21 December 2011

Us 3 Weekend Job

Last weekend was something new for me. I spent 3 days at Kuala Pilah. Why? To those that know me might say 'Kau balik kampung ke weh?' haha.. No way la weyyy.. Its all about work. Syafiq asked me if I wanted to join him doing a free lance job with boy a.k.a Iqram Mianji. So for me it was really a new experience so of course I say I wanted to. But what made me really nervous is that the event was held at Syafiq's cousins house and all his family members was there. I couldn't quite breath when we actually arrived at Senawang cause the grooms house was there and we were suppose to take pictures.

The first day there, we followed join the groom to the brides house where akad nikah was held. Syafiq and Boy was in charge of taking the video shots while I was in charge of the pictures. I'm not a professional at taking pictures but I don't think that I'm that stupid in my work. Actually I'm just suppose to edit the pictures but then I was given the opportunity to take pictures so why not try right?

But still I still respected Syafiq and Boy as the main photographers cause they git a lot more experience than me so if there not video captching their taking photos and I end up like ' aaaaa.. what am I gonna do? I feel so stupid' but thank god I got something called twitter. But I soon got busy on the actually wedding day on the last day we were there. Huuuuu.. It was exhausting  just taking pictures till Syafiq and Boy only were with the camera's.

I know.. I look really fat, short, uuuu.. ugleyyy.. But I don't give a damn what I look like that day cause it was hot and I was sweating. Then there's Syafiq beside me. Hehe

This is Iqram Mianji, He looks like a Panda right? Yeahh... He is the joyful type and I admire his work in photography and video. He has skills and talent.

So I'm not talking much bout what I did now. Got a lot of editing to do now. I'll show you the results in my coming post. Thanks for reading btw.


02 December 2011

Semester 4

Assalamualaikum readers. Its been really a while since I updated right? So its been two weeks already I've started my semester 4. And tomorrow will enter the third week. Still can't believe that I'm already in semester 4 and the next semester I'll be a senior and soon will leave Puncak Perdana. So I'm trying to enjoy my best here I as I still can.

I got nothing much to say cause there ain't any story yet that I can tell. Even I don't have a lot of pictures to show, so yaa.. I'm thinking that my blog is really turning out to be a textbook.


And yaa... I'mma Dork

Aisyah, Me, Farah

I'm just to lazy to write the full story right now. Maybe I'll start writing later.

BTW I'm totally a fan of this YouTube artist. Checkhimout

 Cool right? Right? 



05 November 2011

Result Semester 3

Hey there dear readers, My results are finally out and this mean semester 3 has finally ended. I was damn nervous waiting for the email from UiTM. I couldn't focus on anything else. My email came a bit late cause most of the people from my twitter was already talking bout their results that made me much more nervous. Then around 3am in the morning I was at Mc Donalds Kajang with another two of my friends. What was I even doing there? I'll update a post on that after this one.

So back to the story, I was at Mc Donalds that time and then an email was sent to my blackberry and it was from UiTM.  It was a cold night and the chills of opening the results made me shaking. Then I opened it and stared at it for a while before started screaming.

 Tadaaaaaaaa..... My results is the number highlighted in yellow. Allhamdulilah I got into the dean list again. I'm really gratefull.
Last semester Results was great but this semester was even better.
Well this semester I showed my results personally to my dad and this semester he didn't have a specific word he said. he looked at it and gave me back the results.

I got a SMS from UiTM and it said that I was qualified to go to the PEERAPAN 
program and go straight to degree. when my dad knew about it he told me to take it but I was strictly objecting. I hope my dad don't force me to take it cause I'll start rebelling. I think I might. Well, its enough for having a diploma in Arts Management. For degree I want to focus on something more specific that I could have an aim on what career that I'll go for after that. Arts Management is fun and interesting but I don't think I can stand working late till morning always. Once in a while is acceptable but if almost everyday I can't accept. Past 12.00am my brain don't seem like its even functioning.

For now all I want is to finish my diploma. I'm working hard to aim 4flat and grad wearing a different robe colour. 

BTW, congrtas to all of my friends and fellow UiTM students who achieved flying colours for this semester. next semester lets try harder and and achieve better results. That's what I'm hoping for.

P/s: I'm proud of my to other brothers, Hamirul Afizi and also Nazli Nawi that achieved dean this semester.


21 October 2011

Completing My Wishlist

Hey Readers
Guess what.. I finally completed my wishlist for 2009, now its almost 2011. What is it? Well I guess you can already tell. I always wanted my drivers license since school and now did I had the chance to take it. Finally I'm able to drive for myself now since I've been having a really hard time asking family and friends to drive me around. Now that I got my license, hell no I'm gonna put it in a frame and be satisfied that I already got a license. I'll make sure that I have the guts in me to actually drive here and there.

I took my license at Amano, a driving school near my place but everything was handled at Morib Banting. For people around my area and want to take their license I suggest that you go for other sources than Amano. Most of the students that were learning at Amano were complaining about everything including me. Their service are very slow and really uncomfortable. They say its not worth taking there. My L license they kept it for months and when I finally got it is because I started getting angry and complained that I had asked for it for a couple of times but still they said it wasn't ready. Then when I got it, the expiry date was less than a month.

The system is so bad that you feel that you want to burn it down but the Uncle that teaches us to drive is very good. He is calm and teaches without having to scold. That's why I easily picked up what they taught. So after about two weeks learning I took my JPJ test. Well actually I took it a bit late cause I lost my L license and I had to renew it. But before that, see the video below? This was during my practice. The video is kinda boring cause its just me on my practice drive but still I wanna show you guys how I started driving.

During the JPJ test I was really nervous. First was the motorcycle test. I was shaking like hell. When my turn was finally up I got to use this old type of motor that was heavy and the one that is really difficult to start I really had a hard time starting the motorcycle. Thank God someone helped me. The motor was really heavy and it was a bit hard for me to control it with one hand. Usually during practice, I used the new type of motor, Honda Wave.. I was more comfortable with that but what to do, and Allhamdulilah I passed.

Then it was the bukit, parking and tiga punjuru test. Alhamdulilah, I past it all in one go even though I had a bit of trouble pulling down my handbrakes at the hill. It was really tight and my hands were not strong enough and the stearing made me grow muscles. I feel like I used all my energy just by spinning the stearing around.

After that was the Jalan Raya test.  I was praying for a good JPJ and thank God I did. At first everything was okay. Then when I finally wanted to go to the main road the engine died. Usually when I released a bit of the clutch and pushed a bit of the oil the car would already be up on the road but this car I had to release a lot more of the clutch and pressed the oil more then only did I pass. The JPJ raised his voice and said that he didn't fail anybody yet today so don't make me be the first. I got scared so I kept quiet and just nodded. Then at the main road I manage to focus back on driving, when I started to drive smoothly the JPJ asked me questions, was I working or was I still studying and blablabla.. So I just answered.

Then he came to this question, adik kalau abang nak tanya satu soalan boleh, tapi janganlah marah. And I was thinking, !@#@$%??? So I said 'tanya apa bang?' then he said ' Pada pendapat adiklah kan, belajar dekat UiTM tu ada kualiti ke tidak? And I was like !@@#$%? (what the hell are you asking me for, dah la aku nak focus masuk selekoh ni). So I answered " Ummmm... Entahlah tapi blablablablablabla.. I started babbling till I came to another corner. Then we both kept quiet.

Then the car was too quiet so I started to ask him questions, 'Ummm.. dulu abg U kat mana?' then he said 'Uitm'. I was like @#$%??? (What? Budak UiTM jugak so what's with the earlier question?) So I asked him what course he took and he said something but I didn't focus. Then he said "dulu budak-budak UiTM lain dengan budak-budak UiTM skrg. Dulu sikit dik so masih terkawal, sekarang dah ramai sebab tu budak-budak makin teruk. And then I was like !@#$%??? (this freaking JPJ!Bukan semua budak UiTM macam tu lah!!!) so I said to him 'Tak semua budak UiTM macam tu abg, dia bergantung pada orang jugak. Ada jugak budak-budak dari U lain yang lagi teruk so tak boleh nak cakap semua yang teruk tu budak UiTM.

