21 July 2017


Caprilicious could be an annual thing for me now everytime Ramadan comes. Yes I know this entry has been so late! But I'm not at ease until I get this posted since it is a waste if I don't share with you guys what Capri has to offer. Located in Bangsar just beside Nexus Bangsar, you'll find this serviced residense standing tall. On the ground floor you'll be able to see Caprilicious from the side of the road. Keep on reading for the full details.

19 July 2017


I bet a lot of you have problems with pores. Blackheads and whiteheads are just the same nuisances. Well here is something that might turn that have into a had after a while of usage. Yes, the b.liv by cellinique 'off with those heads' will be able to help you out easily. Keep on reading for more details.


Have you all ever tried Instagram shopping? There are a lot of selections you could find on Instagram compared to the one sold in stores. But it's quite a hassle. Why? Well, let's say, the internet is not that safe and the possibility to get scammed is very high. Hence, research should be done when you shop online especially when Instagram itself is not a specialised shopping platform. That's where Pocket Mall comes to the rescue. Wanna know what's good about it? Keep on reading.

17 July 2017


Hey peeps, it has been a while! Again I have lost it.
No matter how many times I've been determined to keep my blog alive, something happens and this time it's something that's gonna change me forever. Which you all may already know. First of all, I'm truly sorry, especially to my readers and clients. I'll try my best to make it up to all of you. I'm ashamed of myself and I do know that going MIA suddenly is not a good behaviour. Before I start posting up my normal posts again, let me share with you how I have been doing lately.

23 April 2017


Hey peeps, just a short post today. Check out my latest video that I did for fun with my husband. ๐Ÿ˜…
We were on vacation when we recorded this and it was raining outside, so this video came out unplanned as we were stuck in our room. I also wanted to try out some new video editing tricks that I learnt from Youtube, so this video was an experiment as well. I still need a lot of practice though. Tell me what you think and how I could improve my channel more.

Till then peeps.

22 April 2017


Here is the story of #MyTravelAdventure. I'm not sure how many times I said this but I'm sure for those who have been following me you would know that I have made a deal with my husband. And what deal is that? Well, I always dreamt of travelling here and there but I didn't have many chances when I was single due to many reasons. My boyfriend before which is now my husband spent his single day's backpacking and going to places and I envied him so much. Him knowing about this lead him into sweet talking me before we got married. He promised after we get married we will go travel somewhere once a month until I get bored of it. So our story goes like this: