01 April 2015

Review: Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream / Klairs BB Cream

Name: Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream 
Price: RM89.90 
                                   RM71.20 (Natta Cosme)

Usage Purpose: Changes naturally from dark skin tone to light skin tone.
Blends to the skin well 
Helps the trouble skin.

Availability: Natta Cosme

More Info
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Hello peeps! I know I know its been a while right? So sorry cause its been so hectic lately. I just finished practical training and straight away starting with a new semester, I had tons of things to take care of. So my schedulae is so upside down now, but since I'm starting writing again means that I'm getting things stable again. So please keep dropping by.
Anyways, I recieved a parcel from Natta Cosme a few weeks back and now its time for my opinion for their product I received, Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream. Don't get confused with its long name cause its actually a BB Cream.
And of course Natta Cosme will forever be so cute! Just look what came along with the parcel, they never miss out to surprise. Thank you btw for the vintage bow claw, loving it!

So what is the fuss about this product? This is actually one of the best seller of Klairs. 
Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream is a multi-functional skin care and make up product due to the effects of whitening, anti-wrinkle care and protects skin from sunlight. This BB cream is one level up than other BB Creams cause it contains hyaluronic acid that adds moisturising effectiveness and Sebum control powder that keeps the skin soft even at T-zone area. It also creates a naturally applied look and fit to all skin color.
Sounds so amazing right? So does it actually does the work it says so?

So first when I swatched the BB Cream, the colour already seems to fit my skintone so I was like, okay this should do. And when I started blending it the colour changes and creates a really nice lighter skintone colour. Which I could see the difference from darker to lighter. And my hands feels instantly soft and smoother.

Then I tried it on my face, since the point is already pointed and small, I applied the BB Cream directly to my face without using my fingers or brushes cause its so easy to squeeze the product out. I wish all BB Creams could be in a tube form where I could just squeeze it out directly without having to use anything else. Its quicker! LOL
So when I'ved applied certain amounts to my face, I blended it with Cerro Qreen Natural Emulsion Powder Puff. Its almost like the Beauty Blender and it does the job well. Usually I'll just use my fingers to blend, but with this the effects are more stunning.
And do you see the instant difference? My skin tones automatically increases one tone lighter and the effects are just amazing! It creates a really natural glowy look which somehow makes me look so natural like I'm not wearing any products at all.

And the finished look looks like this! All I used was Klairs BB Cream and some lipstick. Do you feel how I feel right now? I am so in love with this. It was super quick to create a look so simple yet look so fab. This is totally my daily look from today onwards. In fact, I'ved tried this several times already and created various looks using this BB Cream, and not a single look has failed with this BB Cream on.

Form all of the looks above you could see how natural and light this BB Cream creates. Its easy and feels really light on the face. Ouhh Klairs, where have you been all my life? HAHA

So overall I'm loving this product to the max! Like really really loving it. I'ved stopped other BB Creams and automatically grabs on to this first everyday. I think I'm addicted to it now. Just one thing I'm not so satisfied with, its unable to cover the dark circle under my eyes completely. So maybe you might need to add on a bit of concealer under your eyes. The rest is just satisfactory. I love how I look    with this BB Cream on. Natta Cosme never seems to fail in sending great products to me.

So would you try it too?
Here is a treat for you guys, just head down to Natta Cosme and start shopping!
And if you guys are wondering what great products Natta Cosme has, at my Menu Bar under Brands, click Natta Cosme

Till then peeps!
Have fun shopping

27 March 2015

The Sweetheart in Collaboration with Fayre Network #MiraLooks 5

Hye peeps!
Another beauty look for today. Wohoooo... I'm pretty excited this time cause this is my first time ever doing a collaboration! I'm still new with makeup tutorials and have a heart to collaborate with popular beauty youtubers, ouhhhh... the feeling is so insecure. I feel so tiny, but everyone started somewhere right?
So forgive me if my video does not suit your taste yet, I'm still learning.

This collaboration is setted up by Farisha Nadia, she who created Fayre Network on Facebook in the purpose to gather beauty bloggers and youtubers together so we could get to know each other and learn from each other. This is actually a really good thing for newbie's like me cause I will get exposed  to their world and maybe get to learn something from them. I found it pretty hard actually to find Malaysian youtubers that vlog about beauty and makeup just by using the search engine. So with this group created, I actually found out that there were plenty of us. So thank you Nala for this opportunity.

I collaborated with 7 other beauty bloggers which I will mention below to do a look. Each person got a different theme and mine was The Sweetheart Look. So what do you guys think? Did I succeed?

The sweetheart look is a look I created for The First Date. OMG!!! My first date was years back and I didn't even know how to wear makeup back then. And of course I wouldn't have looked like this if I even wore makeup. If I could just rewind time and go back to the day my boyfriend picked me up on my first date, I would surely go for this look. I think all I had on that time was a little bit of eyeliner. No lipstick, no powder, no nothing at all. But that time I still haven't reached 20 yet, so that could be unforgivable right?

So since I am now 23,  I asked Syafiq what type of look does a guy like when seeing a girl around my age. So he says a girl that looks natural without too much make up. Too much makeup is a no but of course at the same time seeing a girl that cannot touch up a bit is a no as well. Of course on a first date you would love to look your very best, sweet and pretty. But don't go too overboard, try staying as simple as possible. 

Hence the look I created should be able for you to look like a sweetheart on your first date. I stayed with soft colours for the eyes, pink and purple combined together. Then with a very thin stroke of eyeliner to make the eyes look bigger. Of course no falsies since I wanted this look to look very natural as possible. So I used L'Oreal's butterfly mascara which created the perfect lashes for this look.
For the eyebrows I chose a lighter colour to create my brows, for me somehow it brings out the eyes more and creates a more soft and sweet look.
For the lips I just planned for a nice light soft pink sweet colour and added a little bit of orange and bright pink for the blush.
I didn't contour my face since I wanted to minimise the changes to my face, besides I have a pretty round face, I should let the guy know that I have a round face. LOL
So overall this is pretty much it.
Below is the video I made on how I created this look.
And please excuse me if I'm talking really weird, when I'm in front of the camera my tongue somehow gets caught. I'm speechless. 

Done with mine? How was it?
Wait there are still more looks! Check out the other Beauty Youtubers with their looks.
I'm sure you'll get pretty inspired.

Tamanna Islam (The Alluring Spring)
Siti Nurizzati (The Glitter Glam)
Puteri Zatil Aqmar (The Tech Nerd)
Wiida Ribbon (The Hollywood Siren)
Farisha Nadia (The Executive)
Mas Alyia (The Innocent)
Maya Hanum (The Party Life)
Mira Cikcit (The Sweetheart)

Hope you girls enjoyed this
Till then peeps!

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