JPJ tu mmg buat aku panas betul lah, then he started talking till we finally came back to the place we started. Then he gave me the papers and asked me to sign the papers, I thanked him and instantly went out the car, even though he got a bit on my nerves but I wanna thank him for letting me pass. Thank you...

So. Allhamdulilah I passed everything in one go and finally I completed my wishlist of 2010.

Tengoklah muka dah hitam legam dah sama warna dengan sayangs aku si hidung beso tu.. Hehe..
Forgot to mention, the girl beside me is actually my Junior from school. tengoklah Junior2 sekarang lagi tinggi dari senior. Haihhh..

Chinese dua orang ni pun junior2 dekat sekolah dulu.
They took the JPJ test the same day with me and we all passed

That's all  for today's post. Thanks for reading dears :)

25 September 2011

End of Semester 3

Yahoooooo... Semester 3 is over baby! Just hope my results come out the way I hope them to be.
Well let me tell ya about this semester. This semester was an interesting one. Yeah it really was. I'm finally feeling like a university student cause at last I'm mingling around.
Well for first as you all know this semester I kinda, ummmm... paham- paham sendirilah korang.

Thanks to him I'm kinda starting to mix around and socializing a bit and I'm happy cause he is always around when I need him. If last semester I was lonely and depressed, this semester could be said as a great semester. Hope next semester is great too.
Besides all that, what's a bit sad about this semester is that its really hard to gather with IMMAN now since everyone's busy. No matter what I still love you guys.
Semester 3 was exhausting not because of projects but assignments, we've been given piles of assignments and I was struggling all way to get it all done. I'll show you some of my assignments in next posts if I have the feeling to post it.
I wanna talk about my housemates for this semester but I think I should make a post just for them. To show them how much I appreciate them around.
Well time flies so quickly and semester 3 just ended, I met new people, learned new stuff, had rough days, and a lot more. Semester 3 was awesome for me. That's all.

Jauh aku merenung masa depan. Just hope that what I'm studying today could help me find my career. I wanna be successful and make my parents proud. I don't know what I'm gonna be in the future but I just know that I'm going to give it all my heart.

16 September 2011

Littering is For Looser's

Let me tell ya something Malaysians, and to those who are not Malaysians but staying in Malaysia


Its been a long time since I wanted to say that cause to those who follow me you'll know that I hardly update anything else except from talking about my life. Well here's a post that is partly included in my life. I really hate dirty places. Who does right? But why still people love making a clean place into a dirty place.

Yesterday I went out and the whole journey I see people throwing trash in the streets, bushes, outside their vehicles, and anywhere they see it as a strategic place to throw away things. What really annoys me the most is that there's a freaking dustbin right near them but they still can't carry their big fat butts to throw their rubbish in the dustbin. What is happening to you people?! Don't you know the first reason why dustbins was invented? I really pity you people.

Back to yesterdays story, as I was waiting for the bus I was sitting in front of a bunch of primary school kids, I think around standard 5 or 6 and there was one boy smoking a cigarette like he was the master of all smokers in the world. Come on LAAA, your a kid and your parents still by underwear for you and you go out buying cigarettes. Your parents must be very proud to have a son like you. Same goes to those who are still at school but please for primary school students its really overboard.

Well back to the topic, what I'm trying to say that, after that kid had enough killing himself with smoke he just threw his leftover cigarettes to the floor, not only him, including the adults too. At that time I was thinking, what is wrong with you people damet! There was a dustbin with a place to throw cigarettes on top and still they can't carry their huge asses there. And when the bus came, not only did I see cigarettes, rubbish was everywhere.

Why can't you people be more considerate? We can't just expect on other people to come and clean our trash. When people say our country is dirty you guys will get angry but where is our effort to keep our country  clean? I really get annoyed with littering looser's, you know why? The first thing is because of you guys I had to learn sivik at school and the second thing is that its ugly and my eyes hurt seeing dirty places. Its disgusting.

Why can't you people throw your rubbish in the proper places. If your holding trash and you don't seem to see a dustbin why can't you put it in your bag first and throw the rubbish when you see a dustbin. What's the use of buying expensive bags if you can't use it. And to the boys who don't carry bags, your girlfriends do right? and if you don't have a bag whats the harm just holding on to it for a while. And to those who love throwing rubbish threw the window of their vehicle, can't you just put the rubbish in your vehicles first? There are so many ways to avoid from littering but still there are people doing it.

Well, that's all I have to say. I'm starting to get a headache thinking how to get it all out properly without offending anyone. Sorry if I did.

13 September 2011

Missing You Bloggy


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... I missed you bloggy, it has been a long time since I've wrote you here. Well, I've been extremely busy with assignments and projects and this and that till I forgot about you dear little bloggy.

Well its almost the end of the semester, next week is my finals. Wish me luck! I'm still hoping this semester's result is the same as last semester. I've worked hard for it and I know it.. TENSIONYAAAA hanya Allah yang tahu.

So enough bout that, I wanna talk bout what happened since I've been gone for so long. I need a doctor, doctor, doctor to bring me back to life.. opppsss  TERnyanyi la pulakk.. Sorry for the lack in writing, I've become a bit rusty.

So, since I've been busy with my assignments I had fun, just didn't have the time only to update here. Insyallah I'll be updating after this...

Well I'm not so eager to tell you guys everything but I'm eager to tell you this

Ha.... Nampak tak? Walaupun muka aku hodoh dalam gambar ni tapi ini membuktikab bahawa aku dah berjaya satu peringkat dalam pengambilan lesen. Betapa susahnya aku memohon application untuk mendapatkan lesen dari parents aku akhirnya dapat jugakkkkkkk..

So to my dear friends, not soon enough I'll be able to drive.. Finally..

31 August 2011

Its Eid Already

This is the first day of Eid this year

This is my family now, its been a long time since we had our family picture.
Its all cause of my dad
He hates taking photos

Me with my grandparents
Awwww... Red yaww

Yang ni lagi merah menyala
This is my family from my dads side
If you look closely you can see that the two kids in front are wearing the same type of clothes
Thats my sister on the right

Most of the pictures are on in my facebook
Raya this year ain't that fun as before
I'm mostly stuck at home and my break is too short
So jadi anak dara la kat rumah
layan tetamu datang rumah

Si mata sepet, hidung besau, senyum lebau, rambut helmet
Apapun I still love him
Nampak tak baju raya kitaorang sama warna?
hehe :

23 July 2011

To The Greatest Mum Ever : Happy Birthday

This post is specially dedicated to my beloved mother
Zairina Amirwan
Happy 40th Birthday mum 

It has been years since my mum celebrated her birthday
Cause my family don't celebrate birthdays
Since this year mum's already turning 40 so why not celebrate for once

This is at my Grandfather's house
Actually we celebrated my mum's birthday one day early cause I won't be home this weekend

So what is he doing here?
Haha... Well actually he bought the cake
This is actually the first time mum was sporting enough to meet my ehem2

Introducing my mum, my third sister and my last sister
My second sister just got back from school so she couldn't join us since she was at home


Happy Birthday Emak
Wishing you a long lasting happy life
Thank you also for all the sacrifices you made for me
I can hardly repay you, but what I can do is be successful
You taught me well,
You gave me love, shelter, education, and also religion
Thank you mum for always being there for me
Even though I'm rebellious and sometimes I hurt you
but deep down inside I love you so much mum
I'm not use to saying it out loud
but the only reason why I still take care of myself from spoiled things is because I think of you
I think of dad and I think of the rest of the family
You are a great inspiration to me mum
I don't even know if I could be as great as you one day
Love you mum
I promise you that I will try hard to achieve my goals and become successful
When that time comes I want to give everything in the world that I can for you and also I won't forget to pray for you also
My prayers always include for the best for you mum
I just want to know how much I appreciate and love you
Without you I don't know what I would have become
Thank You for everything

14 July 2011

Battle of The Bands & SimplySiti

Hey readers... Its been a while since my last post right? Well, I've been really busy these last two weeks. Why? Because of this thingy.

