20 June 2016


Hey peeps! I'm back again with another video. So sorry it's been a while since my last one. So today I'll be sharing a video for a makeup look you can do for Raya. This is not a tutorial since this is basically just me giving ideas and suggestion. Enjoy!

05 June 2016


It's been a while since I had any food tasting, but I just couldn't miss a chance to try out the highly spoken of Steak House we have in Malaysia. Me'nate might be familiar to some of you and some might have not heard of it at all, but once you've heard it, I bet you will never forget it cause of the unique name. LOL... I've heard about this Steak Hub about a year ago and have been dying to have a taste of their famous steaks. So this Ramadan, which will start from tomorrow, Me'nate will have several promotional menu's in their list to suit the Ramadan month. Want to know more? Keep on reading then.

21 May 2016


Woahhhh.. I was totally not thinking that I will be posting up this post so soon. 1st May 2016 marks the day that I got engaged. It's still a bit to believe that now I'm engaged to someone and it surely had made me realise that I should stop acting selfish now. I have been so used to planning for myself and I am Stubborn in things that I want to do. If someone tells me no but I wanna do it, I'm still gonna do it. That's how stubborn I could be sometimes. Getting engaged means one step closer to marriage and I still don't know if I'm fully prepared for that actually.

17 May 2016


Smartphones seems like their getting upgraded in a blink of an eye, but the most popular one will probably be the iphone that most people look up to. I have never owned an iphone before in my life, and I won't lie saying that I have never intended to own one. It seems the hype for iPhone's will tempt you to get one cause all your friends are using one. But I've been buying my smartphones with my own pocket money my whole life and I could never afford to own an iPhone since I have a lot of other priorities to think about. I could say the most expensive phone I used was priced RM800+ and maybe because of that I keep having problems with my phone since I am a heavy user with the Internet and app usage. Well of course, being a blogger I can't seem to run away from these apps.

26 April 2016


Good Morning peeps!
It's been a while since I sat down early in the morning to write out what I feel like writing. This made me remember during my diploma years where I will be the only one awake after subuh prayers accompanied by a dim study light at my table. I liked that feeling, it was peaceful and quite. I could hear the birds churping, the sound of the cieling fan and the clock ticking. It made me calm, especially from a high rise building I could see the sun rising. It was beautiful. I got most of my inspirations during that time. That was also the time that I could write and do my assignments.

25 April 2016


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