28 February 2015

Makeup Revolution Haul #MiraLooks 4

Hello peeps!
I'm baccckkkkkkkkkkkk.. With today yet another Beauty Look
So have you noticed my title with #MiraLooks ?
Well since lately I've been so into makeup and posting more and more about makeup I thought I wanted to keep this going on.
With more motivation from makeup companies that has been so generous to me I thought why not try to do blogposts for Looks I created at least once a week or twice a week.

And for this week is from my haul with Makeup Revolution. I bought their Redemption Iconic 2 pallet that I have been eyeing for a while now. And I also bought their bronzer as well.
So below are the makeup I'ved used for this look.
Some of the products I have already reviewed in my blog and some have not.
So if your interested in a product just use my search box to find out.
For those that I have not reviewed yet, a blogpost will come up real soon.

Annnnddd... since I've been so into youtube lately. I figured that I wanna try out vlogging as well. LOL
I still am awkward, but bare the awkwardness with me cause I'll try to get through this phase ASAP.

So sorry if my video is still messy.
I'll make it more better in the future,  promise.
So tell me have you heard about Makeup Revolution before? What pallet is your favourite?
Comment down below

Till then peeps!

26 February 2015

Review: Maybelline Pure Concealer Mineral

Name: Maybelline New York Pure Concealer Mineral 
Price: RM19.90 

Availability: All Major Pharmacies

Hello peeps!
So today I'm gonna share with you a concealer I've been using so much recently.
I find this product really easy to use and it does the job well. And since I just managed to get the hang of contouring my face, I used this also as a highlighter.
And I really love the part where I apply it on my face. I don't know why, but using the stick to dap it on my face ain't messy and it's fun. LOL
You might think I'm such a child playing with makeup right.

What I'm Loving
It does a great job, to conceal and also as a highlighter.
It also blends easily with my powder 
Its small and easy to carry around
The price is affordable

What I'm NOT Loving
Nothing much

Overall, if you guys are still new into makeup and have not owned a concealer before, I  recommend you try this one out before you go buy a more expensive one. This concealer is just nice and easy to use.

Till then peeps!

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