22 March 2011

Shooting Short Film AD

Hye again readers.

This time all I wanna talk about is my first experience in shooting. These past two days I was involved in shooting a short film called AD under the subject of Theater and Film.

At first I was hell ya excited about it, I woke up at 5.00am that morning and got ready. I and another nine of my classmates were assigned to work as the Production Manager (PM) in this short film. Actually in the screen world the PM is only assigned to one person and their job is to handle the production. They need to prepare food, handle transportation, make sure that everything is going out well.

Ten people handling one's job might be less burdening. Our director Kak Aina Mastura divided us into departments and I was assigned as her assistant. Our group leader was Mieyo while Ika was in charge of the financial, Nazli was in the food department and Mukmin was the runner since he was the only one who had a car.

Being the assistant of the director didn't give me a specific job description on what I had to focus on so I just followed the instructions of Kak Aina Mastura (Kak Mas) the director. Mostly I helped out my other classmates. That was before the shooting took place.

On the day of the shooting I at first was completely lost on what to do. I just helped out what I think I was suppose to do. The first day of shooting we shot at the Shah Alam lake just in front of Shah Alam Gallery. It was exciting seeing the process of shooting in front of my eyes.

After the scene at the lake we headed of to the directors house not that far away from there. It cost us almost half a day at the lake because it rained heavily at noon. When we got to the director's house I found out something really shocking. Not that shocking la, but I was a bit surprised when the truth came out.

The story goes like this, Kak Mas and I know the same person that is Nur Farahin Najiff, Farahin is Kak Mas niece while  Farahin also is one of my cousins I think but we have blood connections, that is for sure. Farahin a.k.a baby was also one of my bestfriends during school so that how I know we have blood connections when I met her parents and she met my parents. Back to the story, Kak Mas introduced me to her mother and asked me whether she knows me or not since we both have blood connection with baby.

"Saya anak cik Mamat cik"
" Mamat mana ea"
"Shaiful Bahri"
" Ohhh.. anak Shaiful Bahri, HAHA"

Kak Mas mother laughed and said that of course she knows my dad. She said that my great great grandfather and Kak Mas great great grandfather are siblings witch makes me and Kak Mas ( I DON'T KNOW WHAT) but for sure KAMI ADALAH SEDARA. When we got to know we were like OHHHHH sedaraku. Memang scene jejak kasih, rasanya kalau cerita kami bertanding dekat minggu karyawan boleh menang tak? HAHA..

So back to the story about the shooting, day one went well, then day two we shot at UiTM Puncak Alam, day two was a bit tensioning for me, Why? because I got scolded by a Pakcik because I didn't allow him to pass through a path since the camera was rolling and the shooting was taking place. It made me moody all day. Overall day two went well.

Talking about shooting there are also some experiences I wanna share with you guys, at first my biggest mistake of all is that I fell asleep at the shooting site. Well actually that time was raining at Tasik Shah Alam and the shooting took place inside the gallery. The director told me to take care of the cat since we used a cat for the shooting and I was also in charge in handling the talent for this short film. While looking after the cat I also was reading and outside the gallery seemed to be a quite since most of the production was inside the gallery and the other PM's were downstairs. So that left me and the cat, it has become my habit to read but after half an hour my eyes get heavy and then suddenly I was asleep. Time macam ni la baru lecturer nak datang. He caught me sleeping, and when I realized he was already there. Padahal I just dozed of for about 10 minutes.

Then another experience is that I found out that I strictly hate handling talents so I can't be a personal assistant. Why? because I have to much ego inside me, I easily get annoyed of people who think too great of themselves. Seriously during the shooting process I didn't quite do my job sincerely, I really wanted to yell out that time but thank god I still have the strength to save it. Then my friends keep annoying and telling me to kipaskan talentlah, angkat beg talentlah, tanya talent dah makan ke belom, yang mana necessary aku buatlah tapi nak kipas2kan bagai memang, NO WAY. I'm not their servant. That's why I can't be a personal assistant, I just can't stand serving people. Macam agak over kan statement aku? But that's the truth, I'm not trying to be a hypocrite here. I'm not saying that all of them are too over themselves , just one or two. Some of the talents I do really respect them. The one I can't stand is the ones that think they are too too.. isk.. forget it, just talking bout it makes me annoyed.