Yuppp! Because of this thingy I had didn't have time to even do my laundry the whole two weeks. I joined the lighting crew but my name ain't in the program book. Ouhhh.. Thank you so much whoever did not list down my name, I really appreciated that. Whatever.. All I care is about my marks. Actually the first reason why I joined this thingy is because its under my subject.
Joining the lighting crew is a new experience for me. It was a total difference and I really learned a lot. Well, I'm not gonna tell you guys what I learnt here. It might seem like I'm writing a report already. Let me just show you pictures.


Battle of the Bands
This is what we did. 

This is one of the bands performing
I was working backstage, taking care of the smoke machine

The picture above was during the final competition.
It was great, but that time I didn't have to take care of the smoke machine so I watched a free show


Just see the crowd.
Its full of people, I almost felt hard to breath
Above there, Yeaahhh
That's Dato Siti Nurhaliza 

Yes, and there is Aizat, Ana Raffali, Faizal Ismail and Amy Search
Amy Search performance was the best!

For other videos just search for it a youtube
This video is also from someones youtube account
Overall that night was okay
It has become a fuss for about months for UiTM
At now it has completely ended
Thank God


This is me and Opah
We are the only girls in the lighting crew

Uniform crew of course black
And I ran out of black clothing after a week

This is a bit what the carnival looked like
That's all
Bye peeps

01 July 2011

The Greatest MERIAM is at Melaka Yawwwww

Meriammmm.. Meriammmm.. Meriammmm
Pemain Meriam Profesional is at Melaka Yaawwww
Do you guys still remember this post Meriam Semi Musical Theatre
For you guys who don't have a clue
Meriam is a theater created and performed by the students of
Faculty of Creative Technology and Artistic
This theater was first performed at Puncak Alam 
Then it won the best theater award at Malam KaryaOne
Now it is restaged at Melaka
and Now was a few days back.
Sorry guys, you missed out a great show

This is my second time watching it :)

Well the show was at night and we arrived early
It might be a waste if we just came to Melaka and did nothing
So this is what happened

Pergi jauh2 makan McD

It will be a waste if we didn't walk around Melaka
and yes
Hang Tuah Mall is a road okay

Okay Folks
Time To Go
The theater was great!
And congrats to all involved

P/s: It was really worth it. RM8 for a theater and a free ride to Melaka! 

25 June 2011

Keluarga Cikgu Radzi

Such a big family right? Well introducing to you guys my family on my fathers side. The picture above was taken years ago, about 12 years ago, I think. Now our family members has increased and arwah Cikgu Radzi and his wife Hajah Huyah are no longer here. Looking back at the old photograph makes me remind me when my grandparents were still around. I was not so close with my grandparents on my fathers side but what I do remember is that atok taught me how to write jawi and liked telling stories. He also has a sense of humor even though he puts on a serious face all the time.
I kinda miss coming to Atok's house at the evening and before I even step foot in the house area I could see Atok sitting on his lazy chair at the balcony of the house. It had become a habit and then before entering the door I could see nenek at the kitchen.
There's a sorrow feelings sometimes when we look back at our old photographs. Atok and Nenek dah tak ada, the parents are still the same though but the children inside there are all grown up and yes, they are now at different places all over. Guess which one is me.
One thing about our family most of them are all educated and graduated from various Universities all over Malaysia and the world. Atok really was strict with his children's education and I know that all of his children got canned and smacked when he was teaching them. But the results were something to be grateful for.
What I like most when entering my grandparents house is that at the upstairs living room there are pictures all over the walls, pictures of my uncles and aunties graduating. Its almost like a display of successful people. Looking at it also makes me want to have my picture hung up there to. My dad is also up there and I want my picture to be besides him.

P/s: Find me :)

20 June 2011

Prof Madya Dr Shaiful Bahri Md. Radzi

Well yesterday was Fathers Day and I didn't really know how to wish fathers day to my dad cause I don't talk much with him.

My father is known as a strict and scary person among my friends and family. My dad is really strict but now not that strict as he used to be when I was little. I can't remember how many times I got canned when I was little. I got canned when I could read well, I got canned when I could not count fast, I got canned when I make to much noise, I got canned when I didn't look after my sister, I got canned when I raise my voice, I got canned when I don't finish my food, I got canned when I watch telly without permission, I got canned when I am disrespectful and I got canned for many reason. There were a lot of canes in my house and most of them have been split into pieces. I tried hiding the canes but one cane I hide my dad buys two other canes, if the canes are all gathered up there might be enough to even make a chair out of it.

