to get more events like this soon.

17 July 2012

London Summer Musical Sunway Lagoon

Hey peeps I'm back again
So last couple of weeks, I was really busy so I had to delay this post actually
I won The London Summer Musical tickets from Nuffnang about a month ago and only 2 weeks back did I get the chance to watch it.

Actually I just won a pair of tickets but since Ella did not manage to go so she gave me her pair of tickets also. Thanks Elz for the tickets but still it would be better if you came along. Anyways, I bought Aisyah instead and another friend of mine for Elz pair of ticks. Me? Of course I bought my Bignose, whose gonna drive if he didn't go. Hehehe...

The theater was at Amphitheatre Sunway Lagoon. For those who never have been there before the theatre is actually inside Sunway Lagoon itself. Your entrance is via surf beach. So if you guys know where is the surf beach entrance just go there, don't go at Sunway Lagoon's main entrance or you'll be walking such a long distance before you even enter the gate. Trust me, we were the victims.

I was so shocked to see the crowd of the people. When we entered the gate there was like this car waiting for us like usually the ones in the zoo. So we entered that car thingy and it was carrying us like laju gila, ya.. macam driver gila dia bawak and I was like, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die. I'm never riding that thing again.

When I got there I was really amazed by the theatre hall itself. It was really cool and really big and I was thinking why can't our showcase perform here. Anyways in this picture is just half the crowd.

As you see in the picture above, these are some scenes in the theatre. Super awesome I tell ya with the dance and colours. Really amazed from the difference of local and international but honestly I still prefer local theatre. 

Just a rough synopsis of the story.

There are these three stewardess from New York that stops at London for a while and wants to explore London as soon as possible. Penny the main female character remembered back her love history with a son of a man that was a famous theatre director from London. So as her two fellow friends was enjoying spending time in London with guys they barely new, Penny enjoyed her trip by herself and somehow she found back her long lost love.

The guy (I forgot his name), well he was in trouble looking for a main lead singer for a charity event made by his father. Then he found Penny coincidentally and he persuaded Penny to come sing for him in the show since Penny was also in show business before she became a stewardess. She really missed the show biz and also two of her friends so they also agreed to participate.

Throughout the show, there were a lot of songs, some where fun but some where.. yaaaa.. okay then, but I still don't understand what does the Lion King song has to do with one of the scenes in there. So in the end Penny found her love and everyone was happy like that.

Overall the show was okay, my rate is 3/5 cause there was some certain parts that I kept yawning. But still there is a very huge difference between local and international theatre. But I was to focused on the lighting of the show. HAHAHA.. funny right? There were 14 moving heads just on stage and the lighting effects were just magnificent!

Anyways, I am really thankful to Nuffnang cause giving me this opportunity. Thanks again, I really did enjoy it and also my friends.


15 July 2012

Reinvetion & Apa Khabar Orang Kampung Performance Night

Hellllloooooooooooooo dan Assalammualaikum semua para pembaca blog ini.
Alright peeps, I know its been a while since I posted anything here. Been so busy lately.
So the last couple of weeks I've been busy with my juniors trying to get them prepared for last week's performance.

What performance?
So FYI guys, those who wanna be a part of Faculty Film, Theater & Animation (FiFTA) or originally Faculty of Artistic and Creative Technology (FACT) will have to join this program called Induction generally. Usually every semester the name will change according to the Part 5 students who are in charge to coordinate this program.

So for this semester, our program was called Reinvention and the theme for the Performance Night was Apa Khabar Orang Kampung. Cool right? The part 5 students will do all their best to help the part 1 students how to adapt in out community.

So for today's post is just a short post on what happened during the whole process
Instead of words, let me show ya..
Credit to Jeycobs Leroy, the best editor we have so far so enjoy this video specially made by him

I bet these kids will remember this song till they have grandchilds cause I know I will. It was really a great experience. I know my face never turned up in the video, cause I was the one busy taking pictures since I was one of the multimedia crew with Jeycob. But still, Induction will forever be something sweet.

So for the performance night, here is just a little something to show.