A good thing about this shooting is that somehow I got to know my relatives, and I also went to my aunt's house that I didn't go for a long time. My family was close to them when we were in London, but when we stayed in Malaysia we haven't met for a long time. The purpose I went there the first place is because we were assigned to look for a doctor's costume and a stethoscope so since she was a doctor so I borrowed from her. Memang lama gila tak pergi rumah dia sampai lupa rumah dia kat mana. Another thing is that my director is also my kakak sedara. What a small world right?

Another thing that I quite like about shooting is that I met new people. The best of all is that I was working with IMMAN. So shooting was not that miserable.

If I am given a choice to work for a film company or a theater company I'll prefer more on theater. Why? Cause after actually experiencing both of them I find working in the theater suites me better that shooting. Working for the theater is hard work and really tiring but at least we feel satisfied with that tiring because we non-stop do work. But for shooting it is also tiring but working behind the camera needs full of patients because mostly what we do is wait. One thing that I really hate is waiting and during shooting there is a lot of waiting to be done especially when the actors have to finish their shots. They have to do the same thing over and over again. At least for theater working backstage requires us to do work and we spent most of our time making sets and when the set is finally done we feel satisfied because at least our hard work did show something.

Overall shooting was a great experience and I hope to learn more about it in the future. Maybe next time I'll participate in handling something that I love to do so that I actually enjoy doing that work.

Inilah kakak sedaraku yang baru ditemui

During shooting

18 March 2011

Ratu & Penunggu Istana Film Promotion & Lat The Kampung Boy Musical

Hey there readers,
Assalamualaikum, well for todays post I'll like to post about something that happened about a week ago.

Well just reading the title above you guys might had already guessed what this post is about right?

What I like most about my Faculty is that we usually get free tickets to theaters and films around Malaysia and the best part is we usually are the first viewers before it is viewed for the public.

Last week I was involved in the RATU film promotion at Dewan Sri Budiman UiTM Shah Alam. I was under the programming department so me and 9 other of my classmates that were also under the same department had to help around and decorate the stage and decorate the place according to the theme.

For Penunggu Istana it was a bit easy but for Ratu.. Erghhh.. Sometimes I just hate handling these kind of things but I'll take it as an experience.

The promotion was for two days and for two days I didn't have enough sleep. When it reaches midnight I'll start being like a 'sotong' since it is way pass my bedtime. That's why since I've entered UiTM every sleeptime is precious to me.

There are a lot of pictures but I just uploaded the ones that I think have life in it.

Balik-balik kalau upload picture mesti gambar mamat2 ni kan? Macam tak ad orang lain kat dunia ni. Well, these guys are like my family here including Ika. Well ika is not in the picture because she was assigned to take care of the transportation in Puncak Alam. Mamat2 ni pun bukan sama department dgn aku pun. They were under marketing so kerja diaorg jual ticketlah.

For the film promotion overall it was ok and I gained a ot of new experiences. For the movies I just don't want to give any rating because I didn't quite ummmm... Faham2lah..

That night artist2 RATU ada datang and also our dean Prof. Razak, I didn't get overall excited about the new artists coming and did get annoyed because of something but that's life.

Lat The Kampung Boy Musical

This happened this week. Out of the blue our class got free ticket to watch the preview of Lat Kampung Boy sebuah musikal so that means we were the first ones who had ever watched it before.

I love watching theater, it gets me all excited. I didn't take a lot of pictures when I arrived at Istana Budaya because I was really eager to watch the show.