Even though my dad canned me a lot when I was little I really thank him for that now. He structured me well till I avoid as hard as possible not to damage myself. My dad taught me reading, counting, manners and respect and if he hadn't paid attention or canned me when I was little, maybe I'll become like those others spoiled brats. Mostly I thank him for giving me education, I think if he wasn't so fussy about my education I would not even make it to University and maybe I won't even have the opportunity to further my studies at all. I own a lot to my dad and I really thank him for that.

What I miss the most about my dad is that when I was little my dad liked to take me on walks and to the park. It was really fun and I miss those days so much especially when he comes fetch me after school and buy me snacks otw home. And what I still remember till now is when after I get canned I will cry in front of the books that my dad made me to do and then I'll fall asleep, the next morning I know I'm already tucked in bed. I know that dad carried me and tucked me in bed when he found me asleep on the floor with dried tears all over. I also miss the jokes my dad used to do when I was little. There was also a habit when I was little every time before me and my sister go to bed we have to kiss my fathers hand cheeks and wish him good night. We did that every night until I no longer stay in my house every night anymore. That means that habit stopped when I entered University.

I'm 19 years old this year and soon I'll be leaving my teen world. Sometimes its sad cause the more I grow up the more that my parents see me as an adult and the more I survive on my own. My dad taught me to be independent a long long time ago and that's why I have no more quality time with my dad anymore. I love talking and sharing stories and mum is always there for me. I really appreciate that but sometimes I do really miss my dad. He is so busy now, he hardly takes us on a vacation or something. I really wish someday our whole family will go on a vacation together.

Since I can't say it to you dad better I just write it down. Happy Fathers Day and thank you for everything, Thank you for my education, Thank you for my manners, Thank you for structuring me into a person and a muslim as well. Thank you for everything dad. I owe to you a lot and I hope that someday I could make you proud.

P/s: Yesterday was fun

17 June 2011

Surau AR-Radzi, Surau Keluarga Cikgu Radi

Just ask any permanent residents of Telok Panglima Garang Selangor, those families who have been living there for a very long time. Ask them about Haji Md Radzi bin haji Arshad or Cikgu Radi.
They will say "Orang Telok mana yang tak kenal Cikgu Radi"
Why is he so well known among the people of Telok Panglima Garang?
Lets read his Biography shall we?

Haji Md Radzi bin haji Arshad adalah seorang tokoh yang disegani. Beliau dilahirkan pada 6 Disember 1930 di Simpang dan mendapat pendidikan awal di Sekolah Melayu Telok Panglima Garang dari 1938-1942. Persekolahanya terhenti akibat Perang Dunia Kedua (1942-1945) tetapi disambung semula antara 1946-1947. Ketika berusia 17 tahun, beliau memulakan kerjaya gurunya apabila dilantik menjadi guru pelatih di Sekolah Melayu Telok Panglima Garang pada 1 Febuari 1948. Kemudian beliau ditukarkan ke Sekolah Melayu Princes Road, Kuala Lumpur pada September 1951. Gagal ke Sultan Idris Training Collage (SITC) akibat lebih umur, latihan gurunya dikuasai melalui Normal Class antara 1949-1952 di Kelang (Tahun I dan II) dan Kuala Lumpur (Tahun III). Setelah Tamat Latihan pada Julai 1952 dan diangkat sebagai pelatih terbaik negeri Selangor, beliau ditempatkan di Sekolah Melayu Sungai Buaya. Pada Januari 1960, Hj Md. Radzi dipindahkan ke Sabak Bernam di Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Besar dan kemudianya dilantik pula sebagai Guru Ketua pada Julai 1965 di Darjah Menengah Kebangsaan Parit 9. Di Sabak Bernam beliau berpeluang memperbaiki pencapaian akademiknya apabila lulus SRP (1962), SPM (1963), STP (1965). Kejayaanya dalam STP memberinya peluang memasuki Maktab Perguruan Bahasa, Lembah Pantai, Kuala Lumpur pada Julai 1966. Tamat kursus beliau ditempatkan di Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Telok Datok pada Januari 1967 dengan menekuni bidang bahasa dan sastera Melayu. Apabila Sekolah Menengah Telok Panglima Garang dibuka pada Januari 1973, beliau menjadi salah seorang daripada tenaga pengajar perintis di situ. Pada Disember 1979 beliau dinaikkan pangkat ke jawatan Penolong Kanan di Sekolah Kebangsaan Kebun Baru. Hj Md. Radzi dilantik menjadi Guru Besar Sekolah Kebangsaan Bandar pada Ogos 1982 dan seterusnya Januari 1984 sebagai Guru Besar Sekolah Olak Lempit yang merupakan sekolah terakhirnya. Setelah berkecimpung dalam profession perguruan selama 37 tahun 10 bulan di 10 buah sekolah, akhirnya pada 13 Disember 1985 Hj Md. Radzi bin Hj Arshad bersara. Semasa persaraan beliau melibatkan diri dalam aktiviti kemasyarakatan  apabila bertidak sebagai bendahari Masjid Al-Hidayah, PIBG, koperasi dan persatuan peladang, Hj Md. Radzi kembali kerahmatullah pada 6 Disember 2005 kerana sakit tua ketika usianya 75 tahun. Semasa hayatnya beliau sentiasa dikenang sebagai seorang guru yang amat tegas dalam soal pendidikan.