Wait for my next post and I'll introduce to you the BUNTALIANS!
Till then
Bye peeps
Happy Peeping!


08 July 2012

Digi's Juara Internet

Yesterday I was invited to Digi's Juara Internet held at The Curve Mutiara Damansara.. I went there with Syafiq of course cause he also got an invite to.

Hell yeahhh was I excited cause I was looking forward to play games there.

So on that day Hitz.fm was also there with DJ JJ and DJ Ean. Both of them were hanging up in cages in the air when I arrived.

The crowd was major, It was hardly for me to hear people talking next to me
So there was a game for bloggers.. Ten bloggers, one of them was me, well Syafiq was included to.
So five were in team Ean and another 5 were in team JJ.

Me and Syafiq was in Team JJ
So we had to play this game and compete with each other,
The winning team wins a Samsung Galaxy S something while the loosing team wins a t-shirt.

Me and Syafiq won scores for our team but sadly our team lost. 
Maybe were still not a Juara Internet yet.

So yeaaaa.. we got a t-shirt
But its okay, even though I was a bit disappointed cause I was really in desperately need for a phone
But still, orang kata tak ada rezeki kan?
There is always some other time.

Anyways it was fun though
I had fun playing the games

You see.. you see.. were still smiling even though we lost.

Anyways thank's Nuffnang and Digi for this opportunity! 

p/s: I really wanted the cage to go up at that time. JJ said its kinda cooler up there then down here. :p

Astro On-The-Go

Hye Guys! Remember I had post about the awesome Astro's On The Go Party a few entries back?
Here is some flashback
So if you guys missed it, click here

You guys must of heard about Astro's New application right?
Where you can have astro where ever you go..
You know

Astro On-The-Go

- Take Astro with you anywhere you go on iPads, iPhones and Laptops
- Up to 11 TV channels, comprising of news, learning and entertainment
- Video On Demand- Library of local and international titles
- Catch Up TV: Mobile acsess to the best of Astro both local and international programmes.
- Live Event Offering- Up to 4 LIVE event Channels on Astro On-The-Go, including Euro 2012

Wohoooooo.. So it means that you'll get to watch Astro where ever you are and you don't have to bring that big colour box TV with ya! All you will need to have is an iPad and iPhone or even a smartphone running android. Great huh?!

You got all that stuff?

So how to get Astro On-The-Go on your device?
There is just 3 simple steps.

1. Visit www.astro.com.my and click 'Register' button on the navigation bar at the top right corner to create your username (Astro ID)

Then all you need to do is fill in the form and you'll get need to confirm it through your email before you can use your Astro ID

2. With your newly created Astro ID, link your Astro Smart Card by clicking on the 'Link' Button to access Astro On-The-Go programmes and channels from your subscribed packages. Please note that you will need to be logged in to do this.

3. You can then visit www.astro.com.my/onthego and log in with your Astro ID. To enjoy Astro On-The-Go via tablet or smartphone, download the Astro On-The-Go application from the Application Store.

This is the download link for iPhone and iPad

You can also view through web here

Download for android?
Coming soon

So there it is, 3 simple steps. And your On The Go

For more information you guys could visit here

If I could have my very own iPad and I have Astro On-The-Go Running in it, where would I go?
I wish..

I'm a total freak of theater shows, but theaters will always have a gap about 15 minutes. I hate leaving my seat cause my mood will then fade from the show. So that is when Astro On-The-Go is really useful.
Btw this is my entry for the Astro On-The-Go contest. Hope you guys can't vote for me.

p/s: Hope I could bring home something this time, anyways thanks Nuffnang & Astro!


02 July 2012

Nestle's Prize Money

Hell Hello Hello
Just a short post today guys..

As you fellow followers already knew, I won Nestle's 100 Year's Competition as the May Winner for one of the best videos.

I just claimed my prize last week at MediaCliq at Soho KL.

The amount is big right? Try slpitting it into three. That's the amount that I got

Hehe.. Anyways, syukur Alahamdulillah kerana dimurahkan rezeki untuk memenang pertandingan ini.

So for those who missed out, once again here is the video

And congratulations to Syafiq Ismail and also Khairul Ariffin as the videomans.
I only did the editing


Induction FFTA

I know.. I know.. Baru sekarang aku nak muncul update blog kan?
Huhuhu.. Sorry readers.. Nak kata busy sangat xadalah, just masa update aku telah dicuri minggu ni untuk memberi ruang kepada program induksi.
Aku kena induct sekali lagi ..

Actually I'm the one who is inducting since I'm in my final semester and it has been a tradition for our faculty for final semester students to induct juniors.
To be honest, I'm not so into the senior and junior thingy and I am really lazy to join actually but I gained all my strength and said to myself, I'm gonna miss out on something really great.
In the end I was right! It was super!
I was also given duty to become the multimedia team with Jeycobs and Atika Ahmad.

So I am going to go roughly through what happened during the induction program. Our program started this week from Monday till Saturday every night.
The first day of induction, 30 minuets before the program started the whole Puncak Perdana blacked out!
Wt!#@#$% right? But still we all went down in the dark and still gathered until we managed to gather all the seniors first. Just as soon as the juniors were brought upstairs to officially meet us the lights turned back on and we were wohoaaaaaaaa... Allhamdulillah, program dapat dijalankan seperti dirancang.
So as you can see, the people in red are us the seniors while the ones sitting on the floor are the juniors. Actually there are a lot more of seniors than in the picture itself.

That night, we were suppose to introduce ourselves to the juniors. Most of us gave fake names. Dollah, Peah, all those funny names semua keluar. Me? I introduced myself as Alia Adnan twin sister to Alissa Adnan. Hehehe.. See.. Don't we look the same? So we are generally twins without the same blood type.

Then on the 3rd night, we introduced all our juniors to all our seniors before we became seniors. You see all the people sitting down on the chairs, there are all over the place till the back of the hall, all of them are our seniors including our super duper seniors and also their juniors. Our juniors are the ones wearing blue sitting on the floor. That night was great cause everyone seemed to be entertained. Thanks to all the seniors that sacrificed a bit of their time to show up that night.

The last night was really something memorable, it was the fifth night with our juniors and we did a prank on them. We called out the lucky juniors who's birthday was on the month of June scolded, yelled, and make them feel guilty. It was really bad though, some even cried. Most of the seniors were blaming the juniors and saying mean things. I didn't say anything cause I was too busy taking pictures.

In the end, we threw a mixture of water, flour and eggs at them. Then all of us sang 'Happy Birthday' to them and all started laughing and some also gave out tears. Then Leila Khalid came out with a cake with some seniors and gave to the birthday boys and girls.

The next morning, that was our last activity together for this week. We had some group activity that was playing blindfolded. Of course my Mr. Bignose was there since he is also one of the seniors, he keep making fun of me cause I don't look like a senior cause I'm too short. Haaaa.. Hambek kau sebijik.. Teleng kepala kau aku buat. Haha.. Thankfully all the juniors were already blindfolded that time.

You see.. you see.. 
We had so much fun. The seniors had all the fun bullying the juniors. I was one of them, since I'm not attached to any group during this game, my job was to take pictures. But at the same time I distracted the juniors game. I tried to tear there chain apart cause in this game juniors are supposed to hold tight to each other and only hear what their mentor tells them to do. But I butted in and told them to crawl, to stop, to jump, cause they don't listen carefully that's why they were gamed. But some were good, they knew that my voice were not their mentor so they did not follow my instructions.

Uwwwwwww.... So guess what the just dipped there hands in to?
At first I was wondering the same question cause the smell is just disgusting, so I asked the one who made. It was a mixture of guava, orange, mango and eggs.
Try smelling it.. That's not all that we told the juniors to hold, there were belacan, eggs and a lot of smelly things. 
So roughly that was what happened, I'll update about it more soon
Just wait for the performance night.
We have two weeks before the show.
Wish us luck for the final performance in front of our dean where 10 groups of juniors will compete each other for the best performance.

p/s: Looked back at the old albums and found this picture below, it was our time when we were inducted by our seniors. Muka part 1 dulu. Lain tak?