At first the show was a real blast. I loved the opening song, it was really energetic. Then the boy that played Lat during his childhood was great, I loved his energy. I'm not a big fan of Lat The Kampung Boy so I don't know much about it but what I know is I really loved the teacher

"Do what you love, Love what you do"

Yes, I loved that song, then Awie played the role of Lat when he was an adult. This was the longest theater i had ever watched, it was midnight when the show finally ended. Overall the show was a blast at the beginning but at the end it was okay. The only problem is that the show was to long till we got tired to know the ending.

That's all

13 March 2011

Press Conference Diploma Showcase

As promised I uploaded the video about the press conference. Actually this video isn't about the press conference its just about what we did that day.

The press conference was about the diploma showcase that our faculty is helding in the end of the semester. We just helped out our seniors for sets and props. I really envy my seniors because they are the last batch that are doing the diploma showcase. After them there will be no more diploma showcase for our faculty anymore.

The syllabusss we are taking now has a major difference than the syllabusss our seniors are taking. Their syllabusss are much more fun and interesting which make me really envy them.

The press conference went well and we also gained new experiences that day. It was a bit tiring but we had fun especially when we are working with people close to us.

Thanks for reading

06 March 2011

Meeting up with our old untamed buddies

Salam beloved readers!

Guess what, guess what, guess where I went last Friday? I went to visit our old buddies, Mr Monkey, Mr Elephant, Mr Hypo and lots more! Where? Zoo Negara of course!

Kanak-kanak? Hello, the zoo is not for kanak-kanak only okay, adults should go there too because most of our adults now don't even know what types of animals we have in this world.

You guys must be wondering why on earth would we go to the zoo right? Well, we went under a subject so we still had to put our minds straight but we still had fun. I think...

For me I was really excited to go to the zoo cause tak pernah lagi masuk zoo negara ni. Kesian kan? Kan? When I got my chance I was jumping up and down. Beruk pun kalah agaknya.

When we arrived it was such a shinny day but just after we bought our tickets it started raining. Ohhh rahmat kan? It rained about 10 minutes then started our journey into the zoo. The class split into a few groups, I walked with Ika, Mieyo, Mukmin and Istafar.  Nazli somehow disappeared with Fizie.

We had our fun by walking around visiting the animals. The zoo is so big and most of us were really exhausted at the end.

We went to see our old friends
Ika = Mr Hyppo
Mieyo= Mr Tapir
Mukmin= Mr Seladang
Istafar= Mr Giraffe

Its just a joke la, I was the most excited one when we saw the species of monkeys. They are so cute!

Cute I say! Cute! Cute! Cute!

And not forgetting Mr Elephant. The elephants name is Sinbul, I think..One of the workers there said that was his name and mieyo called the other one Siti.

Gajah! Gajah! Ada orang kirim salam.

We also met two Japanese. A pair of husband and wife. They said they are staying in Malaysia for two weeks because in Japan it is a public holiday. It was a bit difficult communicating with them since they can't talk English much.

We walked and walked and then they all got tired. But I was still eager to walk around because we still haven't finished looking around. I started making noise so they all could get up and start walking gain but only after 15 minutes did they only get up and walked again but Ika left behind because she said she was tired and the zoo was boring.

So then left me and these three boys for the rest of the journey. As usual I was in front of the line while they were all walking at the back watching me jumping up and down looking at the animals. I felt like I was walking with my older brothers since they just followed me. Then at 2 pm we headed back to the gates. All of my classmates were already waiting inside the bus.

Ika and Nazli asked us what took us so long, the boys said  melayan kerenah budak kecik ni. Hey, kurang ajar korang kan? But somehow I did feel guilty because I was really hyper to go to every place. When the bus headed home everyone fell asleep sebab terlampau penat termasuk tuan yang menulis ni.

BTW thak you Ika, Mieyo, Mukmin and Istafar for keeping me company. Without you guys I might had not enjoyed this trip at all. With you guys around, that was where the fun came. Thanks a lot guys!

Thats all

P/s: The zoo ticket is RM20 now and there is no discounts for students to. Mahal kan?