The Biography above was written by Prof Madya Dr.Shaiful Bahri Md. Radzi. 

 From the title of this post you could already guess that there is a surau taken from the name of Hj. Md. Radzi.  The main contributor for this surau is Hj Burhanuddin Md. Radzi.

Not forgetting also the sons and daughters of Hj Md. Radzi that also contributed a lot to build up this Surau.

For your info Surau AR RADZI is something that our family is really proud of. The surau is located at Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Telok Panglima Garang since most of our family members still live in Telok Panglima garang and most of them also went to school there. Telok Panglima Garang is where our family gained their early knowledge from generation to generation so this is a way for us to mark that our family was once there at Telok Panglima Garang.
My Grandfather Hj Md. Radzi was a great man, he did many great things and he also contributed in building Sekolah Rendah Agama Telok Panglima Garang years back when he was still alive. 
I'm gonna write more about Hj Md. Radzi in another post and explain why he is really well known among the people of Telok Panglima Garang.
Till then, bye

16 June 2011

It is currently day 2

Picture tak ada kena mengena dengan topik
The Puncakians are getting very busy day and night. Morning there are classes, activities and also work to be done. But at night it is like entering another world when the house lights are on but the people are all outside, talking, laughing, playing badminton, buying burgers and just lepaking. I find it really different this semester than the other three semesters. I think this semester is much more better than the last two semester.
Btw today is currently day 2. Day 2 of what? Keep on following maybe I'll tell you someday.

P/s: I hate the new name for our faculty, Film, Theatre and Animation, (Perkauman course betul!) ai bangkang habis2!

31 May 2011

Beginning of Semester 3

Lamanyaaaaaaaaaaaa tak Update Blog
I've been a bit busy lately going out. I have already continued my studies back in Puncak Perdana and now I'm a semester 3 student.
The first day back at Puncak was okay even though I was not looking that forward in coming back. Well my friends back home are still in holiday and my dad just got back from Pangkor and I'm still in my holiday mood. To cheer things up my dad bought tons of chocolate but in the end I just got a bar of Toblerone. Cehh.. Cheery la sangat.

This sem most of my housemates are accounting students and most of them are my previous housemates in semester 1. Its fun to have the as housemates again and the house is really comfortable. The only problem is the water is slow and the internet connection is really bad. Slow slow and again slow. That's why I've been a bit lazy to update anything since everything is slow.

Nampak comfortable right? Seems like sleeping in a sauna here.

Tah ape motif gamba ni, tngah sem mesti dah rupa lain

Our kitchen.. HAHA

My desk, and yess, mine has the most things near it

Well I got nothing more to say.